Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Aquarius in sex is restrained and masks their sensuality. They do not tolerate discipline and obedience and prefer freedom in relationships. Aquarius rarely talks about what excites them. In relationships, they always act according to a scheme, a period during which they will charm the partner, the culmination of feelings, and then sexual intercourse. Given all this, who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with?

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aries and Aquarius

In bed – laughter. Great difficulties can arise if one tries to force the other because they do not tolerate a dominant partner. They have imagination in sex and are competitive. In other areas, Aries takes the lead. The chances are excellent for both short and long relationships.

Taurus and Aquarius

The passionate, highly sexual Taurus finds the Aquarius’ contemptuous attitude shocking. Taurus does not want a friend, he wants a partner. And Aquarius is too proud not to make his sexual partner a friend.

Aquarius is too involved inside activities to suit the house-loving Taurus. Both are strong personalities who cannot compromise and often lead to clashes. For a long relationship, the prognosis is bad. Taurus is certainly not the one who Aquarius is most sexually compatible with.

Gemini and Aquarius

Ease of sexual intercourse, with passion and feeling. If the Gemini becomes interested in the side activities of Aquarius, everything will be fine.

In bed, their compatibility is indisputable – they know exactly what they want and are ready for experiments. That is why Gemini is among the leaders when we talk about what sign is Aquarius attracted to. An interesting short-term relationship, but an unsuccessful marriage.

Cancer and Aquarius

Emotional Cancer irritates Aquarius by making sex very important. Aquarius prefers colder passions and a more logical attitude. After a while, Aquarius feels depressed and begins to dislike sticky Cancer. Cancer feels neglected. Difficulties in a short-term relationship, problematic marriage.

Leo and Aquarius

Great mess, although it looks like a promising adventure. The most important problem for Leo is physical, and Aquarius is interested in the mind. Aquarius does not want to offer sexual wealth, at least as a Leo requires. Having sex with an Aquarius is sometimes incomprehensible to Leo.

They are both independent – Aquarius refuses Leo’s attempts to rule. They are sexually compatible, but their other problems are too explosive for a long relationship.

Virgo and Aquarius

There is no sexual attraction. Both zodiac signs are intelligent, preferring other activities. There can be no excitement or initiative. Both need a more erotic stimulus.

The boring and practical Virgin is critical of the expansive Aquarius. The short relationship will go away on its own, and marriage can exist in common interests outside of sex. When it comes to who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with, Virgo is definitely not the answer!

Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Libra and Aquarius

Warm, sensitive, sexual beings. The tendency of Libra to erotic games is what could completely conquer Aquarius. Everyone fulfills the physical requirements of the other with pleasure. They are interested in art and music and are happy to spend money.

If we talk about this Aquarius sexual compatibility, then Libra is promising. The two characters can have a very good short-term relationship and an extremely happy marriage.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio is too jealous and with a sense of ownership and Aquarius cannot reconcile with him. Aquarius is so indifferent to sex that the aggressive passions of Scorpio turn into sadism. Of course, this increases the Aquarius’ demand for happiness outside the home, away from the Scorpio. The love affair and marriage between them will be short.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Both cannot be predicted. Living lovers. Their sexual interests are wide-ranging and rich, vivid imagination. Social zodiac signs. They like to be away from home. Both are not jealous of privacy. Excellent partners.

Two proud signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius see each other as equals. This couple is remarkably complemented by the talents given to them by nature. The compatibility in the sex between Aquarius and Sagittarius is unquestionable.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Non-demonstrative lovers. Sexual hunger. Capricorn is biased in physical relationships, and Aquarius does not like to be reached in this way. He cannot understand the provincial, practical, and proprietary Capricorn. An adventure may begin, but it will get nowhere.

Aquarius does not need the eternity of Capricorn. Tomorrow he will forget his interest and start looking for a new one. We can’t think of a more inappropriate Aquarius partner than Capricorn.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Extremely appropriate, inviting lovers are stimulated mentally and physically – before and after the act. They are very sexual. There is also an emotional attraction between them. They are both rational, thinking, and moderate. They have many interests beyond themselves. Pleasant relationship and healthy marriage.

When it comes to what sign is Aquarius attracted to or who is Aquarius most sexually compatible with, we can bet on Aquarius themselves. They are the strangers of the zodiac. Often their thoughts and desires can be understood only by their kind.

Pisces and Aquarius

Sexual intimacy soon escalates into an emotional war of hurt feelings. Sensitive Pisces become addicted to Aquarius and constantly want proof of love. Aquarius feels haunted by these sticky partners, often in conflict. An affair can start promisingly, but it will not continue.