Solfeggio Frequencies: The Science Behind & Benefits

The solfeggio frequencies are a scale of six frequencies that have been an ingredient of ancient sacred music, which includes the beautiful and mellifluous chants from the Gregorian period. When all these chants are sung together, in harmony, they are believed to grant spiritual blessings to people who hear them.

The gist behind any solfeggio frequency is the fact that each one of it is used to balance the energies of the body and keep the mind, spirit, and body in equilibrium. The solfeggio frequencies wiki page also describes it as a way of teaching sight-singing where every note of the music is sung to a peculiar syllable.

Solfeggio Frequencies: The Science Behind & Benefits

What Is the Science Behind Solfeggio Frequencies

The researches done on the solfeggio frequencies science of operation present the view that these are balanced primarily by the numbers three, six and nine. There are mainly six solfeggio frequencies:

  • 396 Hz for freeing oneself from guilt and fear
  • 417 Hz for creating and mediating change
  • 528 Hz for metamorphosis and miracles
  • 639 Hz for relationships and bonds
  • 741 Hz for expressions
  • 852 Hz for going back to spiritual order

These tones date back to the medieval era. The hymns that contain frequencies, especially the first six lines are sung on these six notes in a manner that every note which succeeds the previous note is sung at a higher degree than the one preceding it. The music has a certain kind of resonance with the mathematical calculations, and hence it was considered to be very positive and godly in nature.

What Does Research Say About Solfeggio Frequencies?

A London based solfeggio frequencies scientific research studies the effect on human anatomy and mind. According to the researchers, people who keep chanting these songs based on frequencies tend to experience lower rates of heart and blood pressure.

Another research that was conducted which proves that chanting of these songs has led to plummeting in the levels of depression and fatigue. In fact, the people who are monastic have registered a much lesser level of sleep due to the solfeggio frequencies sleep reduction, sometimes only up to two hours a day.

People, who tend to reach a state of half-consciousness, also have experienced relief from all sorts of pain and chronic ailments. The frequencies have cycles per second rate which is not found in the modern musical notes, hence in order to listen to original notes; one can tune them with the help of a tuning fork.

Benefits of Music Based on Solfeggio Frequencies

Benefits of Music Based on Solfeggio Frequencies

Let us understand how solfeggio music or the frequencies affects and benefits us:

396 Hz Frequency

The 396 Hz frequency tends to power our goals and ambitions, and completely washes off any feeling of guilt from the subconscious mind. It frees us from any sort of fear and negative thoughts.

417 Hz Frequency

The 417 Hz frequency is the one that cleans all the negativity inside our soul. Not only that, but it also removes negativity from the home, workplace and our behavior and thoughts. It helps us to bring out a change in ourselves and unclenches us from any past traumas we have been holding on to.

528 Hz Frequency

The 528 Hz frequency helps the DNA inside us to come back to the original form. It is also called the love frequency which is responsible for bringing transformation inside our lives. It helps in enhancing our self-esteem and confidence while also improving the amounts of energy inside our body. It is one of the healing frequencies.

639 Hz Frequency

The 639 Hz frequency facilitates and blossoms the interpersonal relationships; be it with family friends and relatives. All this has been proven by solfeggio frequencies research. It is used for finding the ultimate balance between tolerance, understanding, and love.

741 Hz Frequency

The 741 Hz frequency is responsible for robbing the cells inside the body of all the impurities. It completely detoxifies the organs. Along with that, it is also responsible for removing any kind of electromagnetic radiation. It helps in enhancing solutions and expressions.

963 Hz Frequency

The last one, 963 Hz frequency is dedicated to the awakening of cells within our body to their perfect state. These frequencies help in providing a sort of enlightenment to the cell thereby transporting it to a very high level. This frequency also helps you in establishing a greater connection with the world, if at any level you feel disconnected.

The solfeggio frequencies research has time and again proved the charismatic effects of these on the human body. Related: Do The Binaural Beats Actually Work?

Creating Solfeggio Frequencies

Let us understand how to make solfeggio frequencies. The six notes of ut, re, mi, fa,  sol, la and the seventh note of si which was added years after together comprise of the tones and trace their origin back to the 11th century. There is a solfeggio generator which is available online that helps and guides people to create their own best solfeggio frequencies.

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