How to Make Moon Water

Moon water has many different powers. It calms the nerves if you are excited or angry. Melancholy and stress are replaced by peace of mind and balance. If you suffer from insomnia, it is good to drink moon water before bedtime.

The morning intake of moon water helps to awaken inspiration, to give you fresh original ideas, to find solutions to complex and complicated problems. The question here is: how to make moon water?

What Does Moon Water Help With?

  1. Rejuvenation

Moon water is suitable for rejuvenating baths. On a full moon, when the energy of the moon is very strong, leave a glass of water on the terrace and put a silver ring in the glass. In the morning, add the moon water to the water in the bath. While you are in it, imagine how you become younger and more beautiful.

  1. Health

It is good to drink moon water in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. It also helps in faster healing. The water should be drunk by the patient or left in a container under his bed overnight.

During charging with lunar energy, the water should not be near a TV, computer, telephone, or household appliances.

  1. Sexual activity

Drinking moon water in the morning enhances the sexual activity and physical attractiveness. It is maintained throughout the day. In ancient times, the moon was revered as the patron goddess of lovers.

That is why the moon water helps in love and in everything that is connected with the affairs of the heart.

  1. Infidelity

Moon water can be drunk before a crucial meeting, before a wedding. It helps to revive the former fervor between the spouses, who have been together for many years and there has been alienation between them. Some even claim that the unfaithful husband may return. It is enough to add a few drops of moon water spray to his drink or food.

  1. Gynecological diseases

For women suffering from gynecological diseases, it is also useful to know how to make moon water. It helps to make the pregnancy easier, eliminates the threat of miscarriage, and facilitates easy birth.

If women who are in critical age can easily go through menopause drink moon water they will not lose their attractiveness and vigor. As long as they are aware of the moon water recipe and how to use it.

How to Make Moon Water Few Tips

How to Make Moon Water?

  1. Recipe and storage

If you have been wondering how to make moon water, here is the answer for you. Place some water in a ceramic or glass container under the moonlight for at least three hours. It is best to leave it during the full moon and put it away in the morning.

The water prepared in this way can be stored for up to two weeks in a refrigerator. You can also prepare healing ice molds from it. For longer storage, you can add a little vodka to the water.

  1. Conditions

To benefit, you must not only know how to make moon water but also properly observe the conditions for its preparation and storage. To be most effective, water must be distilled either from an aquatic natural source, not mineral water, not tap water.

If you get stuck and run out of the prepared amount of moon water, you can charge when the moon is waning, when there are low tides. Then the water is considered to be more concentrated. Avoid doing it on bad lunar days – 9, 15, 26, 29. Read: What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone?

How to Make Moon Water in Winter

To establish a connection with the Moon and to use its powers in winter, it is necessary to place silverware in a glass vessel. Put the silverware in the water on the night of the full moon. Place the water in a suitable place where the moon can illuminate it. In the morning you can drink from the charged water.