How to Manifest Money: 12 Best Tips to Achieve Abundance

Manifesting anything is simply the process of creating your own reality. The internet is brimming with pointers on how to manifest money faster and with the least amount of effort. But this overflow of information can be overwhelming at best especially when a lot of these techniques don’t seem to produce the desired results. In this article, we will explore a bunch of highly effective ways to manifest money that are sure to help you fill up your pockets in no time. Let’s check it out!

How to Manifest Money

Know what you want

The first rule to note when learning how to manifest money is to be extremely specific about your intentions. You want to have an exact figure in your mind to be able to manifest it easily. If you are vague in your desires, you will manifest money, but it won’t be what you exactly needed. Set specific money goals and imagine what all that money will allow you to accomplish in the coming days, weeks, and months.

You can do this by writing down exactly how much money you need and what you are going to do with it. You can also write down timelines against each amount that will help you keep track of your progress. Staying mindful of what you need from the universe gives you more clarity about your own being, which then brings you closer to your true self.

Start out small

When you are learning to manifest money, you need to start small and work your way up gradually. What that means is, you need to start with trying to manifest a small amount of money. Avoid trying to manifest some outrageous amount like a million dollars. Seeing small wins will help you gain confidence in this process. Not only that but it will also let your subconscious gain more trust in what you are doing.

This, in turn, increases the probability of you making your money dreams come true more often. That’s how you strengthen your manifesting muscles. So, starting with a sum of 50 or 100 dollars would be good enough for the beginning. There is no harm in doing a little hit and trial in the beginning.

Visualize all you can - How to Manifest Money

Visualization is an age-old technique that people have been using to manifest much more than just money. To visualize financial abundance, you have to create mental images of wealth and money. Imagining that you are in ample wealth will fill you with joy and happiness. These emotions have high vibrations and surrounding yourself with these emotions while visualizing your money goals will attract more money.

There are a bunch of things you can do to help yourself visualize your financial goals better. You can create picture boards by pinning pictures of possessions that you plan to buy with the money you are trying to manifest. You can meditate for 10 minutes daily and visualize your money dreams with closed eyes.

Eliminate negativity

As humans, we cannot help but be limited in our beliefs about everything under the sun. Our consciousness is crowded with negative thoughts for the most part of each day. This limiting thought process can be a real hindrance when you are trying to manifest money into your life. You might think that you are poor at managing money or you are always buried under debt. Some people also believe money to be the root of all evil in the world.

Wondering how to manifest money effortlessly? You just need to get rid of these shackles that are working as constraints in your path to financial success. The first step in achieving that is to recognize these negative beliefs and own them. Accept them, write them down, and then try to set them free one by one.

Practice gratitude

A moment of gratitude has never done any harm to anyone especially when you are learning how to manifest money. Whether you are looking for tips for manifesting money or you just want a more fulfilling life, gratefulness is the way to go. Being grateful for what you already possess significantly raises your inner vibration. And the good news is that you never run out of things to be thankful for regardless of how poor or underprivileged you are.

To practice this lovely technique, you can start by making a list of all the things that you are happy about. You can say thanks more often or send thank you cards to friends and family to appreciate their presence in your life. You can keep a gratitude journal to write in every day or every week. You can also meditate on your current abundance and assets to be able to attract more of what you already have.

Practice gratitude - How to Manifest Money

Practice patience

Have you been looking for information on how to manifest money in 24 hours? While this is an absolutely reasonable expectation, the law of manifestation tends to take its time. Having patience and letting go of the urgency will make the process easier for you. We usually rush the whole thing when we are doubtful of our capabilities. This also happens when we don’t feel worthy or deserving of what we are asking for.

To be able to let go, you need to have faith that your desired abundance will arrive at the perfect time. You also need to believe that the universe is abundant and has enough for everyone. As for your beliefs about your own worth, you need to keep working for your wealth to feel that you deserve. Being impatient only contradicts your desires and creates a lot of resistance between you and the universe. And that only works against you in the long run.

Have faith in the Universe

As we grow and evolve, we tend to get hungry for more power and control over our future. With manifestation techniques, you need to be really careful with the kind of energy you send out. If you are trying to control the outcome too much, you are bound to send out needy and distressed energy. This can throw the universe off its alignment which is not good for your wealth goals.

If you want to know how to manifest money overnight, you need to let the universe take the lead. You need to be ready for the opportunities that the universe will shower at you to help you achieve your dreams and goals. More often than not, the process of manifesting money requires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace what’s headed your way. Accept the challenges that come your way, they might just be the cues you need.

Respect money

Money is as much energy as its matter and it has been proven that your energy can affect matter in certain ways. To ensure that you only have a positive effect on your money, it is essential that you learn to respect it, both in your purse and in your life. You can do this by keeping your wallet clear of unnecessary receipts and bills. Carrying physical money in the wallet also sends good signals to your brain, reminding it that you already have money.

How you treat your money tells the universe that this is something you respect and deserve more of. If you are more into online transactions, you can try checking your online account every so often and feeling grateful for the amount you see. Keeping yourself from falling into debts or spending unnecessarily in another good way to respect your currency.

Respect money - How to Manifest Money

Use money manifestation affirmations

Affirmations are nothing but true statements that we utter to ourselves. Doing this is a good way to reprogram your subconscious if you’ve been stuck in a negative loop. Affirmations not only help you manifest money but can also make you a happier person if practiced correctly. Do you want to know what to say to manifest money? Here are some that you can say a few times every day:  

  • I’m worthy of what comes my way in terms of financial abundance.
  • I treat my money with respect and I am open to receiving more of it in a perfect way.
  • I’m ready to savor new challenges and opportunities that bring me more money and wealth.
  • I’m open to receiving money in unlimited supply and use it in ways to bring health and happiness to myself and those around me.
  • I deserve the riches of the world and I am ready to receive them at the perfect time.
  • I’m a money magnet, money is drawn to me.
  • I am attracting money at this very moment.
  • The money I contribute always comes back to me multiplied.
  • Everything I touch turns into gold.
  • I am ready and able to receive more money.
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  • I deserve to make more money.
  • I am open and receptive to all wealth life brings me.
  • My actions create prosperity.
  • Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  • I use money to improve my life.
  • I have more than enough money.
  • My income is growing higher and higher.
  • I am an excellent money manager.
  • I attract money beyond my wildest dreams.
  • Money is the root of joy and comfort.
  • My money works hard for me, to make me more and more money.

Use water to your advantage

You must have heard or read about water as an excellent manifestation tool. But how to manifest money with water? To do this, you start by holding a glass of water with both hands and spreading your fingers so they don’t touch each other. Then you glance into the water, repeat your money manifestation affirmations, and imagine your outcome. Then drink from that glass and practice gratefulness by saying your affirmation again. Doing this charges the water on a molecular level.

Practice this for 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning or as the last thing before going to bed. During these times in the day, your subconscious is more receptive to such energy and you are more likely to receive what you wish for. This technique has the power to change you on a molecular level and give you a real power over your thoughts as well as actions.

Use water to your advantage - How to Manifest Money

Give freely

It is no secret that giving unconditionally is an act that attracts more abundance regardless of how much you are giving. Opening up your heart to those around you can help you come out of the typical gain-loss mindset. You don’t have to have a certain amount of richness to start giving. You can begin by giving small portions of your income every month to those in need. You can support the causes you believe in. Or you can do something as simple as feeding a hungry dog on the sidewalk.

This will allow you to enter a new state of higher vibrations that only come from receiving blessings from others. Being in such a state on a regular basis will help you receive back your money in even larger amounts. When you think about how to manifest money, it is only natural to think about giving as well to maintain the universal balance.

Transform your energy field

When we dive deeper into the structure of every living and non-living thing around us, all we find is energy. Since we are made of energy, we have an energy field around us that changes with how we feel and what we think at any given time. Can you manifest winning the lottery? Absolutely, as long as you are in the right energy field to be able to make that happen. The higher your vibrations, the closer you are to your true self, and the easier it is for you to manifest your dreams.

There are a lot of things you can do to raise your vibrations. Some of the more practical ones include practicing meditation, walking barefoot on the grass, eating a well-balanced diet, taking cold showers, and doing yoga.  The easiest way to do this is to surround yourself with more nature and keep yourself away from negative thoughts. Related: How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura Quickly

Transform your energy field - How to Manifest Money


Money, as long as earned doing the right thing, is a justifiable possession to have. It’s alright to desire more money to better provide for yourself and those related to you. But there is more to earning money than working long hours and being frugal. You can also manifest it with the power of your thoughts and intentions. The law of manifestation has been around for centuries and people have been benefiting from it endlessly.

Are you someone who believes that money is energy and you can manifest it into your life if you train your subconscious mind the right way? Have you also been looking for tips on how to manifest money? Well, we’re here to help you. Read up on our excellent guide and gain some valuable information about manifesting more wealth into your life. Happy earning!

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