How to Charge Tarot Cards

When our sacred instruments contact the energy we don’t want sticking to them, they get contaminated. An interested family or acquaintance may have handled your tarot cards. Perhaps you’ve lately done a lot of reading for others, or you’ve done a lot of deep reading for yourself.

When the cards are weary, they tend to offer slow or nonsensical readings. Such exhausting cards can sometimes tire the reader out, making reading the cards a difficult chore. This is a fantastic opportunity to charge them. Charging them is like recharging their batteries and what an effect this has on these cards. They are suddenly more reasonable and easier to read.

There are many ways to charge your tarot card deck, and we will talk about a few of them. To learn how to charge tarot cards or charge a new deck of tarot cards or how to charge tarot cards in moonlight, or even how to bless your new tarot cards, keep on reading.

Different Ways for Charging Tarot Cards

Different Ways for Charging Tarot Cards

Blowing & Knocking

Let’s begin with our personal favorite: blowing and knocking the cards. Spread out all cards with one palm. Begin blowing on the cards gradually. Usually, one breath suffices. Make a tidy pile of the cards and tap on the top of the stack. Your cards have been cleaned of negative energy and now are ready until their next reading.

Sacred Smoke

Flame a smoky cleaning wand composed of dry rosemary, lavender, cedar, sage, or palo santo until it begins to smoke. Keep the incense at a safe distance underneath the deck with the flaming herbs with one hand and the deck in the other, allowing the smoke to drift upward onto the cards. Turn the deck around so that the smoke covers both sides. Then, securely lower your deck and extinguish the fire.

Salt Burial

Some people use salt to purify their water. Securely wrap your cards in a trash bag if you wish to try such a cleansing tarot card. Then, find an airtight jar large enough to hold your cards and fill it with salt.

Put your cards in the container, making sure they are completely covered with salt on all sides. Allow the cards to remain in the jar for at least a few days.

Visualization & Meditation

Without using equipment, purifying and clearing your tarot cards can be as simple as saying a prayer or visualizing yourself erasing any previous energy connection to the cards.

When you buy a house, you have to repaint it. Someone else previously had it, and they painted it as they pleased, but it is now your home so that you can put your stamp on it.

It’s the same with clearing the decks. While holding the cards in both hands, envision a white light around them. You can focus on them and imagine a gigantic eraser “erasing” any energy linked to the cards.

Reorder & Shuffle the Deck

When your readings become stale, reordering and reshuffling the deck is a terrific way to shake things up. This can serve as a reset, allowing you to start again with no baggage from prior readings.

Stack the cards in the correct order to do this. Once the cards are in order, rearrange them to begin afresh reading.

How to Bless Your New Tarot Cards

How to Bless Your New Tarot Cards 

These techniques of blessing your new tarot deck can also be used for charging them.

Sun Bath

You may put your cards out on a warm day or in a location where they’ll get plenty of light. We wouldn’t suggest it if you reside in a humid area unless you mind twisted or bent cards. Reader’s cards warped as a result of late-afternoon light exposure, even on their reading table indoors. They did live in a hot and humid climate, to be sure. Your results may differ. Still, if you want to charge your cards with good, radiant energy, this is an excellent way to do it.


Reiki is an ancient healing method that employs energy channeled via the hands. Traditionally, workers are certified in the technique by an instructor or institution. If you’re familiar with Reiki, you might use it to cleanse your playing cards. If you aren’t qualified in Reiki, try concentrating on a goal while carrying the cards in your hands.

Simple Blessing for Tarot Cards

A blessing or a mantra is another helpful method for how to purify tarot cards. It is constructive to bless a new deck, but you can gift your deck at any time. Create a holy area for yourself and read a blessing that speaks to you.


You can also purify and refresh your tarot cards by placing them on or even between crystals that absorb bad energy. This is one of the readers’ favorite ways since it is straightforward, and I enjoy working with stones.

We would recommend Amethyst or Selenite if you like to deal with stones rather than clear quartz. They are also purifying. Your birthstone may be a very effective tool as well.

Singing Bowls

These therapeutic bowls assisted readers in calming down their emotions, strengthening their chakras, and even improving their physical health. They are also used to cleanse tarot cards, which I do by placing my deck in the singing bowl while it is being played.

How to Charge Tarot Cards in Moonlight

How to Charge Tarot Cards in Moonlight

The moon draws the waves and seas of the planet, as well as our bodily tides. When she connects with astrological energies, she impacts us with the significance of the zodiac. New moons are all about establishing objectives, sowing dream seeds, instinct, accessing the psyche, our shadow aspects, and delving inside. Supermoons are a moment to rejoice, a period of enlightenment and revelation. To charge your deck, you can use the phases of the moon.

On a new moon, lay your cards on the window ledge to catch the moon’s brightness and vitality. This may be done while drawing the moon or speaking mantras over your playing cards. “Might well moon cleanse your deck of non-serving energy and provide light on just what needed to be seen.” Leave it out in the moonlight for a single night, from full moon to new moon, or for a whole lunar cycle, from supermoon to supermoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tarot cards do you draw?

Experts suggest two spreads for beginning readers: a three-card draw and the Celtic Cross. The former involves drawing three cards from a pack to symbolize the individual being read’s past, present, and future or mind, body, and spirit.

Why do the cards become exhausted?

If you’ve been performing readings for a lot longer without taking breaks, you may have observed that you grow tired. And the ‘worn down’ comes from not communicating for an extended period. In reality, it originates from deep within you.

Some readers may find it challenging to read Tarot cards. Another explanation the cards might become weary is that they connect with the various energy of the individuals you read for.

How can you tell if the cards are tired?

They act sluggishly, failing to make sense in readings, failing to get to the point, and informing us what is going on in the lesson. However, as a reader, you will notice their exhaustion on several occasions. They act as though they don’t want to speak with you! When you hold them in your hands, they’re weighty. Your cards’ weariness may manifest itself in different ways at times.

How frequently should a tarot deck be blessed?

If you’re worried, cleanse after each reading so that the energy of the previous reading doesn’t influence the next. Your beliefs determine everything. Experts’ thoughts are that the person conducting the assignment matters, and a deck is only a tool.

We would encourage you to be calm before performing a reading since your emotional state might influence the information you receive from the cards. Before the lesson, do a short meditation.

Should tarot cards be charged as soon as they are purchased?

You may move them around a lot to attempt to encourage your energies to flow through them. You may go through each card again. Wrapping them with a separate cloth or storing them in a particular box might assist. After a lot of reading and having other people touch them, they can be cleaned. Pass the cards over a sage-burned altar. Cleansing stones like amethyst, chalcedony, and moonstone can also be used on them. You may also place them in the sun or at a window that gets enough sunlight.


Tarot cards are a repository of stagnated energy. With every reading, their enthusiasm drains off. So, if your tarot cards begin to act strangely and make no sense, it’s most likely due to a buildup of energy, and it’s time for you to remove it. You may also need to bless a fresh set of tarot cards. 

To ensure a clear reading devoid of trapped energy, charge and cleanse your deck regularly. By charging your tarot deck with any of the above techniques, you’ll start to get the significance of the cards back.