How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

People have been superstitious for centuries. We perform good luck rituals, we hope that when we do something special, good things will happen to us. We keep amulets and lucky items in our home or in ourselves to protect us and help us in life. But just as there are lucky items, some things bring bad luck and it is better not to keep them in your home. Who are they? And how to get rid of bad luck?

What Causes Bad Luck in Life

Rocking chairs

It may sound comfortable and cozy to sit in your old-fashioned chair in front of the TV and swing back and forth. However, superstitions say that it is not good to keep such a thing at home. The empty rocking chair is an invitation to the evil spirits that will fill it and move into your home. And you will ask yourself: Why am I having bad luck lately?

Broken or stopped watches

According to Feng Shui, any broken and spoiled things are not suitable for good energy in the home. These include non-working watches, which bring streak of bad luck. Some people even interpret it as imminent death.


The plants you keep in your home are also important for the energy and luck in it. Some believe that thorny and prickly cactus carry bad vibrations. They can even damage your relationship with your partner. Throw them away if you want to get rid of bad luck.

Open umbrella

An open umbrella indoors is considered a carrier of bad energy, which causes very bad luck. Some believe that an open umbrella prevents guardian angels from watching over you and your loved ones when you are safe at home.

Open umbrella - How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Old calendar

Keeping an outdated expired calendar is considered bad luck like broken watches. This suppresses your luck and prevents time from flowing in the right direction for you. According to some superstitions, this can not only attract a streak of bad luck but even shorten your life. Read more: Signs of Negative Energy in House


Going under stairs leaning against a wall is considered a bad omen all over the world. The shape that forms the stems, leaning against a wall, is a triangle. That is why the plow is believed to represent the Holy Trinity. Going from there disrupts the balance and disturbs the harmony, which affects health. Avoid this if you are wondering how to get rid of bad luck.

Broken mirror

What is broken brings happiness. But not when it comes to a mirror. According to ancient barbarians, the reflection of the soul can be seen in the mirror. If it breaks, it is as if the soul breaks.

The 7-year term is unfortunate because of the belief that life takes 7 years to resume. Want to get rid of this kind of bad luck? Just wait out for 7 years and you shall be happy again. As long as you don’t break another mirror!

Ways to Banish Bad Luck

If you are wondering how to get rid of bad luck, try these easy ways. Efforts to banish bad luck will succeed if you follow these tips.

Use salt

In some cultures, salt is believed to be new luck. To do this, you need to throw a handful of salt over your left shoulder. Keep in mind that if you throw salt over your right shoulder, you will attract even worse luck. Also, take a bath in which two tablespoons of salt are dissolved.

Another method to use salt to reverse your bad luck is to sprinkle salt on all corners of your home, as well as under the windows. This will protect your home from bad luck.


It may be controversial, but this is one of the easiest answers to the question how to get rid of bad luck. If you have broken a mirror, do not throw the pieces away. Wait for the full moon to come and place part of the broken mirror so that the moon is reflected in it.

Incense sticks

Choose sharp scents, such as sandalwood or jasmine, and if you use more than one stick, make sure they are odd.

If you have problems with your personal life, spread aroma and smoke in your home with sticks. Go around all the rooms, letting the smoke pass through all corners of your home. If you have problems at work, do it in your office.

Incense sticks - How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Talismans and amulets

Small, protective amulets are a great way to get rid of bad luck. They can be worn on a chain or bracelet or in a pocket. Some of the most common include:

Keys: Keychains have been used to bring good luck since ancient times. Carrying three keys together unlocks the three doors of wealth, health, and love.

Clover: According to Celtic mythology, wearing a four-leaf clover will bring you good luck. The four leaves symbolize wealth, fame, love, and health.

Horseshoe: Put it in your home to bring good luck to your side.


Prayer is the most powerful action that will connect you to your spiritual being. Thank God for all the good things in your life and you will realize how happy you are!

Remember that to remove bad luck by prayer it should be true and sincere. Prayer is dialogue. Its strength is not in the words but in the sincerity. A call from the heart helps more than a brilliantly written text.

The key to successful prayer is the desire for good to come not only to us but to others. Also have in mind that when we ask for luck and cooperation, we must be confident in our whole being that we will receive them.