What Does It Mean When a Person Is Intuitive

Each of us knows at least one person who has an innate sense, makes good decisions or knows how to anticipate things. We may even think that he/she has supernatural abilities… What exactly is the secret of highly intuitive people? What does it mean when a person is intuitive?

We are talking about those individuals who are not afraid to trust their instincts and listen to the powerful voice that speaks in them. So what makes intuitive people so unique and how do we recognize them?

Signs of an Intuitive Person


You will not meet a highly intuitive person who is at the same time expansive, emotional, and extroverted. Intuitive people are very sensitive, they appreciate silence, solitude pauses. They notice little things that others may simply ignore. At the same time, their minds are open to new information, signs, and messages.


The high sensitivity of intuitive people makes them experts in reading non-verbal messages and the feelings of others. They understand what is going on behind the facial expressions, gestures, body posture, tone of voice, words. This super skill gives them an excellent ability to understand people’s thoughts and feelings. This is exactly the answer to the question of what does it mean when a person is intuitive.

What Does It Mean When a Person Is Intuitive


Highly intuitive people value loneliness. By distancing themselves from things that can affect them, such as social media, electronic devices, and more, they can easily reduce stress. This is how they arrange their experiences, their emotions, to continue to see life on its positive side. Read more: What Are the Signs of Third Eye Opening

Interest in the irrational

Listening to your inner feeling, which is never justified by logical postulates, is in itself irrational for the mind. What does it mean when a person is intuitive? This is exactly it. For the uniquely intelligent inner synthesis, which we call intuition, it is a form of higher intelligence.

Highly intuitive people show interest in the irrational, trust the signs. They listen to their inner voice and leave it to the “stream” they believe will take them to the “right place.”

Things That People With Intuition Do Differently

They slow down to hear their inner voice

What does it mean when a person is intuitive? They act according to their intuition. To pay attention to your intuition, you must first be able to hear it. You have to distinguish it from all the noise inherent in modern life. Slow down and listen to your inner voice. If possible, stay alone with yourself, isolated from the outside world.

They follow their inner voice

One of the main reasons some people have better intuition than others is that they listen to their inner feelings. This does not mean that they ignore their analytical skills and do not rely on critical thinking. But when it comes to what does it mean when a person is intuitive, these people are not dissuaded by something that their intuition points to as correct.

They practice “empathic accuracy”

Intuitive people read minds. This is one of the most exquisite things when we discuss one’s intuition. It is about intuitively realizing what other people think and feel by reading signals such as body language and tone of voice. This skill is an extremely powerful form of empathy. It helps us create deep and healthy relationships with others.

They analyze their dreams

It is not at all difficult to imagine that dreams can be a manifestation of the inner voice. Of course, very often dreams are completely meaningless, but there are cases when they try to tell us something. They are a very important point when it comes to what does it mean when a person is intuitive.

People with a well-developed intuition will not say, “Wow, that was a very strange dream!” They will ask themselves, “Where does this dream come from and what does it mean?”