214 Biblical Meaning: What Does The Bible Say About 214?

Angel numbers are nothing but good news. As they come from the divine kingdom, they bring happiness into one’s life.

One of the angel numbers is 214. Generally, it represents happiness, honesty, integrity, hope, and strength to achieve good things in life.

Let’s dive deeper and find out what is the meaning of 214 in the Bible.

214 Biblical Meaning

Number 214 Biblical Meaning

First and foremost, if you keep seeing the number 214, don’t ignore it. With many possible meanings behind it, you must assess your situation to find what the angels are trying to say to you.

What Is the Meaning of 214 in the Bible?

The Bible has taught us in different ways that the greatest things typically come after a big struggle. Angel Number states that the biblical meaning of the number 214 is faith and trust.

Among the other meanings of the number 214, it represents personal freedom, introspection, intuition, adventure, and relationships.

New Beginnings

If you see the angel number, you should expect something new in your life. In the meantime, we should see every change in our daily routines as a blessing.

The number 214 indicates that you shouldn’t be afraid of the new changes and embrace the new journey ahead of you. Additionally, you should see the sign as encouragement and motivation.

When we are faced with a new challenge in life, we need to keep on going. Through the number 214, the angels send you a message to focus on yourself, and carry on with your mission and purpose in life.

Remember that God never gives you more than you can handle.

The Right Place and the Right Time

Another meaning of 214, the angel number, is that you are currently in the right place at the right time. Even if you have found yourself in a bad situation, the number 214 is a sign that you will find closure. Know that better days are ahead of you.

How Does the Bible Reference the Number 214?

In the Gospel According to Luke, verse 2:14, the Bible calls us to glorify the Lord in the heavens. Aside from manifesting prosperity, respect, and glory, the number 214 predicts peace on Earth for the believers.

How Does the Bible Reference the Number 214

214 Numerology

To have a better understanding of the angel number 214, we will start by explaining the meaning of each number. The numbers 2, 1, and 4 indicate the following things.

  • 2 – a union of man and woman being one in marriage
  • 1 – unity between God’s family
  • 4 – creation and purpose of the world

Others believe that the numbers 1 and 2 predict new beginnings, while the number 4 symbolizes inner strength.

Number 214 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The number 214 has a wide spiritual meaning and symbolism. Revelation 214 will impact different spheres in your life, starting with your love life, marriage, career, and wealth. 

Find out what you can expect below.

Angel Number 214 – Meaning in Love

The 214 biblical meaning is directly connected with trust, integrity, and loyalty. With that in mind, you should prepare yourself for positive changes in your love life.

For instance, if you are currently in a relationship, the number suggests you will take your relationship to the next level. Continue building a healthy bond by listening to your intuition.

On the other hand, if you are single, expect to make a deep connection with someone. The guardian angels have planned to introduce you to someone special. Keep your mind and heart open when it comes to your romantic life, and you will find your significant other.

Angel Number 214 – Meaning in Marriage

Every marriage has its difficulties. After all, before you become one with your partner, you agree that you will be with them for better or for worse. Thus, you must trust the universe and have faith in the path that it has created for your marriage.

With mutual respect, patience, and love, you and your partner can overcome everything that comes your way. The number 214 will help you find your most sincere feelings and happiness. 

Angel Number 214 – Meaning in Friendship

Nowadays, finding true friends might seem like an impossible mission. When it comes to friendships, the meaning of 214 indicates that you are in the right place. You will learn a valuable lesson from every friend.

Sometimes you might feel that a friend is betraying you or doesn’t mean you well. But the good news is that every life situation is just the universe showing us who our true friends are. The ones who are good for you will find a way to stay in your life.

Angel Number 214 – Meaning in Career

It is not recommended to compare yourself and your career success with others. Being preoccupied with the achievements of others will interfere with your purpose.

That’s why the guardian angels will show you the number 214 and remind you that you are doing your best. You should also understand the number as a sign to keep up with the good work and focus on your journey.

Balancing your personal and professional life isn’t always easy. That’s why the number 214 encourages you to try and reach the perfect balance in your life. Gaining control over our life will lead us on the path to the life that we desire.

Angel Number 214 – Meaning in Wealth

The 214 is a sign that you should be modest and appreciate the money you have

Your financial situation is right where it should be, and you should focus on the positive side. Cherish everything you have and pick your battles. There is a reason behind everything that is happening to us.

Bottom Line

The angel number has significant importance in the Bible. In a nutshell, there are multiple meanings for the biblical number 214. However, the number signals you are on the right path, and the guardian angels are preparing for a positive life change.

Keep a pure heart, be honest, respect others, cherish everything you have, and believe in God’s plan. The angel number 214 shows that the universe and archangels have you in their hands. They will guide you to become your better self.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 214 in the Bible Old Testament?

Unfortunately, the number 214 is not mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Instead, the Bible references the number 214 in the Gospel according to Luke, which is part of the New Testament.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 214?

When an angel tries to interfere with your life, it might show you the angel number 214. When this happens, you should expect a positive change in your life, a new beginning, and be grateful for everything you have.


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