How to Become a Witch?

There are periods in history in which witchcraft was treated differently. At one time witches were feared and at another, on the contrary, they were persecuted and killed. Women who possess magic are considered to be helpers to people who solve various problems. But is there a recipe for how to become a witch?

In most cases, witches acquire magical abilities at birth. They should not perform initiation rituals, nor ask how to become a witch. However, raising a witch is a long process that requires intensive and regular training.

For those who are not included in this list, however, there is an alternative – to develop abilities in themselves. To this end, some various conspiracies and rituals can be learned on their own. In this case be careful and do everything together with an experienced witch mentor.

How to Become a Witch?

By inheritance

The strongest are the witches who have received the gift since birth. Their abilities are transmitted through the female line. If the mother has magical powers, then the probability that she has a witch daughter is almost 100%. The hereditary witch will have the power accumulated for a whole generation.

By transfer of power

Another answer to how does one become a witch is that they receive the gift inherited from another witch at the time of her death. This can be done by mutual consent through initiation. A witch can also cast her power on a random person.

The Witch’s Way


In addition to finding the answer to how to become a witch, it is recommended that you find mentors for yourself to pass on knowledge. You need to start reading the relevant literature and studying the properties of numerous herbs.


Each witch’s path involves the development of her abilities. It is important to learn not only how to become a witch, but also self-control. If you do not have emotional control and control of your feelings, you will not get the desired results. It is equally important to work on improving your intuition.

Everyday life

The instruction, which deals with how to become a witch at home, also includes a mandatory understanding of the Tarot. It is recommended to spend a lot of time in nature. It can give strength to both white and black witches. Those who practice magic advise you to take a pet as an assistant.

How to Become a Witch A Couple Simple Quick Tips

Ritual for Becoming a Witch


It is believed that all people have magical powers that are given from birth. To find them, you can hold a ceremony. You should have a sharp knife, a black scarf, 13 green and red candles, a white bird feather, a piece of a black cat, a tooth from each animal, and 13 yellow coins. Choose a place for the ritual based on your feelings. It can be an abandoned house or attic.


Arrange the candles. Place the green on the left and the red on the right. Lighten them, dissolve your hair, wrap your head in a handkerchief, and undress. Then you have to say a spell about how to become a witch. Remove the scarf and place it in front of you.

After doing the above, use the knife and cut a lock of hair on the left side of the head. Put the lock in the scarf, add the feather, a lock of wool, and a tooth. Add the coins. Make a bag and bury it under a birch or aspen. Congratulations – you have learned how to become a witch!

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