What Stone Brings Luck and Money

Everybody looks for success and prosperity all the time. Sometimes we carry something lucky, we call it a mascot and we hope it will help us fulfill our plans. What stone brings luck and money? Today we share with you 5 stones that are not only beautiful, but it is believed that they are the best crystals for money.

What Stone Brings Luck and Money?


This stone activates the area of ​​your bio-field that is responsible for building relationships with people. If you have difficulty making new acquaintances, the carnelian will have a beneficial effect on you. When we talk about what stone brings luck and money, the carnelian is among the strongest.

If you are going to wear it in the form of a ring, it is good to put it on your left hand or your little finger. Carnelian works constantly, and its most active period is April-September. This, of course, does not mean that you cannot wear it for the rest of the year to have prosperity with you.


Citrine is one of the most popular stones that attract luck and money. Not only that – it repels negative energies.

This stone increases attention, improves memory, and protects the user from doubt and depression. It helps protect the bio-field from people with negative energy. You can carry citrine in the form of jewelry or your purse, bag, pocket. The closer it is to you, the greater its beneficial effect is.

Tiger`s Eye

Tiger’s eye – this is a stone that is best worn on the chest, as a necklace. The higher it is positioned on the body, the better. In winter and autumn, the tiger’s eye is a little stronger as vibrations. But it always is among the first when it comes to what stones bring luck and money.

This mascot will help you strengthen your intuition. It will tell you how you could increase your income. Never remove the stone during work or purchases, signing documents, meetings and interviews.

What Stone Brings Luck and Money?


Topaz is the stone of leaders. If the position you hold requires you to manage people and increase the respect for you, then wear topaz. The stone will help you not to lose the path that leads to success.

You can wear it in any form. Its power increases during the Full Moon. When this phase of the Moon is expected, place the stone on the window sill to absorb its energy. And if you’re still wondering what stone brings luck and money – well, that’s it. Read more: Which Crystal Is the Most Powerful


One of the most beautiful and delicate stones that you can wear as jewelry or decorate your home and office with. This is a creative stone for good luck. It helps its owner find new paths, encouraging creativity. When close to you, selenite will help you create unusual ideas that will lead you to success.

Put selenite as a decorative ornament somewhere in your home or office. It will create the necessary atmosphere. Wear it as a jewel and you will be more confident and motivated. That way, the money in your account will come faster.


Let’s add that it is important not only to understand what stone brings luck and money but also how to use it. Here are three tips for this:


For every wish-fulfillment ritual to come true, you should sincerely believe that it will happen. If you want something to happen, you should not doubt that it is possible.

Be good

Be honest with yourself and strive only for good deeds. No ritual will help if you try to harm or punish another person.

Be specific

Be specific in your desire – this will make the universe easier.