How Do You Know Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You

A twin flame is often confused with a soul mate. Many times, your twin flame is somebody you fall in love with, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. This high-level connection is soul-based and should not be limited to romance only. It is not about romance; it is about spiritual growth. This relationship goes both ways, it is not a one-way street. Your twin flame will change your life and you will change theirs. We contain both masculine and feminine energies within us, irrespective of our gender. Our twin flames unite this divine energy. When these energies unite, they transform you into a higher version of yourself. Read further to find out how do you know your twin flame is thinking about you?

Meeting your Twin Flame

It is often found that often your twin flame has suffered childhood trauma like yours. They act as a reflection; they reflect your ancestral work and past life along with your unprocessed trauma. These relationships are challenging and intense. For this reason, it is difficult to maintain this relationship and it is common for twin-flames to part ways. Twin flames stay in your life for a period and help you grow.

However, the separation may be painful because of the intensity of your relationship; you will always have a connection and will always be in each other’s thoughts. But how do you know your twin flame is thinking about you?

Signs your Twin Flame is Thinking About You

You will experience various signs and symbols in your life irrespective of whether you’ve met your twin flame. You subconsciously become used to these signs, so it becomes hard to notice unless you start noticing them actively.

Shared Dreams

You must have heard that if you dream of somebody, that person was thinking about you. This is a very old tale that may have found its roots in twin flame connections. It is common to communicate through dreams and astral realms. Even they might be unaware of the fact that you are in their thoughts.

Energetic Aura

When your twin flame is missing you or thinking of you, you will sense energy rushing through you. Your body will be engulfed with electromagnetic aura and immense energy. A sudden motivation and urge to escape your comfort zone. Find more ways to be productive and working hard.

The ‘Soul Tie’

Your twin soul and you share the same soul. Hence, you both will feel the same things. When this completely natural thought of “is my twin flame thinking about me” crosses your mind it is the sign of a soul tie. Twin flames feel this soul tie very naturally. Although it is not completely explainable, it keeps them connected.

Gut Feeling

This is a comparatively simpler sign which answers your question “how do you know your twin flame is thinking about you”. Whenever you have a feeling in your gut that your twin flame is thinking of you, it is usually because he or she is.


Your twin flame is connected to you even if you have never met or have separated. The connection you share is personal and eternal. Some people go through their entire lives without meeting their twin flames but knowingly or unknowingly, they always have each other in their thoughts. If you know the signs which answer the question which has always been on your mind: “how do you know your twin flame is thinking about you”, it will be possible to actively look for these signs and recognize them. This way, you will always be aware of your connection.