How to Astral Project? Astral Projection for Beginners

There are things in life where it has been seen as natural and supernatural. The former has its own natural charisma and the latter has something to do with beliefs of extraordinary circumstances. We can’t control things which are outside of the commerce of man and we can’t make any changes, that have something to do with dark magic. Do you often daydream or out of body dream that your soul is being separated with your body? Do you know that there are ways on how you can do it? Do you see yourself doing it? Would you like to try it even just for once? Do you know how it’s done and where it began? Do you know the beauty behind it? If your answers are favorable to the question then you are on the right page, because we’ll be giving you significant insights on how to astral project.

The question “how to astral project?” seems to be an easy question, but the processes and steps on how to do it are not that simple at all. There are necessary steps that you have to follow and it requires a good environment, for you to successfully do it.

What Is Astral Projection

Is astral projection real? The astral projection or the astral travel is actually a term that is used in esotericism within, which it describes the intentional out of the body experience that presumes the existence of the astral body, that separates the physical body which made have the capability of traveling throughout the universe.

Technically, the idea of astral travel has begun during ancient times and it has occurred in many cultures. Oftentimes, the astral travel or astral projection is being associated with meditation within, which it can make one’s soul to be free from any stress and dreams, that can make one’s ideal aspiration closer to reality. Moreover, the out of the body experience is widely known as OBE. With this article, you will learn how to astral travel.

How to Astral Project - Astral Projection for Beginners

The Essential Insights Of The Astral Projection And OBE

Technically, the out of the body experience is either intentional or voluntary. But have you ever wondered what triggers astral projection? The astral projection and out of the body experience is often heard with a near-death experience, wherein the soul of the person is found to be floating in the crime scene, hospital room or cemetery.

However, there are factors that can trigger the existence of the out of the body experience (OBE) and astral projection, namely illness, trauma, food, and water deprivation. As such, lucid dream is an intentional form of out of the body experience, within a spontaneous way and the astral projection is typically through consciousness.

Moreover, the out of the body experience has actually begun, by means of leaving the physical body and to consciously observe your soul from detaching in the physical body. Scientifically, the out of the body experience is closely associated with brain or neurological dysfunction.

Astral Projection Benefits – Out of the Body Experience

Technically, once a person has mastered out of the body experience it has been said, that it can help to overcome the fear of death, by simply learning that as human as we are, we are not our bodies. In addition, it can also help to have deep healing within which can make you be free from distortion. Lastly, if you can experience deep meditation even while at sleep.

On the other hand, the out of the body experience can help to visualize and practice what it ought to be done. In this way, you can prepare yourself for any incidents. Most importantly the out of the body experience can let you explore the past life and accelerate your personal development.

True enough, the astral travel and out of the body experience has in store beneficial things, that can greatly influence and impact in your life.

Methods for Astral Projection

Actually, their varieties of methods for astral projecting. But there are two main methods on how you can do it, namely one is to remain your mind up, while the physical body is asleep and the one is the Yoga Nidra. It’s very true and tricky to let your mind do what your body is actually doing.

The former has the goal of letting your physical body take into a deeper sense of relaxation, without necessarily drifting into a state of unconsciousness, while the latter is when your body is already in the deeper sense of sleep, then the practitioner will roll out their physical form.

How to Astral Project

The conduct of astral projection or out of the body experience is not that easy since you are in need to be aware of how astral project is supposed to be done. Thus, you are required to be familiar with the necessary steps, and consequences for the performance of the astral projection. As we have mentioned, the astral projection refers to the out of the body experience within, which the astral body leaves one’s physical body purposely to travel into the astral plane.

Apparently, most people can only experience this, once they are in a state of serious illness or in a near death situation. Below are the vital and significant steps that are needed on how to astral project, see the below discussion:

The Preparation

  1. You start in the morning

People are used to practicing the conduct of astral projection during night time, right before they go to sleep and early in the morning. However, it’s always good and advisable to do it during dawn, because it’s only during this time where you can get the right relaxation and a higher sense of awareness.

  1. You should create the right atmosphere

The astral projection necessarily requires having deep and good relaxation. Thus, it’s necessary that you are in a good and comfortable atmosphere so that you can successfully attain astral travel.  Once you are in the right condition, you lie in your bed and start relaxing your body and mind.

In addition, it’s easier and advisable to perform the astral projection when you are alone rather than be with someone else around. Hence, it’s always best to perform it when no one is around and make sure that no one will interrupt you, while you are in the astral travel.

  1. You lie down and relax yourself

You look for a room or place and start positioning yourself through your back, close your eyes and clear your mind from any form of distortion. It’s very important that you should concentrate while doing it. Technically, your goal is to have a complete state of mind and relaxation of your body.  By doing this, you may consider the below act for guidance:

  • You may flex your muscle and start losing up, you start with your toes up until you reach your head. However, you ensure that your muscles are completely relaxed when doing the astral projection
  • Do not hold tension in yourself. Thus, take a deep breath and exhale
  • You focus your mind as you breathe and do not be destructed with outside uncertainty, and
  • You can use quartz crystal purposely to increase the vibrations

The Moving of the Soul from the Body

The Moving of the Soul from the Body

  1. You reach your hypnotic state

The hypnotic state is otherwise known as the hypnagogic state. In this way, you let your mind and body to reach sleep but do not let your consciousness to be completely lost. So, you need to sleep while your mind is awake and the hypnotic state is necessary, for the conduct of your astral projection. Below are the methods on how you do it:

  • You keep your eyes closed while you let your mind wander away from your physical body
  • You can focus on your body until such you can visualize things perfectly even if your eyes are still closed
  • You continue your focus up until all your thoughts have fallen away
  • You utilize your mind to flex on your body but do not move physically
  • You broaden your focus in order for you to rest your body
  1. Enter the state of vibration

This is the moment where your soul is about to detach from your physical body, as such, do not be afraid of the vibrations that you may feel, because it might cause the distortion of your meditation state instead, submit yourself to the vibrations as your soul will start to detach from your body.

  1. You utilize your mind to detach your soul from your body

This is the moment where you will detach your soul from your physical body. Basically, you will only move away from your body through the utilization of your mind, look around, get off and start walking within the room, and watch your body.

Technically if you can do this thing then, it’s an indicator that you have successfully made them out of the body experience. However, not all can successfully do it, thus you need to carefully follow the steps and or requirements to astral project.

  1. You return to your body

There is what we call as “silver cord”, where it serves as an invisible connection that can make your soul be connected with your physical body, no matter how far you have made your astral travel.  In this way, you let the force of the silver cord, to be your astral projection guide in going back to your physical body.

The Exploration Of The Astral Plane

  1. You confirm that you are projecting your soul from your physical body

Once you mastered how to astral project then there is no doubt, that you can easily perform the act of astral travel. By doing the confirmation that you are indeed in a separate plane then you can start to move around.

  1. Explore any further

By doing this, you go to a location that you have not visited and or less familiar and make sure that you can make some notes on every location you visit so that you can easily access the place the next time you do your astral travel.

  1. You return to your body

It has been said that the conduct of astral travel is not safe and it’s somehow a dangerous thing, most especially that you have mastered the procedures to astral project. However, you always put in your mind the silver cord, so that it can help you ease your mind. This is one of the simplest strategies to properly practice how to astral project.

Exploration Of The Astral Plane

The Astral Projection Technique

The rope technique of astral projection is one of the most accessible methods on how to astral project as such, you only need to follow the below steps:

  • Step 1 – You relax your physical body by simply visualizing each of your body
  • Step 2 – From your personal pace of relaxation, you enter into a vibration state or vibration mode all throughout of your body
  • Step 3 – You imagine that there is a rope that has been hanged around you
  • Step 4 – Through your subtle body, you hold the rope by using your hands. In this way, it can help your physical body to be completely relaxed
  • Step 5 – You begin to climb on the rope through your hand and while you are still visualizing, that you are reaching the ceiling on top of you
  • Step 6 – if you are already aware of the full exit of your personal and physical body, then you can be able to explore on the astral plane

How To Astral Project For Beginners

If you are new to astral projection and perhaps you want to try it, then you are in need to know the necessary step to fully acquire, the right way on how to astral project. Below are the few steps that are intended for astral projection for beginners:

  • You are in need to have a take-off
  • You are in need to supervise to stay coherent while you are detached from your physical body, and
  • You are in need to recall the astral projection experiences once you are back in your physical body

The conduct of astral projection might sound terrifying for some people, this is only because they are not fully aware of how it’s properly done. However, it’s also important that you do your personal research before you attempt to do it. Also, you make sure that you have a pure, clear and true intention of doing it. After all, the astral projection is the law of attraction towards your soul.