How to Cleanse Selenite

The term ‘Selenite’ originates from the name of a Greek goddess Selene. Selene is the goddess of the moon. The literal meaning of selenite can be translated to Maria Glass, Satin Spar or Desert Rose. Apart from the literal meanings, there are important spiritual meanings attached to selenite. Selenite has a translucent white nature. It’s a representation of light, spiritual purity and a connection to angelic realms. It is one of the most sacred crystals. How to cleanse selenite? Read more to find out as we are discussing selenite cleansing ways in this article.

Selenite is a low maintenance stone and no elaborate steps are performed for its cleansing. Some believe that selenite may not need any cleansing at all. But, if the cluster loses its lustre, it loses its effectiveness in energy transmission. Hence, it becomes very important to know how to cleanse selenite.

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Cleansing Selenite

If you follow the correct approach, selenite can maintain itself. It is a self-cleansing crystal and needs no separate routine for cleansing. Selenite is a crystal of higher grounding. Made from the rays of divine light, it ejects all negative energy it absorbs upwards. Read below to know how to cleanse selenite using other simple methods:


The negative energies which selenite takes on itself can be removed by exposing the crystal to the light of the moon.

Fresh Water

A very common question pertaining to cleansing selenite is “Can selenite be cleansed in water?”. The answer is no. Freshwater washes away the physical dirt and gives it an esoteric and energetic cleansing that it needs but not to selenite. Selenite is dissolving in water.


It is also a popular practice to bury Selenite in the ground overnight. This allows the crystal to rejuvenate its energies from the earth which was where it originated from.

Sit with Your Stone

This is the simplest of all these methods. It may also qualify as the method people most deeply believe in. You have to hold your stone in your hands and sit with it. While you sit there with your stone, you are willing all the energies to revitalize and cleanse it. Read more: Best Crystals for Protection

Activating Selenite

After cleansing, the second question that arises is ‘how to activate selenite’? Activating selenite is to program and set it according to an intension. This is not specific to selenite; this is possible for all crystals you form a bond with. But when it comes to selenite, activating it will help you manifest your intentions.

  • The best method of activating selenite crystal is using the energy of the full moon. Moon Goddess Selenite blessed the Selenite crystal hence it is charged with the healing energy of the third eye by a soak under the light of the moon.
  • Put your selenite in a Tibetan singing bowl and program it acoustically. Rub the edges of the bowl of copper with the Himalayan wood mallet.

Charging Selenite

Selenite channels energies and distributes it to people and things that need it. But does selenite need to be charged? Can you charge it in the sun? What is the procedure of charging selenite? Such questions usually cross our minds when we think about our crystal.

Sunlight may often overpower selenite as it is a fragile and soft stone. When you want to charge selenite, you can put it under the light of a full moon to its spiritual power. Read more: Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal


Selenite is a crystal that must adorn your home. It not only brings good luck and love but also washes away all negativities in and around you. Its power of purification is so high that it is used to cleanse other crystals and objects of negative energy. If you know how to cleanse selenite, the methods to activate and charge it, it will maintain its effectiveness and healing energies.