How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura Quickly

Clearing the aura is often a service offered at unreasonably high prices by practicing magicians, parapsychologists, and fortune-tellers. Aura cleansing is a very simple ritual that anyone can do every day. For this purpose, you just need an answer to the question of how to remove negative energy from your aura.

At the heart of the aura cleansing ritual is the idea that negative energy plays a role in human health. However, it can be eliminated or minimized by various methods.

Why it is Important to Keep Our Aura Strong

If the integrity of our aura is disturbed or polluted as a result of certain negative events, people, thoughts and other factors inside and outside of us, then our physical body begin to suffer. The initiates say that every disease manifested in the physical body has begun first on the energy level.

Usually, in cases of a contaminated aura, we cannot detect any specific physical symptoms, but we begin to feel sick. We are not in shape, although we do not see a real reason for this feeling. That is why it is good at such moments to think and act to cleanse your aura. There are many and varied practices that support this process.

Internal Techniques Cleansing the Aura

We know that most things begin in our inner world and then transfer to the outside world. We also know that every thought, word, and action generates an energy impulse. It is then sealed in the invisible information energy field of everyone. Therefore, clearing your aura is good to start with the question of how to remove negative energy from your aura.

Thoughts, Words and Actions

It is good to be well aware of each of these phenomena that we provoke. If we find a negative imprint in any of them, we should consciously stop it and replace it with a positive one. Thoughts, words, and actions with positive vibration help clear and expand our aura. The negative ones pollute it. Read more: What Is the Most Powerful Protection Stone


It is sometimes human to experience a certain type of negative emotion – anger, fear, envy. But they diminish our aura. If they stay too long in us, they can lead to irreversible disease processes in our energy and physical body. That is why experts in the field advise that if we feel a negative emotion arising, we should immediately try to suppress it and overcome it. This is one of the main ways of cleansing our aura.

How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura Quickly

Meditations and Mantras

These are two of your main weapons for removing negative energy from your aura. They help us to find balance and harmony, to increase our vibrations, as well as our overall understanding and attitude towards the world around us.

Besides, we can use music or guided meditation specifically designed to clear the aura. The burning of incense sticks also contributes to the faster and deeper purification of our energy body.

Spiritual Guides and Angels

If you are wondering how to remove negative energy from your aura, turning to the higher celestial forces for help is a good idea. Call on Archangel Michael and your other spiritual leaders. Ask them to support you in this difficult time and to help you achieve inner peace and harmony.

External Techniques Cleansing the Aura

People and Places

The people we interact with and the places we visit leave a huge imprint on our energy body. If we communicate with negative people who stress and burden us, it will reflect negatively ourselves. If you are surrounded by such people, you will soon begin to wonder how to remove negative energy from your aura.

The simplest technique you can use in these cases is to simply stop communicating with such individuals. However, do not go to places that charge you with negative feelings, emotions, memories, or other negative feelings. Read more: Signs of Negative Energy in House

Bath or Shower

Taking a warm, fragrant bath with flowers or essential oils takes you immediately on the path from external to internal cleansing. This calms you down and raises your energy. If you do not have a bath, or time for such a ritual, taking a shower will also work.

It is good during bathing to imagine that not drops of water, but golden rays flood your body from head to toe. Imagine these energy rays passing through each of your chakras. Then imagine how a strong white light flows through your whole body, including the aura around you, and turns any negative energy into positive. And even more exactly – how it removes all the negative energy from your aura.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition is often an underestimated but extremely important factor in clearing and healing your aura. If you eat unhealthy food, you can’t want it to bring you health, can you?!

But poor nutrition, in addition to our physical body, also harms the purity of our aura. However, you may not always feel this before it is too late. Yogis and many other devotees claim that one of the most contaminating foods for the mind and body is meat. Wondering how to remove negative energy from your aura? Eat healthily!

Incense, White Sage or Pepper

Another tool that is sometimes used to clear the aura is with incense or white sage (Salvia apiana). As not everybody knows how to cleanse their aura with sage, we will briefly describe the technology. A sprig of sage is ignited until it burns, the smoke disinfects the whole body. This ritual can be performed with the help of a feather.