Biblical Meaning of Doll in Dreams

For centuries, dreams have puzzled and fascinated scholars, psychologists, and believers. With their mysterious nature, these phenomena have often left us wondering about their significance and symbolism. So, if you’ve recently dreamt of some sort of doll, you’ll learn all you need to know about the biblical meaning of doll in dreams in this article.

Every religion and tribe has its unique interpretation of what these figures may mean. However, the circumstances and details of the dream are the most crucial to unveil its message. Whether it’s from your guardian angel, God, the universe, or your own subconscious, there’s certainly no coincidence in its manifestation.

Continue reading this article if you want to discover more about what the Bible reveals for dolls in dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Doll in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Doll in Dreams

In the biblical context, dreams are viewed as mediums through which heavenly figures convey messages. When dwelling in the realm of these phenomena, you can find many meanings and symbolism dating back to ancient times. Through these dreams, God may guide you and provide insightful aspects of your life and future.

The Bible itself is filled with instances where dreams have played crucial roles in shaping the course of events. Examples of this are the stories of the visions of the apostles in the New Testament and Joseph’s prophecy in the Old Testament.

So, interpreting the meaning of your dreams involves detailed dwelling into its symbolism and significance. Every little detail in your dream can change its meaning and message. Therefore, dolls have significant and special meanings among the myriad of symbols. Their presence, both in life and dreams, evokes powerful emotions and associations.

Their symbolism has long been associated with various aspects of the natural human experience. They represent and reflect a range of human emotions, fears, and desires. The biblical meaning of doll in dreams indicates that God tells us to be our authentic selves. Our Lord has given us personalities of our own and ours alone.

Bible Say About Dolls in Dreams

What does the Bible say about dolls in dreams

So, you want to learn more about the biblical meaning of dolls in dreams?

In biblical times, dolls were often associated with the concept of fertility, the human longing for procreation, and mirroring the creative power of the divine. So, when dreaming of these dolls, you may either desire to have children or fear parenthood and its responsibilities.

Furthermore, believers also see dolls as the embodiment of the purity of childhood and innocence. Seeing a doll in your dreams serves as a reminder of much simpler and easier times. From a biblical perspective, this indicates the need to connect with one’s spiritual roots and embrace your faith and trust in our Lord.

Additionally, seeing a doll in your dreams may mean that you have to strengthen your bond with God. It may be an invitation to cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Heavenly Father.

However, we must understand that the meaning of these dreams depends on many factors. The scenario, what you do with the doll, and the state of the doll itself. Here are some of the most common events in dreams and the biblical meaning behind them.

Dream of a beautiful doll

Seeing a beautiful doll in a dream may signify two meanings.

One of which is that God has created all things and creatures in the world. He has found beauty and good in everything, therefore, creating you flawless as you should be. This serves as a reminder that you should never seek faults in others.

We have to understand that we are no different from anyone else but also one in seven billion. The lesson of this dream is not to judge, and God shall not judge you.

On the other hand, seeing a beautiful doll in your dream may indicate that people may not be who they seem to be. All the beauty may hide an evil and unclean spirit you should be mindful of.

Selling a doll in a dream

When dreaming of selling a doll, this may indicate that you’re losing faith and energy in life. The lesson in this dream is to focus on your blessings and your faith and devotion to God. Don’t look for peace and joy in the material world since it’s temporary.

Instead, try to find inner peace and love. Remember your past memories when your happiness was doubled without having all the things you have today. Maintain your childish innocence and purity so you can enjoy all of God’s favors.

Prayers and exploring the Bible may help you find that joy again. Only by doing so you can feel the happiness and purity you once felt as a child. So when you experience a dream where you’re selling a doll, you may have lost your innocence and need to bring it back.

Broken doll in dreams

To see a broken doll in your dreams indicates that you have some unfulfilled wishes. These may make you feel disappointed or unhappy. However, it’s important to remember that you may not be getting your wishes for a reason.

God is an all-knowing, gracious, loving, and perfect Lord. This means that all your wishes will be granted when the time comes. Don’t lose hope or faith because God has a plan for all of our future. Instead, focus on fulfilling other goals you have in mind. The peace of mind you will get from that will be bigger than all material objects you may wish for.

Small doll in a dream

Dreaming of a small doll tells many things about your personality. When you dream of a tiny doll, you may be a person who has high boundaries for yourself. This means that you may not be the kind of person to let people in easily.

You prefer to avoid anyone entering your personal zone, which is relatively good from both the dreamer and the dreams perspective. There’s no need to spend your precious energy on irrelevant things. Instead, focus on your faith and religion and devote your energy to God and the church.

Small Doll in a Dream

Big doll in a dream

When dreaming of a big doll, it may suggest that you’ve let your pride and ego take control of your life. This dream is a message from your guardian angel to humble yourself. Nothing material in this world will satisfy you as much as peace and God’s love. Live your life as simply as possible. Only then will you find the happiness and peace you’re looking for.

Dolls in Dreams Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams have been a puzzling mystery to humans since the beginning of time. The Bible is filled with spiritual meaning and symbolism regarding these phenomena. They represent a gateway between our conscious and unconscious selves.

Getting a better understanding of these dreams may unveil many aspects of your spiritual and physical life. Regardless of your religion or faith, dreaming has a significant impact on your mind and soul. No dream comes without reason. Therefore, dreaming of a doll may hold great symbolism and spiritual meaning for you.

Dolls have been a part of the human race even before biblical times. Even though they may not be explicitly mentioned in the Bible, these figures play a significant role in spirituality and symbolism.

These toys have been used throughout history in a variety of ways. Their roles include being used in magic, offered as gifts for kings, and being used in templates as representations of saints. Exploring their roots may further unveil why they would come and visit you in your dreams.

The spiritual meaning of dolls throughout history

While sometimes dolls can represent a sense of care and love, they can take a dark toll and indulge in something evil. Dolls are often used in rites, rituals, and love spells because they’re believed to consist great spiritual power.

In pagan times, folk times, and witchcraft, puppets were often used in spells. The puppets were made so that they would resemble and represent the individual in the magic. These rituals and spells could have been used both for good and evil, healing or harm.

These figures can be occasionally found in chimneys. Carved roots, grains, corn shafts, fruit, paper, potatoes, wax, clay, cloth stuffed with herbs, and branches are all materials that dolls from folk times were made of. 

These materials were combined with a unique intent that manifested any spell performed on the puppet, based on sympathetic magic.

Furthermore, dolls were very popular in ancient Greece and Egypt as votive offerings found in large numbers near the caves of the nymphs. Numphe is a word in ancient Greek used to describe female divinity, which was also used to refer to dolls.

Symbolic Meaning of Dolls

The symbolic meaning of dolls

As we can see, dolls have had dominant symbolism and spiritual meaning since ancient times. They’ve been used throughout history for various reasons and events. So dreaming of these figures is certainly no coincidence. These phenomena are much more common than you might imagine.

Nonetheless, there are many variations of these powerful dolls created by religion and culture. In some cases, dreams of certain dolls may represent a good omen. However, in other cases, they may be a warning or indicate an evil presence.

To better understand your dream, we’ll look into the different types of dolls used for spiritual purposes.

Corn doll

Corn dolls are a form of straw work puppets made as part of harvest customs of Europe prior to mechanization. Before Christianity, in the pagan European culture, they believed that the spirit of the corn lived among the crop.

The corn doll was made from the last sheaf of wheat or other cereal crops. Then, the doll would stay in the homes of families throughout the winter. Once the new season arrived, the corn doll was to be plowed into the first furrow. Having a dream of this doll may indicate that you’re on the doorstep of a new beginning.

Hoko doll

Hoko dolls are popular spiritual figures in Japan. They were most commonly given to young women and especially pregnant women. These dolls were a symbol of protection for both the mother and the unborn child. Hoko dolls were traditionally made from silk and human hair and stuffed with cotton.

Motanka doll

In folk culture, motanka dolls were a type of traditional amulet dolls believed to have magical roots. They were made without the use of any sharp objects or needles. Motanka dolls traditionally had no faces on them. Instead, they were faceless or with a cross instead.

Motanka dolls were made with unique intentions, tasks, and wishes. Most often, they were used for protection and were peace bringers to households.

Dreaming of this doll may suggest that you’re in need of finding understanding and love within your family. If you have dreamt of Montanka dolls recently, you may need to learn about how to handle family conflicts biblically.

Voodoo doll

The term voodoo doll is specifically utilized to refer to puppets that are typically used to insert pins. These practices can be found in various traditional magic cultures and tribes. However, it has no relation to Haitian vodou or Louisiana voodoo.

Voodoo Dolls Symbolic Meaning

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a doll symbolize in a dream?

Dolls are strongly associated with fertility. Many believers suggest that dreaming of these figures may signify your desire to have children or your fear of parenthood. On the other hand, it may also indicate the desire to return to your childhood innocence.

What does it mean when you dream about baby dolls?

Doll dreams are generally related to childhood memories. Having these dreams may indicate that you have lingering feelings about your past. If your dream is fueled with sadness and fear, you may need to confront your childhood past.


In conclusion, the biblical meaning of doll in dreams can vary depending on your religion and faith. Among Christian believers, dreaming of these figures may indicate the need for self-improvement. Prayers and trust in the Lord can guide you through tough times and help you reach spiritual enlightenment.

Be mindful of the scenario and what type of doll you dreamt of since it can impact your dreams’ meaning. Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information on the biblical meaning of dolls in your dreams.


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