Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation

The night of the full moon is known for its beauty, healing power, and magical energy. In all the cultures and religions there are many rituals for the days of the full moon. They can be performed both on the night of the full moon and during the next two days. In the next few lines, we will show you the most popular and effective full moon rituals for manifestation.

Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation

Our true desires are reflected in a glass of water

We choose a glass. Let it be from a favorite set or one that brings back a pleasant memory. The important thing here is positive associations. Provide yourself with a little peace. Light a scented candle on a nightstand or a low table next to you. Tell yourself that you are putting the problems aside and that for a moment you will think only of yourself and your full moon intentions.

Then close our eyelids and look up at them. This causes an automatic calming of the mind. Now go inward and ask yourself: what would make me happiest? Continue to immerse yourself as different ideas and desires fly through your mind.

At first, everything is chaotic, but as the solids settle in the water, the thoughts gradually become clearer and you concentrate on the essentials. Take the glass with water previously poured in it, serve it to the lips, and before drinking, express your sincere intention tonight and learn what your deepest and even unconscious desires are.

Drink from the glass and return it to the nightstand, where it will spend the night. In the morning, after waking up, before the business tasks for the day invade the mind, think again about your desires and drink the rest of the water.

Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation

25 wishes ritual

One of the most popular full moon rituals for manifestation is to write twenty-five wishes on a paper. To do this, you need to write them on a blank piece of paper, then read everything, make sense of it and write it again on a second sheet. Crush the first leaf and throw it in the trash. Then take the second leaf and looking at the moon, say: Let all my wishes come true with your help! Put the sheet in a secret corner and leave it there until the last of your wishes are fulfilled.

A ritual for fulfillment

According to another technique on a full moon, you can make only one wish come true, as long as you write it on a piece of paper and leave the paper outside at night. The next day, take the sheet again and fold it. Wait three days and burn it. Scatter the dust outside and thank the moon for hearing your request and it will comply.

Full moon magical triangle for manifestation

You can also make your wishes come true with the help of the so-called magic triangle. Find a sheet of paper in fiery orange. Make a wish, write it in the center of the sheet. Look at it for a few minutes, then fold the sheet into a triangle so that what is written is not visible. Then hide the paper figure in a place where no one will find it.

Full Moon Rituals for Luck

Full Moon Rituals for Luck

The full moon prayer ritual

The ritual is performed only during the full moon. Say the following full moon prayer:

“Goddess of luck, get out of your hidden path. Blessed is your light that falls on me, like the light of the moon falling on top, and in the light of luck let me be blessed until the next full moon!”

The spell lasts until the next full moon, after which it can be renewed. If you wonder about some easy things to do on a full moon for good luck, that’s exactly the ritual for you!

Wax casting

At full moon, flour illuminated by moonlight is sifted 9 times. A good time is a midnight.

Remove the sifted flour and wait until Saturday morning. Then wax is poured into holy or silent water. Make your full moon intentions very clear. Put into words the desire for every evil in and around us to freeze in the water. The wax is thrown into running water, and the water in which we poured the wax is sprayed all over our house. Read more: How to Make Moon Water(Silent water)

It is good to do the ritual for at least 3 consecutive months, but the first positive results will occur by the end of the first month.

How to Meditate on Full Moon

The moon will be at its peak. This means that not only our emotions but also our mental abilities will be very strong. Let’s guide them to build a wonderful future.

Full moon manifestation meditation should be done in a sitting or standing position. The feet must be firmly attached to the floor. Close your eyes, breathe evenly, calming your thoughts, and relaxing. Then take a deep, slow breath, imagining a powerful stream of Earth energy rushing through your feet. It is a dense, stable, powerful energy that fills your body.

Exhale, imagining how this energy is concentrated in your solar plexus, filling you with strength and peace. Take two more such inhales and exhales, concentrating on the feeling of strength in the solar plexus. Feel the peace that this power gives you. Feel your feet sink even harder into the ground.

How to Meditate on Full Moon

Full Moon Affirmations

Positive affirmations are very strong during the full moon. Repeat your favorite affirmation for at least three minutes, preferably outside under full moon. Here are some of the best full moon affirmations. You can always add them to any full moon ritual for manifestation you decide to perform.

  • I grow more beautiful and loving each day
  • It is okay to say I am beautiful, safe and loved
  • I accept myself just the way I am
  • I am passionate about my life
  • I remember that I am a powerful creator
  • I remember to tell myself how strong and beautiful I am
  • I remember to stay calm in any situation
  • I have the power to change my life for the better
  • It is okay to say I am happy
  • It is okay to feel great in my own skin
  • It is okay to want more and fulfill my dreams
  • It is okay to remember that all I want already exists
  • My world has an abundance of love, peace, and compassion
  • I remember to remind myself that I deserve the best
  • I know that I have the power to attract into my life anything I desire
  • I always progress emotionally in the right direction
  • I am strong enough to be myself
  • I have the right to be true to myself
  • I completely trust my intuition
  • The universe trusts me, and I trust the universe