How to Dispose of a Mirror Without Bad Luck

According to the spiritual concept, light is a powerful symbol of awareness and wisdom. Since mirrors reflect light, they are an important spiritual symbol. They are also the carriers of truth. Mirrors find a lot of mention in folklore and legends. They have associations with divination, bad luck, good luck, a gateway to other worlds, reflection of souls, etc. Many beliefs say that breaking a mirror brings bad luck and has various reasons to back this. This gives rise to the question, how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck?

Dispose of a Mirror Without Bad Luck 

For  a very long-time spiritualists and psychics believe that mirrors are a portal to other realms. These legends have successfully drilled certain beliefs into our consciousness. One of those beliefs is that breaking a mirror brings bad luck to the person who breaks it. The concept comes from age-old stories about mirrors trapping souls, which break free when they break. Knowing how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck helps in avoiding the consequences. 

If you break a mirror, there are certain things you need to do and certain things which you must not do to avoid bad luck. The prevalence of a belief like this one all around the world must have substantial reasons. Therefore, one must make sure that there is an awareness of how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck. 

Is It Bad Luck to Break a Mirror?

Based on the beliefs of various cultures worldwide, mirrors trap souls. Some cultures believe that breaking a mirror releases the trapped souls, which then haunts the person who broke it. Other cultures believe that mirrors can trap a part of your soul.

So, when someone breaks a mirror, their soul is trapped in it. Therefore, it is an ancient but popular belief that it is bad luck to break a mirror and the bad luck may last for as long as seven years.

Dispose of a Mirror Without Bad Luck

Spiritual Meaning of a Broken Mirror

It is important to understand a problem to be able to deal with it. What does it mean to break a mirror? How to spiritually understand the meaning of a broken mirror?

Before the invention of mirrors, any surface that had the property to reflect was believed to be mystical. In mythology, we often come across gods, goddesses, and regular people looking into a mirror or a clear lake to find out what the future has in store for them.

The mystical mirror is a pathway to other realms and a reflection of your soul. Hence, it is believed that evil creatures have no reflection in the mirror because they have no soul.  

Getting Rid of a Mirror Without Bad Luck

Now that we know about the legends and beliefs, what to do with a broken mirror. We would all want to get rid of a mirror without bad luck. Read more: How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Tips to Dispose of a Broken Mirror

  • Throwing salt over your left shoulder should be the immediate step if you break a mirror. This action wards off the devil who lurks over you according to famous legends. 
  • Grind the broken mirror into a fine powder so that it can no longer reflect. Then dispose of the powder safely. 
  • You can also find a stream that runs south. Toss the broken pieces into this stream. This too is a safe way of disposing of a broken mirror. 
  • To lift the seven-year-long curse, you can also take one piece of the broken mirror and touch it to a tombstone. This method helps in warding off the curse that clouds over you on breaking a mirror. 

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