How To Cleanse Tarot Cards

Whatever position you might have in life, a little supervision can always help. Tarot cards are among the many objects that serve as guides to our lives. They help people manifest their goals, provide directions to correct paths, and clear up confusion regarding their current state. The energy of the tarot cards gives them their significance. If you are already into card reading or are contemplating making a venture into that field, you need to know of the practices of cleansing tarot cards. Let’s learn how to cleanse tarot cards right now.

Why and When Do People Cleanse Their Tarot Cards

Why and When Do People Cleanse Their Tarot Cards

These cards are believed to absorb energy from their surroundings and the people they come in contact with. This energy decides the relationship of the card owner with their deck and affects the accuracy of their readings as well. People seek methods of cleaning for different reasons. A few of them are: 

Receiving the cards from someone else as gifts

We often receive Tarot cards as gifts since it’s considered unlucky to buy them for ourselves. In such cases, the energy of the person giving them might also pass along with the cards. 

When working with a new deck of cards

After getting a new deck of cards, one should attune them by imprinting them with your energy to form a powerful bond with them and get good readings.

After repeated use

If we use our tarot cards often, we are bringing many energies through them that can obstruct our intuitive link. Thus, regular cleansing helps in restoring the neutrality of the cards.

If the readings are unclear

Sometimes the reading from the cards might seem strange and you might get stuck. This can happen if your cards have some erratic energy attached to them that is messing up the reading. In that case, it’s usual to let the deck rest or restart by cleaning it. 

After some time of disuse

Depending on how long the cards have been dormant or unused, they may need re-awakening or re-energizing. We can do a cleansing followed by a blessing and charging of the cards in such a case.

Clearing V/S Cleansing Your Deck

Cleaning and cleansing your tarot deck can mean several things depending on your culture or religious belief. Depending upon this, some people consider clearing the cards as purposefully neutralizing them. However, with cleansing, the process is a little deeper. It’s not only about neutralizing the cards but also eliminating any negative, distracting, or dark energies.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards

There are a variety of methods for clearing toxic energy and cleansing your tarot deck. The following are a few of those methods:

Meditation and visualization

If you don’t have any equipment, cleaning and clearing your tarot cards can be as easy as saying a prayer or visualizing yourself erasing any previous energetic ties to the cards. 

Our minds are strong objects of use. Using your imagination to visualize a cleansing or purging of your tarot cards can drastically alter your relationship with them. 

Close your eyes and relax while holding your cards in both hands. Simply relax for a minute and clear your mind of any unwanted thoughts. To cleanse and charge their cards, some readers recite prayers. You could then visualize divine energy flowing through you and your cards, enveloping them in a safe white light.

Smudging and incense

Using a sage smudge stick or incense stick to clear the energy of a new tarot is another choice. Enable the stream to flow around your deck by holding it a few inches above the smoke. It will clear your deck of any leftover or remaining energies. 

You can smudge your deck if you want to cleanse your deck for the first time or after you have been using it for a while. Some of the most commonly used herbs and wood bundles are sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, cedar, juniper, and lavender.

Cleansing Under the Moon and the Sun

Both the sun and moon are celestial objects and have an immense energy that can be channeled to cleanse your tarots.


The sun’s vibrant energy is reawakening. The sun can also clean and charge your deck. Leave your cards out on a sunny day, or in a location where they can obtain plenty of sunshine, to freshen them up.


The full moon is an excellent time to expel old energy from ourselves and any belongings we might have. Leaving your deck of cards under the full moon and using the moonlight to cleanse your Tarot cards is an excellent way to do so. Since the energy is at its peak during the full moon period, it will not only cleanse but also charge your cards.

With salt

You can have many approaches for this method. You can bury the deck with salt for a few days or allow the deck to soak in a big bowl of salt for some time. Make sure you get rid of the salt by dumping it in the open or into a water body. You can even bury it when you’re finished with it. 

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards

Using Crystals

Many people use crystals to clear and absorb energy, as well as to charge their tarot cards for a specific purpose. To purify and revitalize your tarot deck, use crystals such as Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Calcite, Quartz, Labradorite, Amethyst, or any other cleansing or healing stone. A few of such crystals are listed below that can be used for cleansing and re-energizing the Tarot deck: 

Black Obsidian

These crystals are especially useful to cut through and rid blockages and illusions. It absorbs negative energy and has grounding properties.

Clear Quartz

You can keep your decks in a box with a Clear Quartz on top to clear and protect your cards between sessions. You could even put the Clear Quartz in your tarot bag or the silk scarf in which you keep your tarot cards.

Black Kyanite

They are excellent energy cleansers that can help re-energize your tarot deck. You can tap the deck with the Kyanite fan, store the deck with a Black Kyanite on top, or swipe each card with the Kyanite fan individually.


It’s linked to connecting with spirit guides, angels, spiritual growth, and the higher self. It creates a sense of peace, harmony, and equilibrium in the environment.


Selenite is a high-vibe crystal that can clear your deck between sessions or as part of a ritual. We usually find Selenite in the shape of a wand. Similar to the Kyanite, you can clear the deck by tapping it with your Selenite wand, storing it overnight with a Selenite on top, or going through the deck and swiping each card individually.


This approach both clears and awakens the cards. Make a neat pile of cards and knock three times on the top of the deck, or as many times as you feel driven to. This is the quickest method of all.

Sorting and shuffling the deck

Shuffling and sorting the cards, especially when you feel stuck or stagnant, is also a fast and easy way to cleanse, restore, and awaken your cards. To do so, shuffle the deck and reorder the Major Arcana first, then the Minor Arcana. Read more here: How to Shuffle Tarot Cards [Easy Guide]

Blowing on the cards

Talk about a simple yet effective method. Take all of your cards in one hand and fan them out. Begin by gently blowing on the cards. Normally, one breath will suffice. Repeat the process as many times as you feel to be suitable.

Reiki Connection

Energy is channeled through the hands in this strong energy healing system. It extinguishes negativity and replaces it with positive energy. Hold your cards in your hands and establish your Reiki connection. Then focus on taking a white or golden light of cleansing energy through your crown chakras, down through your hand, and infusing your cards with this cleansing energy. 

With Different Elements

Using elements to cleanse and clear your tarot decks can be powerful. This is because each element can use its energy to clear specific emotions and energies from the cards while infusing them with their unique energies. Elemental clearing raises your understanding of the various techniques that correspond to each Tarot element. The different elements and their uses are:


Water symbolizes life itself and purification. Spritz your cards gently with water, either fresh or bottled. Water from a direct source of nature also works strongly. However, be mindful of the effect of water on the card.


Passing the deck of cards over a source of fire such as a candle helps cleanse it. However, when using fire to clean your tarot cards, be aware that it is a strong energetic and spiritual cleansing, so use caution both physically and emotionally.


Everything comes through and goes from the Mother Goddess. She is fertile, grounding, strong, and ever-changing. Simply bury your tarot cards in the earth for 24 hours. You can do this in combination with salt or dried herbs as well. 


While some people pass their cards through the smoke of various substances, you can also simply leave them near a source of air such as an open window.

Singing bowls

Sound, which cleanses by frequency, will re-attune your cards as well as you. Some people claim that the bowls’ sound can cleanse and attune people and artifacts. As you ring the bell, place your deck in the bowl, or the presence of the bowl.

Taking Care of Your Tarot Cards

Once your deck of cards has been cleansed and re-energized, you must know how to properly look after it.

  • Store the cards in a bag made of silk, velvet, or satins 
  • You can also use things like a scarf, blanket, or pillowcase
  • Keep them in a box away from dust and dirt
  • You can also place a crystal atop the deck of cards
  • Make use of a spread cloth while doing future readings
  • Connect with your cards regularly and also clean them periodically
  • Create an altar-like space to place your cards when idle

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get better at tarot reading?

Tarot reading might seem fun, but it takes a lot of practice and experience to draw out meaningful interpretations. Here are some tips to get better at it: 


There are 78 cards in a standard deck, which can be a lot to memorize in one go. The best thing you can do as a beginner is to practice more. Learn naturally as you practice rather than mugging it all up.

Connect with your cards 

The deeper your connection with the cards, the easier it will be to get an accurate reading. Sit with your cards more often, hold them and think about their significance and purpose.

Pick a deck from intuition 

Remember that from here on it is all about your intuition and trusting it. Therefore, pick a deck that you think will be suitable for you.

Draw every day 

Pick a time to draw a card from the deck every day and slowly watch yourself get familiar with all of them.

Don’t get stuck on bad signs or readings

Tarot readings only tell you about the energy surrounding you, what you choose to do with it is your call.

Which card signifies luck?

The cards are what you make of them, but some cards are particularly pleasing to the eye in any reading. Some readers also bring Tarot cards with them for good luck if they are trying to manifest something specific in their lives. Some such cards are:

  • The Ace of Cups
  • The Ace of Pentacles
  • The Ten of Cups
  • The Star 
  • The Sun 
  • The Lovers

Which card signifies luck - How To Cleanse Tarot Cards

Which card is the most feared?

Just like we consider some cards lucky, some are a sore-sight. The following are the most feared tarot cards:

  • Death
  • Ten of Swords
  • The Devil
  • The Five of Pentacles
  • The Tower
  • The Three of Swords

How many tarot cards should you draw?

The more cards you draw, the more information you will get. However, interpreting tarot cards is often tricky, and thus it is wise to limit the number of cards drawn per reading. 

Drawing 3 cards is standard practice and is usually enough to get to an informative reading. You can draw anywhere between 3 to 5 cards to get a good reading and make sure you don’t get stuck. Once you get better and swift with your readings, you can progress into drawing more cards.


Tarot cards are a great way to get an insight into oneself. They assist us in gaining a better understanding of ourselves, how we arrived at this stage, and the path we’re currently on into the future. They serve as a reminder that our lives are complicated, but the answers to our problems and desires are within our grasp. 

Owning a deck of cards is not enough to qualify as a reader, but one must also understand their significance and purpose. Looking after the cards with proper and regular care through blessing and cleansing is also a part of this process. If you understand the needs of your tarot cards, then trust me, you are already a step closer to becoming an excellent card reader.

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