How to Activate Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite is a unique mineral formed as a result of a former collision of a meteorite with the earth’s surface. The melted pieces of rock, which then flew in all directions, today we call a moldavite. It is the strongest possible charm against black magic. Moldavite is also the most powerful stone for spiritual transformation and awakening. It helps us connect with the highest vibrations and unlock our intuition. Now, let’s see how to activate moldavite and what are the dangers.

Moldavite Activation

Sometimes moldavite can be in a “sleeping” state and you have to tell it what it will be used for, for example for healing or meditative purposes. Making a spiritual connection with your crystal helps to activate it, i.e. for the awakening of its consciousness. Is there a special ritual and how to activate moldavite eventually?

How to Activate Moldavite

Preparation and presentation

Before activating it, it is good to introduce yourself to your new crystal. Do this with respect and esteem, just as you present yourself to another person. You can say a prayer, whether it is ready or your own. When you get the new crystal, first clean it by placing it on a selenite tile for about an hour, sometimes longer.

Be very honest, because the crystal will feel if you were real with it. If you wonder how to activate moldavite and what is important there, your soul and its purity is an essential part of the activation. If you are honest with the moldavite, you will surely notice visible results and improvement in every aspect of your life.

Ways of activation

You can activate your crystal by holding it in your hands and rolling it quickly back and forth in your palms. Activation can also happen if you sleep with it, stare at it, wash it, or just when you work with it.

You can also awaken moldavite metaphysical properties through a ritual performed with sage, sweetgrass, or tobacco. Then you should express your intention to use the crystal (for example, for healing). This event will mark the dedication of the crystal and will make an energetic connection between the crystal and the person who will use it.


Does moldavite need to be recharged? Yes, and make sure you don’t forget to do it after activating it. Moldavite’s recharge can be done with the help of pieces of selenite or carnelian. To do this, leave the moldavite that you want to be recharged on the piece of the above-mentioned minerals to stand for 12 hours, one day, or just until you feel it is loaded.

Moldavite Effects

If you know how to activate moldavite and you have done it the right way, you will no longer wait to see its positive effects. Moldavite is an exceptional stone – it is one of the most powerful minerals that support our spiritual development and expand our consciousness. This stone encourages and accelerates our inner growth and evolution.

It is recommended to wear this stone constantly, as it rejuvenates the body. Moldavite also gives its owner a philosophical view of things, makes him patient, merciful, and satisfied with everything that happens to him.

How to Activate Moldavite Crystal Simple Easy Guide

Moldavite Dangers

As it is extremely strong, the impact of moldavite sometimes leads to strange sensations. They should not bother you. Take them as a sign that your stone is starting to work on you.

Nightmares and crazy dreams

Many say that they have started dreaming extremely bright, sometimes quite crazy dreams and even nightmares. Even if this happens to you, do not stop carrying your stone. This means that moldavite brings the repressed memories of traumas or painful episodes from the past to the surface. Or that you are in a complicated life situation and the brain is trying to fit the puzzle and understand what is happening. In a few weeks, everything will settle down.

Moldavian fever

Some of the moldavite dangers are sweating, headache, and palpitations. It’s normal. That’s just how it works on you. When you purify yourself, for example, if you perform a healing fast, your body goes through something like a toxic shock. Your head hurts, you feel sleepy.

Never, for anything in the world, think that moldavite is making you sick. No, it shows you where you have a problem – clogged energy channels, chakras, etc. And removes them. If you feel pain while working with moldavite, do not panic – just the stone works on you. Endure the pain, because it is the pain of healing.

Dizziness, feeling like you are flying

You sense heat, you feel as if you are trembling or rising above the ground. You can speak languages ​​you never knew. Do not be afraid and do not give up – this means that moldavite works deeper and more powerfully than you imagine. Soon enough you will feel all the positive moldavite effects.