What Zodiac Signs Are Good at Sports

Astrologers often claim that the zodiac sign determines a person’s character. It turns out that the love of sports depends primarily on the Sun and Mars. Mars even shows the individual way of expressing each of us, It directs our actions, as well as the desire to win. The planet Mars is also responsible for the physical strength and endurance of each person. And yet – what zodiac signs are good at sports?

What Zodiac Signs Are Good at Sports

Zodiac Signs That Are Good at Sports


Sport for this zodiac sign is a way of life and philosophy. Thanks to this philosophy, Aries build a beautiful body and take care of their inner peace. They are not afraid of monotony in sports. They are just excited about the results achieved.

Aries feel best if they practice fitness, water, and winter skiing, as well as team sports such as volleyball, water ball, basketball, spinning, or mountaineering. When it comes to what zodiac signs are good at sports, Aries are innate talents. Read more: What Are Aries Weaknesses


Taurus is the most physically active zodiac sign. However, the first step is the most difficult for them. But if they do it, if they enjoy the sport, nothing can stop them. The most suitable for the temperament of Taurus are different types of dancing, aerobics, outdoor exercise. They are also among the zodiac signs that are extremely good at water sports.


Leos have a strong sporting spirit that encourages them to move constantly. If you are wondering what zodiac signs are good at sports, keep in mind that Leos are always in perfect shape regardless of the season.

This zodiac sign has a huge energy potential that needs to be channeled. They are equally talented in activities that load different muscle groups, such as skiing or snowboarding, and in the summer – surfing!


The balance between fire and water is difficult to achieve. But that doesn’t stop Scorpios from being among the best zodiac signs at sports. The periods in which Scorpios feel the need for power, even risky sports, alternate with those that bring them inner pleasure. They are among the best in running, bodybuilding, cycling, paragliding, and sailing.


Impermanence is the weakness of Aquarius, but the active movement is their real need! They give freedom to their spirit and imagination, enjoy activities that give them pleasure, even if they look weird in the eyes of others. Aquarius runs away from boredom. That is why they are among the best in golf, martial arts, diving, surfing.

If you wonder what signs are good at non-traditional sports, Aquarius is the non-disputable champion here. They love sports that provide strong emotions and moderate body load. Read more: Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Zodiac Signs That Are at Odds With Sports

As we have found, some personalities are born athletes. But others get tired quickly when they train, they don’t feel like exercising often. They prefer to relax at home, in front of the TV or on the computer. So here are some people we would never think about when we consider what zodiac signs are good at sports.


Pisces prefer to do art and take a nap. They dream of interesting things, so they like to sleep during the day. They create – draw, read, write, sing. But sport is not their thing. The representatives of this zodiac sign like to walk and sometimes ride a bike, but at a slow pace. They are certainly the last ones we would think of when we ask ourselves what zodiac signs are good at sports.


Gemini wants to be more athletic and play sports more often. They regularly promise themselves that they will start training seriously and get in shape. They buy equipment, sign up for a certain sport, talk to a coach. However, they rarely manage to stick to their plan. They walk 2-3 times and quickly get bored. They find excuses, stop training, and indulge in entertainment, going to cafes and restaurants.


Capricorns know that training is very useful and they want to play sports, but they accept this as an obligation. It’s like doing housework, for example. It’s just bothering them. They don’t like team sports and they don’t have very good body coordination. They train to be healthy, but in most cases – reluctantly. It would be difficult to place them among the most physically active zodiac signs.


Libras always promise that they will train hard, they will become very good, but they fail to free up time. Libras are busy with other responsibilities, they are quite social and they cannot achieve their goals in terms of sports. They do better when they have a friend to play sports with. But this zodiac sign quickly becomes exhausted and stops training.