50 Biblical Meaning

Noticing a recurring number daily has always carried superstition and spiritual symbolism. However, believers in Christ are also intrigued by their significance since numerology plays a key role in the Holy Bible. If you want to dive into the Christian religion, continue reading to discover the number 50 biblical meaning and purpose. 

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Number 50 Biblical Meaning

So what is the meaning of 50 in the Bible, and what should you make of it? In the scripture, this number is mentioned approximately 50 times and is closely related to deliverance. Furthermore, it’s the number of Jubilee and represents the Holy Spirit.

Since the Bible gives great significance to multiplication and addition, it’s important to know that 50 comes from 7 x 7 + 1. This further emphasizes its relation to deliverance and the rest that follows the day after. Besides the symbolism of release, number 50 also portrays freedom, the end of an old cycle, and a new beginning. 

However, to better understand the biblical meaning of the number 50, you should interpret it together with the Bible verses that reference it. 

Bible verses referencing number 50

As mentioned above, the number 50 appears several times throughout the Holy Bible. Since it can be found both in the Old and the New Testament, here are the verses that you should focus on. 

50 in the Bible Old Testament

One of the most significant events this number is related to in the Old Testament can be found in the book of Exodus. On the 50th day after escaping Egypt, Moses brings the people of Israel to Mount Sinai to meet God. It’s the first mention of the Pentecost, which translates into the 50th day in Greek, as seen in Exodus 19:1; 14-16.

The next important reference can be found in Leviticus 25:8-19 and is closely related to new beginnings and freedom. Here, it’s said that in the 50th year, known as Jubilee, all Hebrew slaves were freed. They were given back their rightful land, were cleared of debt, and the Lord dedicated the year for rest.

Furthermore, it’s important to mention that the book of Genesis includes 50 chapters. In the verses of Genesis 6:15, Noah’s Arc is said to be 50 cubits wide. Additionally, God tells Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah would be spared if he found 50 righteous people on them, as seen in Genesis 18:23 – 26.

50 in the Bible New Testament

As for the New Testament, this number is referenced during the second great Pentecost in Acts 2:1. Here, it’s said that the Holy Spirit visited the disciples on the 50th day after Resurrection. 

The deliverance theme is also mentioned when Jesus sacrifices his own blood, symbolized by the number 30, to the heavenly atonement altar, represented by the number 20. When you put these numbers together, it adds up to 50 and portrays the Holy Spirit taking away the sins of the people.

Number 50 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Once you’ve gone over the biblical meaning of the number 50, it’s also important to understand its spiritual symbolism. If you’ve been seeing this number everywhere you go, whether it’s on license plates, clocks, receipts, or phone numbers, it’s a sign that angels are trying to deliver a message to you. Even though some people think it’s only superstition, the study of numerical symbolism is present in countless different religions. 

In sacred numerology practices, this number refers to the vibration of completeness. It portrays personal freedom, independence, and self-determination. Since it represents the planet Mercury, it also encourages intelligence, versatility, and agility. 

For an astrological meaning, you have to have both the numbers five and zero in mind. First off, the number five represents the Leo constellation and the fifth house. It signifies happiness, friendship, and children, so people under its influence tend to live happy life filled with social activities.

On the other hand, zero represents a planetary absence and an empty house. Regardless of how eerie this may sound, it’s still a good sign. Since nothing is set in stone, you can indulge in various opportunities while harvesting your creative power to develop at your own pace.


Meaning of 50 Angel Number

Angel number 50 is a sign that you’re an independent and flexible person who lives a spontaneous lifestyle. Even though you stand strongly behind your beliefs, you are still open-minded and tolerant of different lifestyles and choices. This will bring you an abundance of healthy friendships and social prosperity. 

Since this angel number also represents new beginnings, it’s time to let go of the past and start manifesting your future. New exciting opportunities will rise on your horizon, and the angels will guide you through them. As a symbol of personal and spiritual freedom, angel number 50 encourages you to partake in exciting adventures and journeys. 

Additionally, this number is interlocked with healing. If you’ve been experiencing both a physical and emotional low, God will hear your prayers and give you his protection. Have faith in His almighty power, and you’ll surely achieve inner peace. 

Meaning of 50 angel number in a romantic relationship

The angel number 50 meaning in love is most often related to healing. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner may have gone through a rough patch. This number appears as a reassurance that no matter how hard things get, you can make the relationship work. However, you should also reevaluate it to confirm if it’s happy, fulfilling, and worth fighting for. 

If you’re single, this angel number is a positive sign that you’re ready to heal from heartbreak. Don’t let the past dictate your future, and open up your heart for new and exciting experiences. 

Meaning of 50 angel number in a career

Since angel number 50 indicates new beginnings, it may be a sign of a career change. If you’re stuck in a mundane and unfulfilling job, now’s the time to seek the one from your dreams. Your creative passion and adventurous spirit will land you the right career for you. Moreover, with the help of the holy angels, you’d be surprised how many opportunities are within your reach.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the number 50 biblical meaning is based on the themes of deliverance, freedom, and new beginnings. Carrying the same spiritual symbolism, it’s a sign for upcoming exciting adventures and a period of healing. Remember to have faith in God, and he will guide your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 50?

Seeing a recurring number, in general, means that there’s a lesson to be learned. So if you keep seeing the angel number 50, the holy spirits are trying to guide you down the right path. Take the time and analyze your situation and decide how this newly acquired numerological knowledge will benefit you the best.

Why is 50 considered evil?

If you’ve been noticing the number 50 frequently, you shouldn’t worry since it’s not considered evil. It’s a sign that you should take your life into your own hands and enjoy your freedom and possibilities.


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