What is a Sagittarius Weakness

The smile of the charming Sagittarius deceives you that such a charming person may not have bad character traits at all, but they still exist.

Most of the time he is ethical, kind, considerate, positive, behaves genuinely, and can become the center of attention without effort. It is easy for a person to be attracted to the interesting character of Sagittarius until he finds himself in a situation that can shake his nerves. Here’s what to look out for when talking about what is a Sagittarius weakness.

What is a Sagittarius Weakness?

Sagittarius` Weaknesses – What Are They?

They think about everything too much

Rethinking situations makes Sagittarians too critical of people, and sometimes quite selfish. This is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to what is a Sagittarius weakness.

They think of themselves as of Gods

It sounds excessive, but their behavior demonstrates superiority over others. Sagittarius’ propensity for narcissism is manifested both at work and in personal relationships with friends.

They can be rude

Archers have intelligence and self-confidence and know it. This gives them the confidence to argue fiercely and convincingly in defense of their arguments. And when the other side resists, they become rude.

Behave judgmentally

Sagittariuses judge very quickly. They do not waste time assessing the facts. Objectivity is not inherent in them. Therefore, if you do not like them, you will be judged by the fast procedure. Besides, for Sagittarius, others are guilty until proven otherwise.

They take risks without thinking about the consequences

As a spontaneous and impulsive zodiac sign, Sagittarius throws himself into the deep without assessing the risks. He often regrets afterward but does not admit his mistakes and haste. If you think about it, this largely reflects several of the reasons explaining what is a Sagittarius weakness.

They don’t like to be taught

If you are close to Sagittarius, do not make the mistake of criticizing him, trying to change him, analyzing his character. You will encounter explosive resistance, accompanied by rudeness and rage that will hurt you. And don’t expect an apology.

They are vindictive

By nature, Sagittarians are very resourceful, especially when it comes to revenge. They make mental plans for how to get it back because they are always convinced of their rights. Plus and minus in one – when it comes to what is a Sagittarius weakness, this often happens.

They are considered the center of the world

One of the most irritating negative traits of Sagittarius is his arrogance and self-love. They are considered the center of the universe and everything and everyone should revolve around them. Or so they wish. 

The Bad Side of Sagittarius – Give Me the Magnifying Glass – Or, Let It Go Straight to the Microscope!

When we talk about what is a Sagittarius weakness, we should not miss the fact that Sagittarius is not a man of extremes. His bad traits are not that many, but because he is a popular figure, he puts them all on display and becomes public.

Manipulator and swindler. Dreamer

As long as he wants to, he comes out of every complicated situation clean and unblemished, even though he is guilty of everything. A lot of blinking and it still works that affect someone or someone’s interests.

He prefers not to talk behind people’s backs, but on the other hand, the things he says in your eyes even your conscience would not say to you. Related: Which Zodiac Sign Is the Smartest?

Very impulsive, temperamental and impatient

Of course, Sagittarius is inclined to forgive, but if you are not close to him, then he shows his understanding of what it means to kick someone’s ass. Extremely cruel. To get there means that the person has deserved it to some extent, but often Sagittarius crosses the line of good manners, and not infrequently he is the cause of a grand problem.

He laughs at human nonsense, vices, and weaknesses

Instead of feeling sorry for someone who, for example, has put his mangoes in a financial pyramid and gnawed on a tree, Sagittarius will be so sincere and heartfelt that he will shed tears.

In a little while, he’ll tell you that’s how you like it. If you’re so greedy, let it be, when he had told you to hit it through the millet and spend the fortune together, you didn’t listen to him.

Sagittarius Relationship Traits

Sagittarius is not subject to control

Here, as well as in the overall personality of this zodiac sign, it is clear what is a Sagittarius weakness. It is difficult to live with the most freedom-loving sign in the zodiac. He does not like family and traditions.

He tends to drop everything and raise his pigeons just to be free. It gives the impression that his friends and the crowd are more important than the partner and his family.

He is not jealous, but people are often jealous of him

There is a reason for this. He does not limit himself and flirts with great pleasure without a drop of worry. He likes platonic love and often gets involved in love triangles and even polygons. There is nothing against free and liberated love.

Unserious and fickle

He gets bored faster than a child. If others could survive the Sagittarius’ love of freedom without unnecessary quarrels and worries, there would be no problems with anyone. Since this is impossible, Sagittarius equals Virgo. They are the bachelors of the zodiac and, of course, those with the most divorces.

Best partnerships

Aries and Leo are the signs with the closest fluids to those of Sagittarius. With these fiery friends, of course, he is the best. Unlike them, however, he likes it much more with the non-animal Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius. Interestingly, with Aquatic Pisces, they also experience mutual charm and respect from the first sight. Read more: Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

If you notice two crazy people jumping with umbrellas from a bridge, then the probability that one is Aries and the other is Sagittarius is about 100%. When they are together it is very dangerous, but on the other hand, it is really fun for them.

Sagittarius Weak Body Part

We cannot miss health when we talk about what is a Sagittarius weakness. Representatives of this zodiac sign tend diseases of the hip joint, waist, shoulders and wrists, liver, hypertension, blood circulation (varicose veins), asthma, lungs, throat, and digestive disorders.

Metabolism is active, fast. Overloading the nervous system leads to the exacerbation of diseases. Overeating leads to an overload of the liver, which is the most vulnerable organ in Sagittarius. Blood-related illnesses and rheumatic problems are also possible.

Recommendations: Do not overdo it with food and alcohol. Fresh air, movement, and sports are recommended. Relaxation through meditation and spiritual practices.


In conclusion, let’s give some advice to Sagittariuses, as we know that they accept such. We know what Sagittarius’s weaknesses are. We know that when you face difficulties, even if they do not affect you directly, you react sharply and this undermines your spirit.

To be happy, help yourself and luck will help you. You know that the chance is usually with you. But the planet Jupiter can deceive you. So overcome the passivity in the moments when life becomes not so easy, and you will cope with the situation.

Double your joy of life by sharing it with your loved ones. In love, you inspire great optimism in the one you love, who attracts you or whom you would like to conquer. No person remains insensitive to smiling and happy people.

Master your sensitivity. It is in the first place when it comes to what is a Sagittarius weakness. Your emotionality can play a bad joke on you in difficult times. You are tormented by the misery of others. Think of their happiness – there is always one!