How to Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind

We’ve all been victims of our controlling minds. Most of us wonder how to remove negative thoughts from subconscious mind. Whether something embarrassing has happened and we can’t erase it from our mind, or we constantly fear what our future has in store for us. We liked to call them “devil’s speaking” because, in many situations, our happiness was erased because of those bad thoughts that constantly circle in our life. 

People will say to focus on something else, something good, so you eliminate the bad stuff. But it’s harder than it sounds. There are days when you can’t stop thinking about every bad thing that has happened to you. On other days you’re thinking and fearing your next steps in life. 

But all of this is what makes us human and the people that we are. If we erase everything bad that has happened to us, we may not be the person that we are right now. It’s a cliche sentence, but the bad has to happen so we can appreciate and cherish the good days more. 

It’s a balance in nature. But there are ways that will help you learn how to remove negative thoughts from subconscious mind, and this article will guide you so you can solve that issue by yourself. 

How to Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind1

How to Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind

You may not see the results you want to see immediately, but with a little patience and fate, you can overcome anything that life throws at you. You just need to lose the self-doubt you have in yourself. Feeling unworthy of anything is what makes you stuck in one place. 

Tell your fears out loud 

Remember how many times you share your thoughts with your friends, and they cheer you up by telling you how ridiculous they are. We’re sure that you’ve seen the new YouTube videos from celebrities where they’re reading hateful comments about themselves and then laughing at them. 

By acknowledging your emotions and saying all the negative things that you’ve thought about, you’ll realize how absurd they are. You may feel relieved after doing it. And you can keep doing it until every bit of negative information in your mind is erased. 

Write everything on a piece of paper 

If you don’t feel like sharing your thoughts with anyone, you can try and write them down for yourself. This technique is also called mind dumping right before you go to bed. You can write your fears, your doubts, and everything that keeps holding you back.

After the paper is filled, you can try and read each of your thoughts and slowly release them from your mind. After you’re finished, you can dump the paper in the bin and never think about it again. 

Limited time 

Allow yourself to only think about your thoughts for a short period of time. The truth is if you don’t learn how to remove negative thoughts from subconscious mind, they will weigh you down on the best days that you should be enjoying instead of worrying. So set a limited time where you’ll think about what’s been bothering you, and when the timer stops, you’ll also stop thinking about those bad feelings. 

Motivational videos 

Believe it or not, those videos might help you a lot in understanding that what happens to you it’s not your fault. When you understand that many people go through the same things you are going through, you’ll feel less like an outsider and more like you fit in. 

The truth is you are not alone. Even the happiest people struggle sometimes, and that’s completely normal and okay. You shouldn’t allow the negative energy to consume you and take your happiness away from you. 

You can find subliminal videos on youtube, which are some types of medications where you can focus on good things while listening to positive words that are said to you. 

Create your circle 

The people around you can have either a negative or positive impact on how you feel. That’s why it’s important for you to be surrounded by people who bring the best in you, not the worst. Go to the places that bring up your creation and draw your happiness. 

Just because you love your friends doesn’t mean that there are the right people for you. If you feel like you’re constantly feeling bad when you’re around certain people, it’s best if you change your circle and create a new one. Nothing it’s more important than your mental well-being, not relationships, not even friendships. 

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How to Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind

Erase social media

This is a hard one, we know. Nearly every second person is addicted to Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. It’s hard for you to stop doing things when you’ve constantly been doing them. Those apps are time-consuming, and we sometimes want to compare ourselves to other people and their lives. We’re not saying to delete everything but take some time apart from them. 

Take some time to learn a new sport, read a book, or go on a vacation without any Wi-Fi. Nowadays, the internet has a huge impact on our mental health. Don’t believe everything you see. A single picture won’t tell you everything that’s beneath it.

Many people fake their life and pretend to be something they’re not just for the love of social media. If you feel like social media is making you feel bad, it is time for you to take some time off from them. 

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Now that you’ve learned how to remove negative thoughts from subconscious mind, it’s time for you to take some actions and make that happen. Of course, you can even try something of your own that you know will help you to store your negative thoughts away from you. 

After reading today’s article, we also recommend you to read the book, called “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. The book is great and may help you to replace every negative thought with a positive one. 

Keep calm and enjoy life without worries!

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