2017 Biblical Meaning

Some multi-digit numbers are not directly mentioned in the Bible, but their constituent parts have specific biblical meanings. One of them is 2017, composed of four numbers that convey individual messages in the holy book.

2017 biblical meaning cannot be explained in simple terms. The reason for this is that believers in God and religion can also use this number as a guide through their spiritual journey.

2017 Biblical Meaning

Number 2017 Biblical Meaning

God often sends messages to his people through numbers. The number 2017 is intentionally complex and difficult to understand. It is intended to make people think rationally and help them come to their own conclusions on what its appearance means for their lives.

In the Christian religion, the number zero (0) represents a symbol of infinity. Even though it is not mentioned as a number in the Bible, it has been referenced with synonyms such as nothingness and emptiness. 

Number 1 in the biblical scriptures refers to Jesus Christ as the firstborn child of God and the only one who managed to resurrect. Also, the Lord made one single sacrifice for his people, which serves as a lesson for all believers to preserve their faith through prayers.

The inseparable connection between God and the church is represented biblically through the number 2. It can also be seen as a symbol of uniting the Old Testament with the New Testament or connecting two lovers through the act of marriage.

One of the most powerful numbers in biblical numerology is 7. It has been mentioned numerous times in the Book of Books. The most significant meaning conveyed by the number 7 is made in reference to the seven statements spoken by Jesus and the Book of Revelation.

What Does the Bible Say About the Number 2017?

By dissecting the numbers that complete 2017, we can come to the conclusion that this number is referenced in the Bible to signify completion and union

The original manuscripts of the biblical writings are divided into seven sections. There are Old and New Covenants and only one God who represents infinity. 

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The Meaning of 2017

The biblical meaning of the number 2017 is mysterious but sacred. It can influence humankind in unpredictable ways. 2017 carries a universal energy given by God to his believers, reminding them of the importance of the cycle of life and the eternal connection reached through prayers.

Bible Verses Referencing 2017

Even though the number 2017 itself cannot be found in the Holy Writ, some verses reference the power of the divine spirits, connected to its symbolism:

John 20:17

Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus Christ arose into heaven. The words in this verse aim to prove that his rise was far more important than his restoration to life. It is meant to tell people that they should feel lucky to be given a chance to connect with God.

Exodus 20:17

As a way of obeying God’s wishes, this verse by Exodus alludes to the importance of respecting all members of the community. Only in this way can God clearly see that his teachings have been well received. 

This coveting commandment highlights the meaning of the saying, “Love your neighbor.” It reminds people that they should ignore their desire to take something that doesn’t belong to them.

Luke 20:17

In this verse, God puts himself as the foundation on which a church should be built. Without the presence of Jesus Christ, the house of prayers cannot exist. It is also mentioned that those who are antichrist and evil will be expelled from the stone-built chapel.

Matthew 17:20

The power of faith is emphasized in this verse. God is addressing his people, saying that believing in the church can bring them peace and encouragement to accomplish their goals in life. By following God’s example, an individual gains the strength “to move mountains”.

Jeremiah 20:17

Jeremiah expresses his anger and wishes he was never born to witness the evil of the world. He believes that the only time he has been safe on Earth was in his mother’s womb. This verse speaks about the temptations of people who require repentance because they are sinful.

Bible Verses Referencing 2017

Number 2017 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

2017 as a number, has its special place in spirituality. It hints that spiritual development on a personal level will be achieved in the near future. Also, this number holds a strong symbolism in various aspects of people’s lives, signifying life-changing occurrences.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Number 2017?

Identifying your true calling can be overwhelming and confusing. The number 2017 can help people discover their spiritual path and connect with the divine forces. 

With the presence of this number, it is believed that people are able to make an interconnection between the body and soul.

What does the angel number 2017 mean?

The angel number 2017 appears before people to offer them support, hope, and guidance when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Its presence shows that all people have unique talents which have to be put to good use. Also, it is meant to bring them peace and tranquility during hard times.

The Symbolism of Number 2017

By calling attention to the angel number 2017, the angels aim to relate its symbolism to parts of everyday life. People are often able to make this connection because of the number appearing at the right time before they have to make a big life decision.


Angel number 2017 meaning in love refers to the unconditional power of connection between two people. The angels are here to remind you that your heart should always be open for true love, even if that means learning to love yourself first.


Oftentimes, the appearance of the angel number 2017 can symbolize that you are one step closer to achieving your career goals. This number usually appears before people’s eyes when they feel like they are not good enough for the job position.


The angelic number 2017 doesn’t only refer to romantic relationships. It can also be related to the connections you have with close family members. The sight of this number may be a sign that you should get closer to them or completely stay away from their superstition.

Bottom Line

Instead of developing a sense of confusion, try to stay optimistic when the number 2017 keeps showing up at random times and places. God and the angels are sending you a message through this number to always believe in yourself and never feel left alone in this world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does angel number 2017 mean in twin flame?

Only a small number of people are able to find their true soulmates. You might be one of them if the angel number 2017 appears suddenly before you. This number is a clear indication that sooner or later, you will find your twin flame because your connection is very strong.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 2017?

2017 biblical meaning is closely related to its symbolism given by angels. Strong faith and belief in spirituality can result in seeing the angel number 2017 frequently. The next time you see it, reflect on your blessings and focus on seeking nothing but peace in your life.


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