6 Biblical Meaning: What Does the Bible Say About Number 6?

Numbers carry powerful meanings within themselves, and in the Bible they appear as strong forces that can significantly impact our lives. In the Christian religion, the number 6 appears many times and in many forms. Sometimes pointing to good, sometimes to evil. 

What does the Bible speak of when discussing the number 6?

Read on and find out the number 6 biblical meaning and the many discrepancies that follow this number!

6 Biblical Meaning

Number 6 Biblical Meaning

A plethora of elements of mysticism surrounds the number 6 biblical meaning. It appears in the Bible many times in different forms and hides exciting meanings behind it. 

It is often associated and characterized with human weakness and frailty, the wickedness of the devil, and the materialization of sins. Its first meaningful appearance is at the beginning of times, mentioned in Genesis 1:31, when God created all things in six days. 

Because the number 7, according to God, represents perfection, and the number 6 is a little shy behind, it signifies imperfection or incompletion. The name typically assigned to the number 6 is “number of Man” because of Adam’s infamous eating of the apple and breaking the sacred connection between the Earth and heaven.

The number 6 is also mentioned when talking about Satan. When putting together a sequence of three sixes, we get a number representing the Beast of Revelation.

Number 6 Meaning From God

As we mentioned above, when God was creating everything, he created man on the sixth day. And on the seventh day, he rested. As God had done, this cycle of six days of labor and one day of rest was appointed to man

This act of God signifies that before we rest, we should be doing plenty of work, as he knew man’s weakness.

He also told farmers to harvest the land for six years and to let it rest the seventh year round. This seventh year is also called the “Year of Jubilee.”

Bible Verses Referencing Number 6

The number 6 appears in many unusual forms in the Bible and Bible verses. First, it appears in Genesis 1:31.

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning – the sixth day.”

Then, in Exodus 21:2.

“If you buy a Hebrew servant, he is to serve you for six years. But in the seventh year, he shall go free, without paying anything.”

The Bible mentions six earthquakes in Exodus 19:18, Kings 19:11, Amos 1:1, Matthew 27:54, 28:2, and Acts 16:26. Jesus was accused six times of being demon possessed in the New Testament (Mark 3:22, John 7:20, 8:48, 8:52, 10:20, and Luke 11:15). 

It is also known that the people asked Jesus six times to try to prove that he was who he said he was and to prove the claims he proudly made.

It is also mentioned in the sixth chapter, where Joshua and the Israelites marched around Jericho every day for six days with seven priests.

Bible Verses Referencing Number 6

Spiritual Meaning of the Number 6

The number 6 is all about positive changes. Setting new goals and achieving them. Making new experiences and overcoming any hurdles that come our way. It tells us not to be distracted by unnecessary things and to focus on following our life path. One which, although it may be difficult at times, will have a significant positive impact.

The number can guide us through thick and thin and helps us in manifesting self-growth, self-improvement, and proper self-care.

Additionally, it is considered very lucky, as it is the highest possible number on a dice that one can roll.

Angel Number 6 Meaning

The meaning of 6 angel number is intertwined with love, selflessness, family and home, beauty, nurturing, caring for others and yourself, protection, and much more. It signifies responsibility for yourself and your actions and the need for stability and balance. 

It is a sign from your angel to ensure you are not distracted by your financial status. You should never stray to one side and always keep in mind to balance your finances and spirituality.

It’s a reminder to be grateful for what you already have. Make sure you are giving people the love they deserve, mostly when talking about your family. Be open to hearing and helping them. At the end of the day, they are most important to us.

Number 6 in Your Personal Life

Seeing the number 6 might mean that your guardian angel is trying to tell you that you are ready to take the next step in life. Whether that concerns your career or relationships, it tells you that you must put your needs and whatever you think is good for you before everybody else

Focus on yourself and take good care of yourself before connecting with others.

Angel Number 6 Meaning in Love and Relationships

Spending more time together, paying attention to little details, and listening to one another are just a few things that the number 6 signifies when speaking of relationships. It tells you to start trying to become a better partner, whether buying your significant other a small present or spending more quality time together. 

Creating an environment where both of you will feel equally loved is necessary for both of you to be happy and to have an enduring relationship.

Number 6 as a Perfect Number

The considerable significance lies in the perfectness of this number. When adding together the number 1, 2, and 3, we get the number 6. Four of these perfect numbers were recognized by ancient Greeks, the numbers 6, 28, 496, and 8128.

Number 6 in Numerology

The meaning of the number 6 in numerology is empathy, compassion, and the ability to support others. It means to be in service of others, to build a connection, and to build a utopian society through love. 

The number represents our hearts. The love, humanity, and kindness that we all share. It has intense meaning in relationships. It allows partners to open up to you, share their stories, and strengthen your relationship with that partner. It is a number that can build meaningful bridges with other people.

Bottom Line

To summarize, the number 6 biblical meaning is a positive sign that helps guide the right path. It is also mentioned in the Bible as the rest and labor cycle, which has remained unchanged and unbroken for centuries. Frequently seeing the number 6 should remind you to take matters into your own hands.


What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 6?

You could frequently see the number 6 because you might need to focus on the right things. Some higher power or guardian angel is trying to guide you into understanding what you should be doing and what changes to make.

Why is 6 considered evil?

By some, it might be considered evil because of the nature of this number and signalization to the devil. However, it is quite the opposite. It deceives us into thinking that these tough challenges we are faced with are a way of stopping us when in reality, it is a test that we have to pass.


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