What Are Geminis Attracted To

Gemini zodiac sign is energetic, imaginative, witty, adaptable. At the same time, Gemini people are superficial, impulsive, restless, and indecisive. Even if we understand what Geminis attracted to, their exceptional sense of independence will not allow them to stay in a certain place for long. But still what are the secret Gemini signs of attraction?

What Are Geminis Attracted To

People willing to compromise

When it comes to love, Gemini becomes extremely capricious. Innate freedom-loving is not an easy task and it is not uncommon for their partners to fail to accept it. That’s why Geminis like people who are prone to compromise. People who won’t pay attention or play “female tricks” to make Geminis their own are doomed to failure. Such behavior disgusts the Gemini zodiac sign.


To please Gemini, you need to show them that you will certainly provide them with comfort at home, as well as that you will be the perfect housewife. These two qualities are the most valued by them and will shoot you to the forefront of their heart. Be humble and well-mannered. If you are wondering what are Geminis attracted to – obedience is at the top. They are the leaders, and you must follow them.

Erudition and intelligence

The richness of vocabulary and the ability to speak is also highly valued by Gemini. However, this requires a sharp mind and knowledge in many areas. They are very intelligent and have broad interests. If you are an expert in a field, share with Gemini, and teach them something they do not know. They will be grateful for this because they often miss the important details.

Curious personalities and innovators

People born under the sign of Gemini are highly addicted to nature. They are constantly jumping from one hobby to another, discovering the potential of their creative soul. And it is extremely important that the partner chosen by the Gemini supports and shares their hobbies in every possible way. What are Geminis attracted to? To people who can be their other half – a creative ally and partner.

Attention and care

When it comes to what Geminis are attracted to, it’s an interesting look, even an unusual one. Care, charm, and wit are also important. To conquer Geminis, you must sympathize, listen carefully, even if you look like a complete fool, support their every endeavor. You should enthusiastically accept all their gifts and signs of attention. And thank them for the gestures to you.

What Are Geminis Attracted To

How Do We Know Geminis Are in Love

Awkward questions

It’s hard to know for sure if Geminis like you or not. They are sweet-spoken, kind, and nice, but that doesn’t mean they flirt with you. Watch out for awkward questions. They are a sure sign that you have caught their attention.


Can you say something in the company of your beloved Gemini? Or do you just listen and nod? When Geminis are in love, they discover the beauty of silence and stop talking. The more they listen to you, the more they are in love with you. Silence is one of the surest secret Gemini signs of attraction.

Gestures and speech

The behavior of Gemini lovers differs significantly from the behavior of others. As soon as the object of their adoration appears nearby, Geminis become uncomfortable. They move faster and actively gesture. By the way, if they copy your positions and gestures, know – you are what this Gemini is attracted to!

Ready for any sacrifice

The ability to sacrifice time, finances, hobbies will help you understand that Geminis are in love. When they are attracted, they are ready for any sacrifice: to change their place of residence, to change their field of activity. However, you should not demand the impossible from Geminis. Remember: they will not abandon their principles and their favorite pastime! Let’s remember that what Geminis are attracted to are people willing to compromise.


Geminis sometimes act slowly, which can be denied by their partner. The most important thing when presenting yourself is not to give the impression that you are looking for a long-term relationship. At the same time, you should not present yourself as frivolous. Find the golden mean. This is what Geminis are most attracted to. These people are freedom-loving and would not want to feel trapped.