Signs From the Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

Most of us are familiar with the saying, “The universe works in mysterious ways.” It is always going to be unpredictable; as a result, it is critical to focus on the signs given by the universe. The universe tries to connect and communicate with us in several ways; however, they might not always be that obvious. Sometimes you have to be looking to notice them. They can be as unsuspecting as sneezing, hiccups, eye twitches, etc.

The universe sends us signals about everything, including when someone thinks about us. All of us are connected through our energies and influence the universe. Therefore, we can sometimes feel the presence of someone even when they’re not around. This article lists some of the signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you. Without further ado, let’s read on the signs you have been unknowingly ignoring for so long.

Signs From the Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

Signs From the Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You


Hiccups generally occur after eating or drinking too much too fast. Sometimes, the diaphragm muscle spasms involuntarily. This leads to snapping shut of the vocal cords, producing a hiccup. Sodas and alcoholic drinks may also cause hiccups.

However, many cultures believe that if, there is no explainable reason for hiccups, and you are in someone’s thoughts. On the other hand, some people associate hiccups with negative energy. It is said that hiccups appear when someone is subjecting negative energy to you. Read: How to Detect Negative Energy With a Glass of Water

Involuntary Eye Spasms

Remarkably, involuntary eye spasms have almost universal cultural significance. A twitching or itching eye at random is a famous psychic sign that someone is thinking about you. The twitches are a reaction of your body to the energy that someone else is emitting from their body. While it is common in both men and women, the meaning depends on the eye and gender.

With women, it is believed that twitching and itching in the right eye indicates the presence of negative thoughts while in the right eye, it shows positive thoughts. It is the complete opposite for men.

Dreams About Them

Dreams, according to many, are a pathway to a higher self, where we are more psychically linked to those around us. A dream is a sure sign that you’re missing someone. However, it’s also a hint that someone is thinking about you. This is particularly true when two people haven’t seen each other in a long time. It could be enough to trigger a psychic manifestation in your dreams if they are consciously thinking about you.

Since the messages sent through from the cosmos can be jumbled, dreams can be unpredictable. It’s not true that the person you dreamed about hates you just because you’re having a nightmare. Rather, they may be dreaming about you so deeply that it seems to haunt you. If you begin to notice that you are seeing the same person in your dreams regularly, start keeping track.

Thinking About Them

You couldn’t stop thinking about that special person from the moment you woke up until your head hit the pillow. You have no idea why thoughts of them kept replaying in your mind over and over again.

You can’t seem to get them out of your head, no matter how hard you try. Simply put, they’ve bonded with you because they’ve spent so much time wondering about you.

Mood Swings

Do your emotions fluctuate for no apparent reason? You can be cheerful and bubbly one minute and solemn and gloomy the next. You’re angry one minute, and then you feel a wave of calm wash over you the next.

Sudden emotional shifts may indicate that you are the focus of someone’s attention. The theory is that the feeling you are experiencing is linked to the thoughts that are running through a person’s mind.


A sneeze is a common psychic sign, particularly in Asian cultures. Sneezing could indicate that someone is thinking of you. The sneezing begins as a nose itch and progresses to several sneezing sessions.

Two simultaneous sneezes, according to tradition, means someone is thinking poorly about you. Three or more consecutive sneezes, on the other hand, indicate that you are receiving constructive thoughts.

Flushing of Cheeks

Have your cheeks or ears ever felt like they were on fire? You suddenly feel a burning sensation in your hands and don’t know why. This is thought to happen when someone is thinking about you. Since the world needs you to be mindful of their feelings, it causes you to feel the heat on your skin.

Your skin is tingly and slightly burning on your forehead. It’s not a pleasant sensation, and it’s not a positive omen as a psychic sign. Although somebody might be thinking about you, if you have this feeling, their feelings may be negative. It feels like you’ve been kicked across the face once more. This symbol that someone is thinking about you can often manifest as a pale fiery feeling.

Sense of Physical Touch

It is another indication that somebody is thinking about you. It’s not always possible to move through your mind, particularly if you’re in a tumultuous state of mind that makes you less capable of dealing with such energy. They can also manifest in physical form, even though you can’t see them.

As opposed to other symptoms, the sensation of being touched even when no one is nearby is a little strange. Fortunately, it’s unlikely to be connected to anything supernatural.

This is one of the clearest true psychic signals that anyone is seriously considering you. It’s the strength with which they’re thinking about you that causes energy to be sent to simulate contact. However, this usually only occurs when you miss someone or have a strong bond with them.

Synchronicities Occur

Have you ever thought about someone and then received a call or a message from them later in the day? Or you accidentally meet someone you were thinking about even though you haven’t seen them in a while.

I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar at least once. Let me tell you this isn’t a mere coincidence. It’s a sure sign from the universe that someone is thinking of you.

Distress while Eating

It usually appears out of nowhere when you are still eating. This unpredictably uncomfortable feeling when eating is a psychic warning. You can experience the sensation that food is stuck in your esophagus. Swallowing becomes more difficult, and the food does not seem to be going down easily.

If this happens, look around to see if someone is staring at you with a strained expression on their face. If you are alone and your body is reacting in this way, you are most likely on someone’s mind. Someone is thinking about you, and it’s a true psychic sign.


Goosebumps are a reflexive response that occurs as tiny bumps on your skin and triggered by intense, emotion-based thoughts and feelings. They appear due to various exciting memories and circumstances.

When you get goosebumps for no apparent cause, it’s a sure sign from the universe that someone is thinking about you. This person’s thoughts are entering your subconscious mind via energy transmissions.

Sudden Shivers

Aside from Goosebumps, there’s another thing the body does when someone thinks about you, even though you’re not cold: body shivers. We all know that they appear when we are cold, and this is a reasonable explanation. But what if it happens even if you aren’t feeling cold? Is there any significance to it? Some cultures believe that when anyone thinks about you, your whole body shivers.

Finding a White Feather

Some people enjoy writing postcards to their loved ones while on vacation. Postcards express how they wish the other person was there and how they miss them. A white feather is supposed to convey a similar message.

White feathers appear when you’ve lost someone close to you. Their presence is seen as a symbol of hope. Seeing a white feather is the universe’s way of telling you “All is well”.

13 Signs From the Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if someone is thinking about you?

There are signs of them all around. You see hints and reminders of them everywhere you go, whether you’re at school, at work, or out with friends. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get them out of your mind. Simply put, they’ve bonded with you because they’ve spent so much time thinking about you.

What happens when someone thinks negatively of you?

If they are thinking negatively about you, you will feel uneasy and alert, as if someone is trying to harm you. With good thinking, you’ll feel a general sense of well-being that transcends everything you do, making everything seem brighter and lighter.

Why do I feel so much energy around me?

When you sense an odd sense of energy around you, it’s most likely that someone is thinking about you, and their thoughts manifest the energy you’re experiencing. You may feel nervous and alert as if someone is out to get you if they are thinking negatively about you.

What does it mean when someone has you on their mind?

When you suddenly think of someone, without any warning and reason, it can mean that the individual may be thinking about you.


Most people don’t believe in telepathic and psychic phenomena. However, it’s difficult to ignore when strange events or coincidences occur without explanation. Although some of the psychic signs mentioned above may be due to other factors, they are almost always a sign that someone is concerned about you. The article intended to help understand the signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you. We hope that you found it helpful.

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