Biblical Meaning of Being Attacked in a Dream

Dreams often carry the most telling messages and provide guidance for our lives, but it’s all in vain if there’s no interpretation to go with them. The biblical meaning of being attacked in a dream is prevalent, as there are many assaults with different contexts in the holy book.

Being attacked is a common nightmare for people, and it almost never carries any positive meaning. It is a sign of social pressure, anxiety, and fear overtaking the dreamer’s life, and it calls for immediate intervention.

We should also take time to analyze the spiritual meaning behind this dream and if it could be a vision of the future.

Biblical meaning of being attacked in a dream

Biblical Meaning of Being Attacked in a Dream

Frequently, we can’t tell dreams and reality apart, especially when we dream about intense situations. Getting attacked often feels so real that it makes us wake up with an activated defense mechanism and adrenaline pumping through our veins.

Dreaming about these situations often puts unnecessary stress on the dreamer’s body and soul. Having an adequate interpretation can help end uncomfortable dreams and improve the overall quality of life.

When we read the Bible, we live through the stories through the eyes of the protagonists, that are most commonly the good guys. This allows us to directly connect dreaming about getting attacked to stories from the Bible.

Here are some of the stories where the protagonists have been assaulted, whether by individuals or by a mob.

Cain and Abel

The story of Adam and Eve’s firstborn sons involves a tragic end as a result of jealousy. It is one of the most prominent kinslaying stories that’s been heavily influential in global literature. It’s depicted in Genesis 4:1-16, and it’s about the two brothers who were providing offerings to God.

Cain was a farmer and offered fruits, while Abel was a sheep herder and offered sheep. The problem arose when God showed a preference for Abel’s offerings, which Cain didn’t take too kindly.

Ignoring God’s warnings about allowing his jealousy to control him, Cain deviously murdered his brother. Consequently, God cursed Cain so he wouldn’t be able to farm anymore.

The story of Cain and Abel and being attacked in a dream

If you dreamt about being assaulted by someone close to you, you could use the Cain and Abel story as a reference to provide meaning to your dream. If the attacker was someone from your surroundings, then it can mean that people are jealous of you and the talents you’ve been blessed with.

It can also mean that impulse-driven actions will have the attacker face the consequences of their actions, just like Cain.

If you’re a mere witness of an attack in your dream, in real life, you may be the aggressor inflicting harm to others. This dream can manifest your need to repent and take responsibility for your actions.

The story of Cain and Abel and being attacked in a dream

Joseph and his brothers

Another story from the Book of Genesis that involves jealousy from siblings is the tale of Joseph and his brothers. It depicts how one person can overcome hardships and thrive with the help of the lord.

Joseph had 11 brothers, but he was favored by his father, Jacob, who gave him a special coat. This token of favoritism made his brothers angry, and they conspired to remove him from their lives by faking his death and selling him into slavery.

Joseph had the uncanny ability to read dreams, making him a popular slave in Egypt, with the pharaoh’s dreams becoming the subject of his interpretations. The Pharaoh made Joseph responsible for preparing the nation for the upcoming famine that he foresaw in the pharaoh’s dreams.

The famine made Joseph’s brothers wander the land for food and had them end up in Egypt, where they met after a long time. Unable to recognize him, they asked him for help. When he told them who he was, they felt remorse for what they had done to their brother.

The story of Joseph and being attacked in a dream

Joseph could interpret dreams, and in the story, he was attacked by his brothers, which makes this an excellent reference for providing meaning to a dream of being attacked. If you dream about getting attacked, you may be the cause of jealousy in someone in your vicinity.

Dreaming about getting attacked can mean that someone is conspiring against you and that you should be wary.

The story of Joseph and being attacked in a dream

David and King Saul

After famously defeating Goliath, David replaced his life as a shepherd for a place among King Saul’s most prominent men. However, David fell out with King Saul because he was beginning to overshadow him with his success and popularity in Israel.

Driven by jealousy, Saul tried to kill David a few times, including once when he threw a spear at him. David refused to retaliate for the numerous attempts by King Saul to take his life, but was still forced to go into exile.

In the end, the Philistines murdered Saul, and David was made king.

The story of David and being attacked in a dream

This is another story of jealousy overtaking the human mind and soul. By now, you may notice a pattern. Using the biblical interpretation will unavoidably lead to the conclusion that dreaming about being attacked means that someone is jealous of you.

You can apply the context of this story when searching for meaning in your dream. The people who are jealous of you for a particular reason will try to put you down, but having faith in your ability and being a good person will eventually take you to your destiny.

Another important segment of this story is how David didn’t forsake his loyalty to King Saul even though he was the subject of many attempts of murder. With this, David shows his respect for the position of the king because he could sit on the throne one day.

Just like David, you need to be humble and honorable when faced with jealousy because, eventually, you will get what you deserve.

The story of David and being attacked in a dream


Jeremiah was a prophet who constantly warned the people of Judah about the ever-approaching judgment that would be unleashed upon them. The prophet faced backlash for his messages and calls for the people to repent by turning to God.

He suffered verbal and physical attacks and was the subject of mockery. He was often arrested and faced many hardships, and ultimately, he was isolated from his own people.

His prophecies came true, and the Babylonians overtook Jerusalem, exiling the people to Babylon. Those who mocked him were devastated and recognized Jeremiah for what he was – an actual prophet of God. In the face of the new adversity, Jeremiah offered hope and pathways to repentance for the people.

The story of Jeremiah and being attacked in a dream

The biblical meaning of being attacked in a dream can be observed through the lens of the story of Jeremiah. Although no one believed in him, he persisted in conveying a message with the hope that he would save his people or prepare them for the incoming danger.

Insecurities and doubts can manifest themselves as assault and abuse when dreaming. Just like Jeremiah, you have to hold your ground and not let obstacles prevent you from doing what’s right.

When some people hear something new that’s not following their previously set beliefs, they resort to ad hominem attacks. If you’re not strong enough to withstand those advances, your ideas won’t thrive. Your dream may be a message that you must be strong-willed and even stubborn in the face of adversity.

The story of Jeremiah and being attacked in a dream


Jesus is the most important biblical character and the son of God who came on Earth to save its inhabitants. He was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph and grew up in Nazareth. At age 30, he began teaching the message of God and quickly gathered many followers.

As a testament to his divine heritage, he performed many miracles, like healing and turning water into wine. However, the authorities weren’t happy with his movement gaining momentum. After Judas betrayed him, Jesus was arrested and physically attacked during his trial, with the guards and interrogators striking him.

Eventually, he was sentenced to death, but not before he was scourged, given a crown of thorns, and crucified on a wooden cross. After three days, Jesus performed another miracle and returned from the dead, as Mary Magdalene and others famously witnessed.

The story of Jesus and being attacked in a dream

To find the biblical meaning of being attacked in a dream, you can use the story of Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for our sins. How did Jesus react to getting attacked? Did he fight back when he was hit?

Jesus kept his composure and endured all the mockery and attacks without fear. If getting attacked in a dream is a manifestation of facing attacks in real life, then you should endure the hardships and keep going forward.

Like Jesus, you should be prepared to die for a higher cause, albeit metaphorically. If possible, forgive those who attempt harm even before they do it because when you walk on a successful path, there are bound to be people who will stand in your way.

When faced with his death, Jesus was as confident as ever in God’s will, as you should be when faced with adversity. The closer you are to achieving your goal, the harder it will get, and the more will people try to stop you.

The story of Jesus and being attacked in a dream

Being Attacked in a Dream Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

To give a broader meaning to this nightmare, it’s worth exploring the spiritual realm and seeing what interpretations exist for this otherwise very common dream.

Facing attacks in a dream can mean the manifestation of inner conflicts and unresolved issues within. It’s important to explore these feelings and try to work through some suppressed traumas.

In Native American folklore, dreams where we face attacks represent a spirit conflict within ourselves. They are viewed as growth opportunities because overcoming these conflicts can develop the strength and resilience of the mind. This coincides with the Jungian psychological theory that dreams of being attacked represent inner conflicts.

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What does it mean when you dream about being attacked by a stranger?

Dreaming of being attacked by a stranger might be a reflection of your fears and lack of self-trust. It may also mean a threat by someone you probably don’t know about.

What to do if you dream about being attacked?

Well, you don’t have to be so worried. Not all dreams are entirely accurate, but it will be good to be more careful in the upcoming period. Believe and protect yourself more.


Dreams are a window to a person’s soul and often carry important messages that can drastically improve our lives. The Bible is a solid reference for interpreting any dream, because it’s the wisest, most thorough book that provides insight into many important matters.

The biblical meaning of being attacked in a dream can be found in stories such as Cain and Abel, Joseph, David, and Jeremiah. Most importantly, it can be found through the story of Jesus, who conveyed the ultimate message while facing horrible torture and ridicule.

The psychological and spiritual meanings of getting attacked in a dream both suggest that it is a sign of an inner conflict.


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