Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Aquarius in sex is restrained and masks their sensuality. They do not tolerate discipline and obedience and prefer freedom in relationships. Aquarius rarely talks about what excites them. In relationships, they always act according to a scheme, a period during which they will charm the partner, the culmination of feelings, and then sexual intercourse. Given all this, who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with?

Aquarius Sex Traits


Representatives of this sign do not seek sex for any other reason but to satisfy their sporting interests. When the goal is reached, the partner ceases to be significant. That is why Aquarius always has a long way to look for their love. If you are wondering who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with, look at the most liberated and variable zodiac signs.


For Aquarius, the situation during sex, the aesthetic image of the partner always play an important role. In sex, they like to experiment and make fantasies of both partners real. Representatives of this sign consider themselves skilled lovers. If you want to enjoy sex, offer Aquarius your sexual fantasies. Sex with an Aquarius will liberate you as well.

Aquarius Facts - Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Toy collectors

Aquarius is not shy, not ashamed to want their fetishes and strange traditions in the bedroom. Make sure there is a box full of sex toys under their bed. Don’t be shy – Aquarius loves to play their game, so embark on Aquarius’s freaky side and non-standard sex.

Aquarius in Bedroom

In search of the new

Aquarius’ sexual horoscope is built on the strange and unusual. People with this zodiac sign are always looking for a new technique or toy that has not yet been tried. The best match for Aquarius is the one who will satisfy their strange preferences and ideas, ideas about appearance, and thinking. When they are fed up – they can just turn a new page and move on.


Aquarius loves to determine what is happening in bed. Aquarius compatibility signs should be not only patient but also dedicated, without showing too many feelings. Like Sagittarius, they are resilient and thirsty for more. Pisces and Capricorn are also ready for a new fun and will find joy and delight in Aquarius.

Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With - Aquarius in Bedroom


Aquarius as an air sign is considered “colder” than Aries or Scorpio. However, Aquarius does not consider himself unsensual at all – sex excites him from an early age. He likes to talk, seducing his partner. Some women perceive this quite positively.


Aquarius – both men and women, are liberal in marriage and often prefer to coexist, representatives of their sign, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, and some Aquariuses are not indifferent to Leo. They are also strongly attracted to Scorpios, but the latter tend to compete with them rather than sincerely love them.

Aquarius Woman Sexology

Control and ingenuity

She doesn’t get aroused quickly. Animal passions are incomprehensible to her. She prefers tenderness and idealizes love. Love is a symphony by Mozart, not the Rolling Stones. Do not rely on uncontrolled behavior in bed.

But if you set her on fire, things will be completely different. She is extremely resourceful and has a keen interest in new entertainment. There is no such thing that she does not want to try and can even refine some ideas.


She likes to touch her partner’s body with a different force of touch. Her warmth and understanding are especially effective for men who do not feel very confident. She feels sorry for them and will try to help as much as she can.

Giving type

One of the difficulties of Aquarius women lies in their desire to please and sometimes put other people’s interests before their own. They often fall victim to men who do not understand them as women.

If you want to know which sign is Aquarius attracted to, the answer would be: every sign that gives them the freedom to be themselves. The Aquarius woman is easily attracted to anyone who arouses her sympathy. For her, to truly love a man means to love his body and soul equally. It is enough to whisper in his ear what she is going to do with him to arouse him for a second. It is always full of ideas. Nothing is too much for her and it is not a ban.

Aquarius Man Sexology

Patience in the sexual game

He is interested in women as individuals, not as objects of sex. Many women find him a wonderful man, interested in their minds, not just their bodies.

With Aquarius, everything happens slowly and thoughtfully. He loves the long variety of caresses. For him, the most important part is sexual play. His patient approach can give him the definition of a true artist in love. But you can “burn out” in addition to his tendency to make things too slow.

An ingenious lover

You may need to invite him to the essential – in the preliminary caresses he may miss the climax. But heated up properly, he becomes a very resourceful lover and surprisingly persistent. He will lead you to a climax, you can be sure about that.

If you are wondering about who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with, these are the signs that are patient and liberated, such as him. A woman who knows what she wants can do anything with the Aquarius, but it all depends on the approach.

Passion for the new

He will be happy to make the most exotic and erotic endeavors. Aquarius rarely repeats things in love, he is a real “scientist” in the field of sex. One of those who will read the Kama Sutra and try all the poses, even if only once.

Aquarius is patient and broad-minded and nothing human is far from him. His love of new and endless curiosity sometimes makes him a little sadistic. If he starts playing with matches, grab your clothes and run fast.

How to Conquer Aquarius

Bet on friendship

These sociable creatures easily make friends. They are fun, interesting interlocutors who prefer to discuss important, serious issues. Do not be surprised if he does not come to any conclusion. When it comes to important issues, it’s hard to be specific.

Aquarius is usually kind but evasive. Don’t try to change that – even more so to go for a frontal attack. Faced with a straightforward approach, Aquarius usually retreats into hiding.

Win their minds

It is easy to awaken their compassion. They are thinkers with interests far beyond the horizon, they see the whole picture, but not individual colors and small defects.

They are interested in books, art, especially science and they are fascinated by various hobbies and ornaments. If you are not able to share the interests of Aquarius, do not be jealous of them. It’s not Aquarius’s fault here – that’s what the stars do. Aquarius sexuality compatibility depends on your openness.

Give Aquarius time to get to know you and trust you. Aquarius can listen to advise, but it will be difficult to implement. If the advice turns out to be bad, he will avoid the one who gave it to him. Read: What Is the Most Dangerous Zodiac

Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With - How to Conquer Aquarius

Don’t blame them

Never blame Aquarius if he made a mistake. He will readily acknowledge it and immediately forget about it. Every mistake seems like a trifle to him, and if you remind him of it often, he will find it annoying.

Give them freedom

Aquarius tends to experiment in bed and, unlike Scorpio, is rarely cruel. He just cares if it won’t be nice to be a little different in intimate relationships. The routine drives him crazy, he needs something interesting. He wants to try as much as possible in life. The main thing is spontaneity, says Aquarius.

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

  1. Aries and Aquarius

In bed – laughter. Great difficulties can arise if one tries to force the other because they do not tolerate a dominant partner. They have imagination in sex and are competitive. In other areas, Aries takes the lead. The chances are excellent for both short and long relationships.

  1. Taurus and Aquarius

The passionate, highly sexual Taurus finds the Aquarius’ contemptuous attitude shocking. Taurus does not want a friend, he wants a partner. And Aquarius is too proud not to make his sexual partner a friend.

Aquarius is too involved inside activities to suit the house-loving Taurus. Both are strong personalities who cannot compromise and often lead to clashes. For a long relationship, the prognosis is bad. Taurus is certainly not the one who Aquarius is most sexually compatible with.

  1. Gemini and Aquarius

Ease of sexual intercourse, with passion and feeling. If the Gemini becomes interested in the side activities of Aquarius, everything will be fine.

In bed, their compatibility is indisputable – they know exactly what they want and are ready for experiments. That is why Gemini is among the leaders when we talk about what sign is Aquarius attracted to. An interesting short-term relationship, but an unsuccessful marriage.

  1. Cancer and Aquarius

Emotional Cancer irritates Aquarius by making sex very important. Aquarius prefers colder passions and a more logical attitude. After a while, Aquarius feels depressed and begins to dislike sticky Cancer. Cancer feels neglected. Difficulties in a short-term relationship, problematic marriage.

  1. Leo and Aquarius

Great mess, although it looks like a promising adventure. The most important problem for Leo is physical, and Aquarius is interested in the mind. Aquarius does not want to offer sexual wealth, at least as a Leo requires. Having sex with an Aquarius is sometimes incomprehensible to Leo.

They are both independent – Aquarius refuses Leo’s attempts to rule. They are sexually compatible, but their other problems are too explosive for a long relationship.

  1. Virgo and Aquarius

There is no sexual attraction. Both zodiac signs are intelligent, preferring other activities. There can be no excitement or initiative. Both need a more erotic stimulus.

The boring and practical Virgin is critical of the expansive Aquarius. The short relationship will go away on its own, and marriage can exist in common interests outside of sex. When it comes to who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with, Virgo is definitely not the answer!

Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

  1. Libra and Aquarius

Warm, sensitive, sexual beings. The tendency of Libra to erotic games is what could completely conquer Aquarius. Everyone fulfills the physical requirements of the other with pleasure. They are interested in art and music and are happy to spend money.

If we talk about this Aquarius sexual compatibility, then Libra is promising. The two characters can have a very good short-term relationship and an extremely happy marriage.

  1. Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio is too jealous and with a sense of ownership and Aquarius cannot reconcile with him. Aquarius is so indifferent to sex that the aggressive passions of Scorpio turn into sadism. Of course, this increases the Aquarius’ demand for happiness outside the home, away from the Scorpio. The love affair and marriage between them will be short.

  1. Sagittarius and Aquarius

Both cannot be predicted. Living lovers. Their sexual interests are wide-ranging and rich, vivid imagination. Social zodiac signs. They like to be away from home. Both are not jealous of privacy. Excellent partners.

Two proud signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius see each other as equals. This couple is remarkably complemented by the talents given to them by nature. The compatibility in the sex between Aquarius and Sagittarius is unquestionable.  Read more: What is a Sagittarius Weakness

  1. Capricorn and Aquarius

Non-demonstrative lovers. Sexual hunger. Capricorn is biased in physical relationships, and Aquarius does not like to be reached in this way. He cannot understand the provincial, practical, and proprietary Capricorn. An adventure may begin, but it will get nowhere.

Aquarius does not need the eternity of Capricorn. Tomorrow he will forget his interest and start looking for a new one. We can’t think of a more inappropriate Aquarius partner than Capricorn. Must read: How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed with You

  1. Aquarius and Aquarius

Extremely appropriate, inviting lovers are stimulated mentally and physically – before and after the act. They are very sexual. There is also an emotional attraction between them. They are both rational, thinking, and moderate. They have many interests beyond themselves. Pleasant relationship and healthy marriage.

When it comes to what sign is Aquarius attracted to or who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with, we can bet on Aquarius themselves. They are the strangers of the zodiac. Often their thoughts and desires can be understood only by their kind.

  1. Pisces and Aquarius

Sexual intimacy soon escalates into an emotional war of hurt feelings. Sensitive Pisces become addicted to Aquarius and constantly want proof of love. Aquarius feels haunted by these sticky partners, often in conflict. An affair can start promisingly, but it will not continue.

Who Is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With?

As we said before, the most sexually compatible sign to Aquarius is the Aquarius itself. Aquarius man and Aquarius woman are the best sexually compatible signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Aquarius Good at Sexually?

Aquarius is the zodiac sign that enjoys intimacy the most and has the best sex. Aquarius is interested in the process of sex itself and does not consider orgasm a mandatory ending every time.

As with most air signs, Aquarius approaches sex through his mind. If he manages to share and discuss his thoughts with his partner, the adventures between the sheets will surely be super intense.

Aquarius’ innate curiosity constantly challenges him to experiment with super creative new maneuvers. Any sexual partner with whom he has the necessary sexual chemistry will unlock his covert lustful freedom. Get ready for many surprises. This is why the loose Gemini is who Aquarius is most sexually compatible with.

Who Should an Aquarius Marry?

Aquarius values ​​friendship very much and often has many friends among the opposite sex, remaining faithful to his beloved. Representatives of this sign are not passionate supporters of marriage shackles. They tolerate addictions and sometimes really radiate coldness, holding on to their freedom. For Aquariuses, relationships outside of marriage are not something unacceptable and they have little interest in what people will say.

In a more mature period, Aquarius enters into a harmonious relationship with Virgo, because of its practicality, but for a short time. In adulthood there is very strong compatibility with Leo – the two create a senior couple suitable for marriage.

Who Should an Aquarius Marry - Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Who is an Aquarius Soulmate?

Aquarius is a loving soul who loves to have fun, with a sense of humor and a love of cooking. The ideal soulmate for Aquarius should be a social person, ready for some other adventure from time to time. Good humor also helps, as does wit.

If you can make them laugh, they are half yours. Cooking is also a key because let’s face it, Aquarius loves to eat. Potential soulmates for them are Libra, Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Are Aquarius Good Kissers?

Aquarius does not have any specific preferences. With them, kisses, like everything else, are varied. And honestly, they don’t need a kiss to experience emotion. They are excited about other things. It is interesting, but not easy, to get to know their inner world!

However, if you want to impress an Aquarius with a kiss, do it when you least expect it. And try to use different techniques. One time more gently, another time more insistently, the third time more sluggishly… And if you are the one that Aquarius is most sexually compatible with, you will feel it right away!

Who Attracts Aquarius?

The hurricane that forms between Aquarius and Leo at their first meeting can be described as completely devastating. The seemingly easy-going Aquarius and the domineering Leo fit together like yin-yang. Leo’s big ego, however, is at odds with Aquarius’ lack of patience. Still, if you wonder who is Aquarius sexually compatible with, Leo is the obvious answer here, no doubt!

Does Aquarius Like to Cuddle?

There is no cuddling for Aquarius. End of story. He has a huge bubble around him that you just can’t get into. People of this zodiac sign have their ways of expressing love and would do it in their way and when they feel like it. They love sex but hate cuddling. For them, it is a waste of time and makes them feel physically uncomfortable.

Does Aquarius Like to Cuddle - Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Does Aquarius Fall in Love Easily?

In bed, Aquarius is great, but not the most wonderful loving partner. The representatives of this zodiac sign are only yours, smart and interesting, you like them, but… until you get out of the oaths of eternal love, no matter how pleasant you are… you are just another experience of whether something will happen. And before, and probably after, there will be failed experiments and you are just another one. I’m sorry!

And Aquarius does not make dramas out of it. He is honest and will not lie to you – if he decides to be with someone else tonight, he will tell you in the morning that your relationship is over and you are both free from each other. And believe me, this will not be a superficial decision. Aquarius falls in love very hard. Read more: Which Zodiac Sign Is the Wisest

What Signs Should Aquarius Avoid?

Scorpio is extremely dangerous for Aquarius. Scorpio is the head of the secret police, the presidential guard, and Aquarius is a revolutionary, a leader of a group, or even an entire party. They both acknowledge the other’s strong personality, but society divides them by class differences and beliefs.

Aquarius does not like Scorpio because of his hidden methods of building relationships, he is a supporter of open, selfless friendship. Altruism is an Aquarius concept. Scorpio is an owner by nature, no less than Taurus or Cancer, and does not even want or hear about any altruism.

Conversations about freedom embitter poor Scorpio. In Scorpio’s imagination, his partner is free enough anyway, for example, to choose their outfits with Scorpio`s money. And Aquarius sees freedom in civil marriage and can conclude it without any outfit at all.