Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

People have been wearing crystals for thousands of years to influence all domains of their lives, from love and affection to riches and abundance to enhanced wisdom and intuition. Since there are so many crystals and variants, it’s difficult to know which crystal is the best, so we’ve put together a detailed review of the best crystals for manifesting that can assist you with your manifesting efforts and transform your wishes and desires into a lived reality.

Crystals have always been more than just a status – symbol. They’ve always been a reservoir of strength that allows the owner to manifest their deepest desires. Before we dive in, here is the list of the best crystals for manifesting that we are going to review along with what they are best known for.

Types of Crystals

  • Quartz for strengthening manifestation 
  • Black Obsidian for letting go of negative beliefs 
  • Hematite stone for confidence and clarity
  • Rose Quartz for love
  • Malachite for spiritual guidance and love
  • Citrine for abundance
  • Pyrite for money
  • Amethyst for insight and spirituality
  • Green Aventurine for money and growth
  • Green Jade for abundance and prosperity

Why Use Crystals for Manifesting

Manifesting can be valuable for making your dreams come true. However, if you have mental or energetic blockages, manifesting can seem complicated and challenging.

These blockages can be in the form of limiting values, inner resistance, low energies, mental barriers, traumas, and everything else that breaks the energetic bond between you and the world.

The crystals are an excellent instrument for removing these stumbling blocks. Your chakras can be balanced, the motivation to work towards your goals can be amplified, and negativity can be dispersed with the right healing crystals. Read more: Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

The Best Crystals for Manifesting

Now that we know why we should use crystals for our manifesting purposes, let us take a look at the list of best crystals for manifesting a range of goals and desires you may have from love, a lucrative job to abundance. 

Before making your choice, let us look at the reviews of each crystal’s properties, we will also see who should use it and how to use each crystal in an optimum manner.


Quartz crystals are the most powerful energy amplifiers of all crystals. It is well known for raising your vibration, assisting you in gaining clarity on your needs, and enhancing whatever purpose you infuse it with. As a result, it’s the ideal crystal for manifesting. A transparent quartz is usually used to intensify your purpose. It will boost your luck, mental balance, and the ability to send good energies out into the world.

Who should use it

They are best for someone who is just a beginner for manifestation because it helps in manifesting anything and everything, especially abundance of everything. It amplifies the strength of one’s manifestations and connects one to positive energies and vibrations in life.

Ways to use it

Meditate with them, imagine, and verbalize your wishes while holding Quartz crystals. You may even put them on a snapshot or a list of things you’d like to manifest.

Write your wishes on a sheet of paper, seal it with red or yellow wax, and place a Clear Quartz on top of it. This exercise will provide you with a burst of powerful energy that can appear in a multitude of ways, but it will eventually assist you in reaching your goals. Clear Quartz even cleanses all the other crystals, so it’s a good idea to have it at the heart of the crystal manifestation.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

Obsidian assists us in letting go of old habits and values that no longer support us, allowing us to embrace transition and fresh experiences. If you’re having trouble with restrictive values or pessimistic thinking patterns while manifesting your goals, then Black obsidian is the crystal to choose.

Black Obsidian is the stone to break contact with negativity and any ideology that isn’t helping you or your manifestation because of its protective strength, thick texture, and sharp edges.

Who should use it

It can serve as the best crystal for manifesting for those people who are trying to let go of unhealthy addictions like that of alcohol or smoking, etc. It helps in manifesting change and evolution from current life status. If there is anything which is holding you back from starting a new business, giving a shot at proposing to your lover or starting to exercise to get your dream body, Black Obsidian is the crystal for you.

Ways to use it

Before going to sleep at night, make it a habit to keep Obsidian under your pillow to alleviate mental stress and troubling thoughts you may have. You can also use it for meditating in a peaceful environment to get clarity and identify limitations that prevent you from manifesting your desires.


Pyrite - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

Pyrite is highly regarded as a good luck and fortune crystal, and hence is famous among the best crystals for manifesting money. It has great grounding qualities, which lead to financial success in life. Pyrite is also a stone that opens the heart. 

This crystal aids in directly accessing the money vibration center, which opens the eyes to an infinite number of financial possibilities, be it a career, a promotion, or a business opportunity, there’s something for everybody.

By removing the poverty mentality and restricting attitudes towards money, this stone aids in attracting vast sums of wealth and financial abundance. 

Who should use it

It is of great use to those who want to manifest money, a new job opportunity, financial successes and more. Pyrite aids in directly accessing the money vibration center, which opens the eyes to a plethora of financial opportunities like employment, promotions, and career openings are all possibilities.

Ways to use it

Wear a piece of Pyrite when brainstorming new business plans or place it under some money or on your desk at work. If wearing it is not possible, keep it on your work desk, in your pocket, on your altar, or in your fortune corner

To manifest financial stability, abundance, and general luck in accumulating money, combine Pyrite and Citrine. We know these both to be the best crystals for manifesting success. Whether you wear a necklace or ring, it’s possible that it’ll be bejeweled. Try cufflinks or a powerful ring if you like anything more “understated.”

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

Rose quartz is a crystal with deep love vibrations and is hence famously known as one of the best crystals for manifesting love. This stone helps to rebuild hope, become compassionate and attract new romantic relationships in life. Moreover, it’s helpful to amplify self-love and recover from the past by appealing to the heart chakra and tapping into the sacred feminine force.

For manifesting something that appeals to the soul, this stone is a powerful ally. Infuse your rose quartz with your love-related purpose and watch as it manifests in infinite ways.

Who should use it

Rose quartz can be ideal for those who are looking for love in their life, are in search of their soulmate, or it may also reignite love and passion for those who are unhappy in their married lives or are facing issues. 

Ways to use it

Wear rose quartz on a necklace close to your heart to open up your heart chakra, or hold it next to your bed to foster relationship peace and unconditional love. To attract a boyfriend or girlfriend, place it in your home or room’s relationship location.

To manifest more romantic bonds and love experiences in your real life, combine Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz. To manifest your erotic impulses and desires, combine Rose Quartz with Carnelian and/or Garnet.

Combine Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli whether you’re looking for your Twin Flame or Soulmate. Along the way, you might also experience a sense of enlightenment and unconditional love for yourself.

Hematite Stone

The vibration of Hematite helps radiate energies of clarity and prevents a person from over-analyzing every event of their life. It is linked to Iron; a heavy and strong metal found in our blood and helps in cleansing.

Through connecting your mind to your body and grounding you back to earth, this stone functions like a sponge, absorbing negative thoughts and energies because of its density.

It’s best for manifesting your goals, as it empowers the user to stand firm on both feet, grounding and possessing the stamina and power to accomplish goals, are all benefits of hematite. 

Who should use it

It’s a natural fit for Capricorns and Saturn-ruled citizens because it complements their hardworking and “over-achieving” personalities.

People who don’t have or have a troublesome Saturn presence in their natal chart should try adding Hematite to their arsenal because it has a lot of promise for assisting them on their path to greatness.

Ways to use it

You can use hematite as a manifestation stone by carrying it around with you in your purse or pocket. Wearing it is less preferred because of its iron ore. A common way is to put it near your head or near your bed while sleeping.


Citrine - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

Also known as the money stone, this is one of the best crystals for manifesting abundance and prosperity. Its sound will assist you in raising your vibration, elevating your mood, and shifting your outlook to one of optimism, stability, and abundance.

It’s a cheerful, vibrant stone that brings good fortune, boosts personal strength (by improving self-esteem, mental clarity, and willpower), and clears negative energies. 

Who should use it

People who are looking for manifesting abundance and have the goal of making a lot of money in life should use this stone. They will enjoy the process of it by maintaining a healthy approach towards work. It helps in moving past financial traumas and bad experiences with its radiant and refreshing energy.

Ways to use it

To unlock the manifestation powers of a citrine stone, place it in your office, next to your phone, in your bag, or on yourself, and get ready to open the doors to abundance. To focus on manifesting money, place it in the cash register, wallet or work desk.

Make sure it is with you while you are brainstorming new ideas or coming up with business project proposals!


Malachite - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

Malachite is a transformational crystal. If transformation takes the form of combining pure love and one’s well-being, security, or spiritual evolution on this plane, it often results in positive change as it’s directly linked with the heart chakra.

Malachite aids spiritual growth. Meditation or the deliberate use of this stone in spiritual activities will result in increased and all-encompassing spiritual development.

Malachite is also a stone of luck, wealth, and abundance. This is one aspect of turning a physical or emotional state of scarcity into a state of excess, hence we can consider it being one of the best crystals for manifesting a home. This stone also enhances one’s success by taking in productive and profitable employment in one’s life.

Who should use it

People looking for spiritual guidance and gaining wisdom from life lessons should manifest using malachite. It is also useful for manifesting transformation of circumstances from stagnant times to a life of abundance, success, and joy.

Ways to use it

The most basic approach is to lie down and put a Malachite gemstone over your chest. Allow the Malachite to do its job by clearing the mind, relaxing, and breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Throughout the day, a Malachite pendant, brooch, or necklace will help unblock or hold the Heart Chakra open.


Amethyst - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

One of the most spiritual stones is amethyst. It provides a conducive atmosphere manifesting personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Through its high vibration, this crystal resonates well with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye. It aids in the expansion of consciousness and the development of intuition and meditation skills. Amethyst will also assist you in staying grounded when opening metaphysical channels.

Who should use it

People who have trouble trusting their intuition and want to go on a positive path in life, amethyst is a good crystal for them. It is also an affordable stone with amazing qualities, compared to relatively expensive stones like citrine. 

Ways to use it

Amethyst should be used in meditation to help you connect with your emotions, improve mental focus, and relax your mind. Place it in your house, workplace, or car to clear negative energy and allow you to flourish in your setting with positive vibes all around!

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

One of the luckiest crystals is green aventurine. Its name is derived from the Latin Aventura, which means opportunity, and it is beneficial for manifesting prosperity and good money. This is why it is considered to be one of the best crystals for manifesting a job.

Popularly, it is also called the Stone of Chance. This heart-centered crystal supports a positive outlook and facilitates greater success whether you’re financially constrained or feel your emotions are based on what you don’t have.

It also aids in the maintenance of vitality and a healthy mindset during periods of adversity – something that almost any company owner faces at some point.

Who should use it

People involved in business or other activities where risk-taking and chance probability is the norm, they should carry this crystal with them as it promotes desirable outcomes in life. People manifesting money and growth can find this stone beneficial.

Ways to use it

Often people manifest their wishes and aspirations by holding a piece tightly in their hands. Others swear that taking some to the slots, racetracks, or game nights is a good idea. We suggest holding a slice of Lapis Lazuli or Jet alongside Green Aventurine to improve your luck.

Green Jade

Green Jade - Most Popular Crystals for Manifesting

Green Jade is a strong manifesting crystal that allows you to communicate with your higher selves more deeply. It is a great stone for clarity of the mind and new opportunities in life, which may result in an abundance of luxuries in life.

Green Jade also helps with bigger ambitions, by uplifting restricting values, unblocking opposition, and drawing out strong energies. Wearers of this stone also experience increased mental insight and emotional equilibrium, allowing them to have a better sense of who they are.

Who should use it

In a lot of cultures, people use green jade to manifest money and success in life. People who want to achieve big things in life, but aren’t able to do so should manifest their goals with this crystal.

Ways to use it

Green jade is mostly used to make jewelry and is a rather attractive one instead, some people like to wear their stones and crystals on their bodies.

You can use this stone as a crystal for manifesting in your dreams by placing it on your forehead while sleeping, or you can actually keep it in your hand throughout the day.

How To Choose the Crystal That Matches Your Goal

When the New Year approaches, an increasing number of people want to purchase crystals. What is the reason for this? People make personal goals for themselves in the form of new year resolutions and use crystals to manifest!

Crystals are ideal for any energy work that aids you in achieving your goals. That is why identifying and using the right crystals to manifest your intentions is critical. Here are the steps to identify the best crystals for manifesting:

  • Be clear with your goals. You can be manifesting love, a job, money, a home, success, abundance, etc. Give them a priority and wholeheartedly believe that one day, they will come true.
  • Identify what human qualities will help you work towards your goals and buy crystals that help you inculcate and improve those natural energies within you. 
  • Remember, crystals don’t do magic. They only serve to maximize the forces within you so that you can attract what you want. For example, in reality, no crystal will suddenly shower you with money but instead equip you with the motivation to work hard, let go of doubts and be open to new opportunities.
  • Take your weaknesses into account. Everybody is different and certain crystals may help alleviate certain problems or traumas faced in your life experiences.
  • Read trusted sources like this one for research and select the crystal that ultimately feels right to you.

How To Choose the Crystal That Matches Your Goal

Methods for Using Crystals for Best Results

There is no fixed way to use crystals, you decide what works for you. However, there are certain things you can follow while using crystals to make sure you are using them to get the best possible results and are reaping what you are manifesting.

Charge Your Crystal With Intention

When working with crystals, you must be as precise as possible with your aim and intention. And though stones already have the properties that will assist you in achieving a specific objective, you’ll need to take a few minutes to express your plans to them.

Only use positive and optimistic words when writing or saying an affirmation. Negative phrases like “not” and “no” should never be used. For example, while using the rose quartz for finding love, say things like “I am a wonderful person deserving of love. Having a partner in my life will make my life more beautiful and enjoyable. Try to envision your end goal and how satisfied you will be with a companion.

Positioning and Usage

One way to do this is to simply keep the Crystal in your lap, close your eyes, and repeat a powerful affirmation unique to the wish or purpose you want to manifest to charge it with good intentions.

Clusters of crystals or larger stones should be arranged in front of you on the board; place one hand on each side. Do this for at least 30 minutes in a peaceful spot where you will be alone and uninterrupted. It’s perfectly acceptable to listen to soothing songs or sound therapy.

Wear Crystals as Jewelry

Not only do they look nice on you, but skin touch with your healing stone is the most effective way to activate its healing properties. Crystal jewelry is available in the form of braces, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, which can be made by hand or purchased.

Wearing crystals is the most effective way to remain attached to their strength and fully use it. This is because it is believed that skin-to-skin contact helps in the best possible transfer of its energies and vibrations onto the wearer. Hence, if you can wear your crystal as an accessory for manifesting your desires, then surely go ahead and do it!

Carry It Around With You

You can carry the crystals in your every-day life. A good idea would be to keep them in your pocket or just put in your purse. Keeping it close to yourself as you go about your daily activities in your life can allow the crystal’s energy to penetrate all aspects of your life. 

Using one on your desk or in your workspace is often a good idea, since you’ll be able to see it when you’re working and focused. Making your crystal a part of everything that you do will keep you in constant touch with it and it will continually remind you of the reason why it is there.

Meditate With the Crystal

Holding your crystals in your hands or sitting them on your knees as you meditate acts as an energy stream to bind you to the great divine!

Meditation is an excellent tool for helping you manifest in general and mixing the two would be immensely beneficial to you.

Put Them in Water and Drink It

Did you know that water has the ability to carry an intention? Water responds to various types of energy, whether negative or positive, according to an experiment. When you drink water that has been filled with electricity, you are ingesting that energy into your bloodstream.

So, dipping the crystal in water and letting it sit within for some time allows the crystal’s energies and qualities to vibrate throughout the water and finally go into your body when you drink it. 


All of these crystals either specifically assist you in manifesting a particular purpose or assist you in cultivating a supportive personality or attribute in the manifestation process.

Apart from their ornamental quality, crystals are the best friend of someone serious about manifestation, because they help a person boost their vibrations and keep in tune with your heart’s deepest wishes.

Don’t be afraid to collect a variety of crystals as long as they’re energetically consistent with one another and your goals! Try out a few of these crystals and see which one you choose for manifesting. Crystals are a really personal matter, so choose the ones that speak to you. Your intuition, as always, is the perfect guide. Good luck with the manifestations!