How to Know if a Cancer Woman Likes You

Cancer, one of the water signs, is associated with emotional sensitivity. Cancers are highly wise and compassionate. They are basically the guru of emotions compared to most of the other zodiac signs and are known as one of the ideal relationship partners to have. And that’s why we’re here to help you if you’re asking yourself how to know if a Cancer woman likes you.

A Cancer woman is strongly linked to the moon; her soul adores and longs for its mystical beauty. The water element dominates this woman as she has many emotions. This is why she has such a special connection with her instincts and her capacity to connect with her feelings. 

How to Know if a Cancer Woman Likes You1

How to Know if a Cancer Woman Likes You

A Cancer woman needs the assurance that she has chosen the correct companion. She is an artist, an idealist, and an amazing person to have in your life. She is an intuitive woman who desires to love unconditionally. So, if a Cancer woman is interested in somebody, she is all in or out. They will give their everything and invest all of their love into somebody they truly like.

Eye contact

When a Cancer woman looks at you and holds longer than normal eye contact, she wants you to notice! This type of eye contact is frequently intense and might be unpleasant.

Aside from that, if she smiles at you, she likes you. Staring and smiling is a strong indication that she wants you to talk to her.

The longer she smiles and maintains eye contact, the more interested she is.

She’s more open 

When it comes to choosing a lover, a Cancer woman prioritizes comfort. She’ll act at ease around you if she’s comfortable with you. A Cancer woman is usually guarded and secretive about her life. She is interested in you if she lets you into her unique world or gets open about her lifestyle.

A bit possessive

When a Cancer woman likes you, she needs all of your attention. This woman can care sincerely while also being overprotective. Even when done with the best of intentions, it might come across as possessive or jealous.

If you observe her manner altering while you’re among other potential partners, it’s possible she’s attempting to show her dominance. She adores you if being among other ladies makes her clearly uncomfortable.

She’ll tell you straight up

The most evident evidence that a Cancer lady likes you is if she expresses her feelings directly to you. When it comes to admitting her feelings to you, she might be a little subtle at times. It may appear that she only requires moral support.

Pay close attention and read between the lines.

Wants physical touch

Everyone values their personal space. That’s why many women set limits to prevent men from approaching them too closely. A Cancer woman, in particular, may be perceived as unapproachable.

When a Cancer woman lets you into her “physical space,” she undoubtedly likes you. If she doesn’t even shudder when you’re too close to her, it’s a hint she likes you.

She may casually touch your hand in the middle of talking. Casual physical touch has a lot of meaning and can create a lot of attraction and tension.

She wants to get to know you better

Another go-to approach for a Cancer woman that likes you but won’t say it out loud is to ask about your personal life. If a Cancer woman is obsessed with learning everything she can about you, perhaps it’s because she likes you.

She will ask you numerous questions about anything that is important to you and will take concrete actions to make you feel better.

Just remember to always tell her the truth truthfully; she can be a stalker.

She wants to be with you all of the time

One of the hints of how to know if a Cancer woman likes you is that she will find an excuse to speak to you and be near you. The more she pays attention to you, the more attracted she is to you.

She’ll enjoy the time you spend together and will offer you her complete attention. She’ll want to continue talking with you and extend your time together.

You’ve probably noticed some of the excuses she makes just to see you or talk to you. This is a classic move by a Cancer woman who has a crush on you.

She wants to introduce you to her family

A Cancer woman generally loves family traditions and good friends. If she gives you a chance to meet you with her family or friends, then it is a sign indicating that she values you as a potential partner.

If you’ve already begun dating, you should meet her family. If you’re not in a relationship, this is a significant indication of approval. If she has told her family about you, it indicates that she is picturing and making plans for the future with you.

How to Know if a Cancer Woman Likes You

She flirts with you

When a cancer girl adores you, she will sensibly flirt with you. She appreciates being able to express herself in this way. She wants all other women to know that you are her one-of-a-kind guy.

Her flirty behavior is a technique for her to claim her territory. It’s how she announces to the world that you’re hers.


Cancer love is all about feelings. It is about feeling happy for someone and showing it. They are also fantastic at expressing their attention and compassion for someone they truly like.

When a Cancer lady is genuinely in love with you, she will lavish you with her love and attention. That is the selflessness of a Cancer woman. Expect to be taken care of if you have a Cancer woman as your lover.

Don’t forget to acknowledge all of a Cancer woman’s efforts. Be kind and empathetic around her, and everything will work out in your favor.