What Stone Brings Luck and Money?

What Stone Brings Luck and Money?

Everybody looks for success and prosperity all the time. Sometimes we carry something lucky, we call it a mascot and we hope it will help us fulfill our plans. What stone brings luck and money? Today we share with you 5 stones that are not only beautiful, but it is believed that they are the best crystals for money. Continue reading →

Which Crystal Is the Most Powerful

Which Crystal Is the Most Powerful

Crystals come from the bowels of the earth. Therefore, when placed on your body, they help you connect with the healing energy of the planet. This makes you feel calmer and more balanced. Each crystal has unique properties and energies that heal various aspects of your life but do you know which crystal is the most powerful?

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How to Make Moon Water Few Tips

How to Make Moon Water

Moon water has many different powers. It calms the nerves if you are excited or angry. Melancholy and stress are replaced by peace of mind and balance. If you suffer from insomnia, it is good to drink moon water before bedtime.

The morning intake of moon water helps to awaken inspiration, to give you fresh original ideas, to find solutions to complex and complicated problems. The question here is: how to make moon water? Continue reading →

How to Become a Witch A Couple Simple Quick Tips

How to Become a Witch?

There are periods in history in which witchcraft was treated differently. At one time witches were feared and at another, on the contrary, they were persecuted and killed. Women who possess magic are considered to be helpers to people who solve various problems. But is there a recipe for how to become a witch? Continue reading →