Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Dreams have always been a source of fascination. Many believe our dreams could reveal insights about our inner selves and offer guidance or warnings about the future. One common dream symbol that often appears is the cat, and many wonder what the Biblical meaning of cats in dreams is. 

Here, we’ll explore the potential meanings of cats in dreams and their association with mystery and intelligence.

Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams

The Bible is full of rich symbolism. So, it’s common for people to experience dreams that include animals. Of course, the cat is among those animals, but what does it represent biblically?

In the Bible, cats are not specifically mentioned. But the general symbolism of felines can is present through many stories and verses. One of the most notable cats in the Bible is the lion, which symbolizes power and strength. Besides the lion, the Bible mentions the leopard, known for its stealth and agility.

The biblical meaning of cats in dreams is open to interpretation. It mostly depends on the context of the dreams and the individual’s personal beliefs and experiences.

Whether the cat represents independence, mystery or something else entirely, the dreamer needs to pay attention to the message. Then use it as a tool for a personal and spiritual development tool.

Let’s explore the Biblical meaning of cats in dreams and what different colors can represent.

Biblical Meaning of Different Colors on Cats in a Dream

White cat dream biblical meaning

The white cat dream biblical meaning could represent purity, prosperity, and fertility. A white cat in a dream could also represent a message or a guide.

When the color shows in a dream, it could mean the person is ready for some sort of transition in their life. The dreamer could be going through a difficult time and looking for a new beginning.

If a person doesn’t have a good feeling while dreaming of a white cat, it could represent a warning for something that may happen. You need to be careful with the decisions you bring.

Black cat dream biblical meaning

According to the Bible, seeing a black cat in a dream could symbolize mystery, the unknown, and the hidden. 

If you dream about a black cat, your subconscious tells you to be aware of negative events in your life. 

Alternatively, it could represent repressed anger or rage that is beginning to come to the surface.

Grey cat dream biblical meaning

Dreaming about a grey cat may suggest that you struggle to find happiness and joy in your life. Some personal issues or past traumas still affect you.

This could be related to unresolved emotions or experiences you haven’t fully processed or dealt with. The cat’s gray color could also represent feelings of sadness and depression.

The grey cat in your dream could also signal that you’re unsure about a particular situation or decision. The cat could represent your own indecisiveness or lack of clarity on the subject.

Orange cat dream biblical meaning

If you see an orange cat, also known as a ginger cat, in your dreams, it could represent a sense of adventure and excitement. The cat’s bright color is associated with enthusiasm, creativity, and positive energy.

Also, the orange cat could indicate vitality and financial success, suggesting that you might enter a period of prosperity.

Seeing an orange cat in your dreams could also indicate that you’re ready for a change and the start of a new chapter in your life.

Orange Cat Dream Biblical Meaning

Different scenarios of cats in dreams 

Seeing a cat in a dream

If you have a cat dream, it could represent your independence and need for freedom. As cats are known for their independence, their presence in your dream might mean a need for space.

The cat in your dream could reflect certain qualities or characteristics that you possess. For example, if you’re a curious person, the cat could represent your curiosity and desire to learn new things.

Because cats are often associated with feminine energy seeing a cat in your dream could suggest a need to embrace your creativity or connect with someone/something. 

A cat attacking you

If you dream that cats are attacking you and feel scared, it could reflect your life’s worries and fears. You might feel vulnerable or threatened by people or situations, and this dream highlights those fears.

The cat attacking you could represent a presence of feeling targeted or attacked by others, whether in a literal or figurative sense. 

A cat chasing you, or you’re chasing it

Dreaming about being chased by a cat could represent a sense of being pursued or hunted. This could relate to a particular situation, such as a conflict or problem you want to escape. It could also mean a more generalized feeling of anxiety or stress.

If, on the other hand, you’re the one chasing the cat, it could represent a desire for power and control. You might feel the desire to put yourself in a particular situation to take charge of your life.

Cat dying

Dreaming of dead or dying cats could represent a negative experience or emotion in your real life. The dead cats could represent personal exhaustion or feeling drained, meaning you need to take a break and focus on self-care.

Alternatively, the dead cat in your dream could represent a difficult or unpleasant event that is about to happen in your life. This could be something you witness or feel firsthand.


Dreaming about kittens could be a positive sign. It could mean that you will enter a period of joy and happiness. Kittens in your dreams might represent new beginnings and progress. It could also mean you’re planning a new project or idea of what might grow and develop successfully.

In addition, kittens could represent a childish attitude or a desire for playing and fun. This dream could also suggest that you approach situations with curiosity and exploration, just like kittens do. Enjoying life’s little things and embracing your playful side should be a reminder.

Cat talking

A talking cat in your dream could mean a need for attention or communication. The cat speaking could indicate that you feel neglected or excluded by others and are looking for connection or validation.

The cat’s words could represent a message your subconsciousness is trying to convey.

Cat hissing 

If you dream about a hissing cat, it could mean a warning of negative energy or danger. The hissing sound could mean that you should pay attention to any risks or problems, especially in your professional or romantic life.

If you’re experiencing difficulty at work or in your relationship, the hissing cat could represent those concerns. It could indicate that you should confront these issues and take action to resolve them.

Many cats

2-3 cats

Dreaming about two or three cats could depend on the context of the dream. If the cats were peaceful and cuddly, it could represent harmony with your partner. However, if the dream had tension or disagreement, it could be a warning of potential problems in your relationship.

5-7 cats 

Meanwhile, seeing five or seven cats could have a symbolic significance. The number five could represent curiosity, courage, and a sense of adventurous spirit. This could suggest you’re open to new experiences and willing to take risks.

On the other hand, number seven is often associated with perfection and completeness. This could mean you’re looking for a sense of completion or fullness.

Feeding a cat

Dreaming about feeding a cat might have a negative connotation. It could suggest an approaching sense of betrayal or outrage by someone you trust deeply.

Feeding the cat in the dream could mean that you’re nurturing a relationship that could lead to disappointment or harm in the future. This dream could be seen as a warning to be careful and aware of those around you, especially those close to you.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats

Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Many civilizations saw cats as symbols of independence, freedom and feminine energy. Cats are also known for their playfulness and curiosity, contributing to their symbolism and spiritual significance.

Cats in dreams have a range of meanings, and because of that, let’s look at the symbolism and spiritual meaning of cats in dreams.

Spiritual meaning

Cats are believed to have supernatural powers or be able to convey messages from higher powers. Seeing a cat in a dream while going through a rough patch could mean the cat is guiding you through a difficult situation.

The cat in your dream could represent a source of comfort and support, helping you navigate the roughness easily. Additionally, the cat could be showing you that you have the qualities of independence, intuition, and resilience needed to overcome the obstacles in your life.

Playfulness and curiosity 

Cats are known for being playful and curious. In dreams, cats might represent a desire for adventure and exploration. Dreaming of a cat playing with a toy or chasing after something could represent your desire to be more spontaneous and adventurous. 

On the other hand, a cat exploring a new environment could represent the need to explore new ideas, concepts, or experiences in your life.

Feminine energy

Throughout history, cats have been a sign of feminine energy. The relationship between felines and goddesses such as Bastet proves the cat’s link with the feminine. In dream interpretation, cats could represent the nurturing and initiative qualities often associated with feminine energy.

When a person dreams about a cat cuddling with them or purring, it could mean that they are looking for comfort, love, and affection. And that they shouldn’t be afraid of those emotions.

Freedom and independence

Cats are often associated with their independent and free spirit nature making them a popular symbol of freedom. If a person dreams of a cat wandering around freely, it could represent their desire to break free from the chains and pursue their passions and goals without feeling restricted.

The cats’ presence in dreams could provide reassurance that it’s okay to look for privacy and start relying on your instincts. 

Mysteriousness and deception

Cats have a reputation for being mysterious creatures. A cat in a dream could symbolize hidden motives and secret desires.

If a person dreams of a cat, it could also be a sign that they should examine their subconscious and find hidden truths. But it could also be a sign to be careful of those around you, meaning there might be a situation where you need to be careful. 

The mysteriousness could invite you to dive deeper into your mind and address unresolved issues. The deception could imply that not everything is as it appears and that you should approach situations cautiously, especially if someone or something is hiding something.


Why does the Bible not mention cats?

Cats are not mentioned in Hebrew Biblical texts because the monotheistic Israelites rejected the Egyptian tradition of worshipping cats. The link between cats and Egyptian religion and superstition may have influenced the decision to exclude cats from the Bible.

Do Christians believe cats go to heaven?

The Bible doesn’t say anything about the salvation of pets. 

What are the animals of God?

In the Bible, the angels around God’s throne have features and characteristics of a lion, bull, and an eagle. These animals may often represent certain qualities or characteristics associated with God or the divine. 


The Biblical meaning of cats in dreams could symbolize a range of meanings from feminine grace to intuition. While the Bible doesn’t specifically mention cats, their symbolism can be seen through various stories and verses, particularly in the shape of big cats such as lions and leopards.

It’s important to remember that the meaning of cats in dreams could differ depending on the dreamer’s experiences and beliefs. Whether you see dreams as random thoughts or messages from a higher power, exploring the symbolism of cats in dreams could be a fascinating journey.


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