What Is a Starseed Awakening

Starseeds are overdeveloped beings that come from distant stars and galaxies. Their mission is to help humanity enter a new Golden Age. They are souls who have acquired the wisdom of the universe. Although they come from a distant galaxy thousands of light-years away, their home is now the Earth. The Starseeds do not remember their true identity, but they can all be “activated” or awakened. So, what is a Starseed awakening and can we provoke it on purpose?

What Is a Starseed Awakening

Starseeds Overview

Why Are Starseeds Important

Starseeds are a distinct group of people with special gifts. Some parts of their genetic structure have awakened and are bringing interstellar help into our world. In the future, these individuals will share new technologies and understandings of the sciences that we are just beginning to realize today. That is why it is important to know a little more about them.

Origin and Connection With the Pleiades

Millennia ago, the Pleiadians had built their life on a planet called Avalon. It is said to be the first, most incredible human world in the universe. After a galactic battle with the Reptilians and the Grays, the Pleiadians took refuge on a small planet called Earth.

The starseeds are their descendants and they are constantly looking for ways to find their inner Pleiadian connections from the past. They hope for the opportunity to rejoin their space families one day!

How to Find Your Starseed Markings

The human bodies of Starseeds vibrate with the frequency of the Earth, but their minds remain in the Pleiadian range. This allows them to carry both vibrations simultaneously. The mission of the star seeds is to receive, transform, and anchor healing energy to our planet. And yet, is there a way or signs to tell you that you may be a Starseed from Sirius or Andromeda?

Starseed Blood Types

If you are 0+, it means that you may be descendants of the primary race-creator of the rational species of the Earth. These are the so-called Andromeda starseeds. They are the most ancient inhabitants of the universe and flew from the constellation Pleiades billions of Earth years ago. Blood group 0+ is a universal donor because it is adapted to nourish life.

Blood type A+ is carried by the descendants of the creatures from the planet Sirius A. They were a technologically highly developed race, which already foresaw the exhaustion of the model of development. Their heirs are called Sirian Starseeds. Be aware that they are susceptible to immune diseases and cancerous changes. They have problems with internal organs and blood. Read more: What is a Starseed? | Different Types of Starseeds


The Starseeds wear colored contact lenses for UV protection and masking, so don’t take eye color for granted. Due to star seeds’ pale skin and Scandinavian appearance, blue eyes look most natural.

Regardless of the Starseed type, they all make terrifying eye contact. Do not be afraid if they close their eyes. They are just trying to establish a telepathic connection and read your opinion.


Starseeds do not waste time dating. They have access to memories of a past life and recognize souls from previous rebirths. However, their loved ones may not incarnate as the opposite sex. These relationships aren’t homosexual, just old souls coming home from where they left off, regardless of gender.


In the beginning, the veganism of the Pleiadians probably began morally. For generations, they have adapted to a plant-based diet. Killing and feeding on animals was not an option. Even for survival. Their intestines no longer digest meat.

One of the surest Starseed awakening symptoms is severe intolerance to ground gluten, lactose, eggs, and nuts. Sugar is not fatal, but it causes migraine headaches. However, the Starseeds like to chew gum!

Starseed Awakening

Physical Starseeds go through a process of awakening just like humans. As young children, they gain access to knowledge and memories of past lives. After this event, the Pleiadian children are considered young adults.

These geniuses do not experience a childhood like humans, but on the other hand, they remain playful throughout their whole lives. The awakening of the starseeds goes through several stages, which are accompanied by the corresponding symptoms.

Feeling as if Everything Is Falling Apart

The first of the Starseed awakening stages may seem similar to the midlife crisis. Everything you are bound to so far begins to disappear gradually or be taken away. Old habits and addictions, love relationships, family relationships, career – everything is subject to “review”. If all of these things are not in line with your needs, they will most likely be removed from your life.

Of course, one can try to resist this process, but usually, this only makes the changes more painful. If you are wondering what Starseed awakening is like – it is like the beginning of a journey that requires courage, discipline, and support.

Physical and Energy Symptoms

Often the initial stages of Starseed activation are accompanied by physical and energy symptoms. Some of them can be emotional, such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of despair. The physical symptoms are very obvious – trembling, visual disturbances, inability to relax, a large surge of energy. This is explained by the fact that the nervous system is not able to cope with the amount of energy that needs to move in the body.

For some people, the Starseed awakening is a slow process, for others it is intense and fast. The important thing, in this case, is not to worry about the symptoms, but to find a way to help the energy of the star seed flow freely in your body.

Courage and Desire to Try New Things

The Starseed inside you can provoke in you a strong desire and enough courage to try new things. Some people change their home or their job, others end problematic relationships. All this is to respond to what is happening inside the person.

Noticing the Synchronicity

Noticing the Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a vital part of the whole process. Why? Once a person begins to relax, make changes, and try new things, he begins to notice the synchronicity. It can manifest itself as receiving support from unexpected sources.

For example, you meet the right people, you get to the right place, you find a book with important information. In other words, everything you need appears at the right time and in the right way. But you didn’t have eyes to see that before, and now you do. This is just a small part of what a Starseed awakening is and what it will give you.

Awareness of Inner Energy

Awakening makes us not only more aware of what is happening around us but also of what is happening inside us. We pay more attention to our intuition and begin to develop a connection with our soul. This is perhaps the most important and clear stage in the awakening of any Starseed.

What others think or say about us is no longer so important to us because our inner compass is more reliable and we are more aware of ourselves. Practicing yoga and/or meditation daily is very appropriate, as we need time for our inner energy every day. Calming the mind allows us to look beyond the ego and see who we are on a deeper level.

Sense of Purpose and Destiny

The growing sense of purpose and destiny is the last and highest stage. It is also the clearest answer to the question of what is a Starseed awakening. When people begin to work on themselves and heal from the past, and when they make a connection with their heart and soul, they are ready to fulfill their destiny. The time has come to live the way they were destined to live without wandering between delusions.


In today’s world, countless children and adults carry some of the ancient genetic material. These people feel out of place in this world and feel a constant need to go home. Many of them have intuitive, psychic, or other gifts, such as the innate ability to see what is happening elsewhere, heal, or know things that should be unknown to them. These people are called Starseeds. See if you are one of them by taking our Starseed test quiz.

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