What Zodiac Signs Can Fight

All sun signs come with their unique behaviors and moods. Have you ever wondered why some people handle tough situations very calmly and tend to be cool under stress, whereas others would lose their temper and go out of control in the smallest situation? These things correlate to your zodiac signs. Your zodiac sign describes different characteristics and elements of your personality. Zodiac signs are the reason why different people have different reactions in different circumstances. That explains why some people lose their temper earlier than the others. Read further to find out what zodiac signs can fight. The intensity of your reaction is not solely dependent on your zodiac sign, but also on the sign of the person who is in the fight with you.

What Zodiac Signs Can Fight

The behavior of zodiac signs in a fight would depend on their temperament unique to their signs. Following are five zodiac signs that can fight the best.

What Zodiac Signs Can Fight


Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac. They have a short temper. This zodiac sign’s fighting skills are well known. With Aries, it doesn’t matter how rational is the framing of your sentence and how logical your argument is.

Getting into an argument with an Aries will always result in a yelling contest which you will never win. When dealing with an Aries zodiac sign, it is important to give them their space and some time to calm themselves down before putting up your side of the story. It may or may not work, but it never hurts to try. Read: Which Zodiac Signs Are Shy


Although Sagittarius do not qualify as aggressive fighters. You won’t find them yelling or fighting, but they will pin you down by clinging to your weakest logic.

This zodiac sign is also known for always believing that they are right therefore presenting your logic may become a big challenge.

If you get in an argument with a Sagittarius, they would always make you realize that you are in the wrong and you will end up apologizing.


Taurus zodiac sign finds it very hard to look past their feelings. It is common for them to lose their temper when things don’t go their way. You will hardly ever find a Taurus agreeing to someone else’s point of view and are one of the most defensive zodiac signs. Taurus find it very hard to overlook their perspective and get into very intense arguments for this reason.


Gemini is the twin-headed sign which may be a symbolism for the fickle temperament this zodiac sign has. You can never be sure of their reaction to a disagreement.

Usually, they are those people who don’t get into conversations which may end up in an argument. But they will surprise you with an unbelievable gossip that will go around about you if you get into an argument with the fickle Gemini.


Libras do not let go of their grudges. They will remember all the instances when they were wronged. Even though they may not raise their voice or create a scene, don’t think they overlook what you do.

Libras will give you a sign that everything is not alright when you almost thought that enough time has passed for things to cool down. Read: Which Zodiac Sign Is the Smartest


Each zodiac sign has a certain special characteristic of their personality. We have talked about what zodiac signs can fight, the reactions which we can expect out of these signs when in an argument and how to manage them accordingly. Similarly, there are other zodiac signs which can’t fight. They would rather give in than get into the complications.

There is no set rule to say which zodiac sign can fight the best or which will avoid getting into a fight. It is more about understanding the temperament of the person belonging to the sign and giving them what they need.