How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

While the bull needs some time to be gentle and open up, Taurus is a zodiac who says everything on his mind and fights for what he wants. This sign usually comes with men who don’t easily give up on relationships but are also stubborn. 

Making a Taurus change his decision and regret hurting you can be daunting. One critical mistake can make him walk away from the relationship. However, he has weaknesses and soft spots that can successfully trigger him and make him change his mind. We will discuss the best strategies on how to make a Taurus man regret losing you and make him fall for you all over again. 

Determination is vital if you are serious about wanting to get back together with a Taurus man. You also need patience and loyalty. The most important thing is to present the memories of the two of you and remind him that what you two had is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Before jumping on to our tips and tricks to make a Taurus man regret losing you, you should first be aware that he left the relationship in the first place. 

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Reasons Why a Taurus Man Left You

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the ruler of sensuality, love, and beauty. He likes everything beautiful, from physical appearances, clothes, house decorations, cars, etc. He is stubborn, and although small things can trigger his senses, he still needs some time to adjust and is moving at a very slow pace. 

Taurus man can easily accept what he likes but needs time to make a move and can overthink everything. It can take him a long time to finally make a decision and put his stubbornness to good use. He also has the nature of holding on to a relationship if he gets into one. 

Taurus men are defined by two things, stability, and comfort. He can get annoyed if things are not going his way and somebody disrupts his peace. A house mess can trigger this, someone spilling a drink on his shirt, or there is a scratch on the car. You get the gist. Taurus man doesn’t like when people are too aggressive and loud and gets frustrated when his partner argues for no apparent reason. 

Why Did He Leave

Most Taurus men don’t handle the arguing too well, which could be a red flag. He can immediately start missing his comfort and looking for the exit door.  If your man is a Taurus, you have probably noticed that he can be very romantic. 

Every time you look into his eyes, you can see that his heart only belongs to you, and he can’t see a future without you. He makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you and leaves notes and flowers any chance he gets. 

However, the main reason why he left you is that you are not as affectionate and loving as him. You don’t hold his hand publicly, or he feels neglected most of the time. Taurus men like physical displays of affection and need to be appreciated even though many people are around. 

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Be more determined 

If you wonder how to make a Taurus man regret losing you, the first thing is to be more determined. Because of the romantic nature of this zodiac, you usually feel neglected if you are not treating him the way he does. Maybe you are not as romantic, and now is the time to change that. Must Read: How Do You Make a Taurus Fall in Love With You

You need to put a lot of effort into the relationship and build a better connection on every level. He likes to see effort even if you are not together anymore. You need to show him that you are willing to fight and that showing affection is not easy for everyone, but you can try harder this time. 

At times, Taurus man can be a little passive about this and say that he doesn’t like to be treated that way, but, believe us, yes, he does. You should send him notes every day or cute texts and seize every second of the day. A home-cooked meal can also bring you closer to getting back together. He can be stubborn at first and ignore your effort, but as soon as he notices that you have feelings for him, he will regret that he left. 

Don’t be needy 

The second thing you have to do is master the art of determination without coming across as a needy person. This is difficult and asks you to play a push and pull game that can drain your energy. Even if you are putting a lot of effort into getting him back, you need to show signs that you can also be okay on your own. 

Let him know that you prefer his company but can also do everything yourself if needed. This will drive him crazy, and he will rethink the decision to leave you. 

Send him cute texts and don’t reply for an hour, or send something funny to him and don’t respond afterward. Just remember, this is supposed to be fun and not heartbreaking. 


As we mentioned earlier, Taurus men are moving at a slow pace. They like to rethink every decision and always focus on the big picture. If a Taurus man broke up with you, he probably thought about it for months. The decision to get back together can also take some time. How to make a Taurus man regret losing you? Simple. Be more patient! 

Let him know that you are available if he ever likes to try again, and he will regret losing you. 

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Prove your loyalty 

Loyalty is a big deal to Taurus man. If you two are broken up, he still has a special thing for you in his heart and is not looking for ways to jeopardize that and replace you with another person. If you stay loyal and approach him, he will rethink his decision to leave you at every meeting. 

Jealousy is something that will not work with Taurus man. If you try to make him jealous and show up with another guy, he will think that his decision was correct and move on with his life. He plays tough and looks like he doesn’t care, but he does, and he can feel angry and sad without showing it. 

Reminisce about your memories

Taurus men are very romantic and always keep the memories you two had close to their hearts. You can take advantage of this and remind him about your first trip together, your first kiss, the first dinner you cooked for him, the first sleepover, etc. This will bring warm feelings and emotions back.  

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