Most Popular Crystals for Love

Ever been told to use crystals when you’re in a fix in matters of health, love, relationships, business, or career? Well, you’re not alone. These marvelous-looking solids have been around for a long time and are well known for their healing properties and channeling energy from their surroundings.

Out of all the troubles they help us with, love has got to be the most common one. The search for true love or a soulmate is a task that might require assistance.

There is wide use of crystals for manifesting love when seeking a romantic relationship or looking to reinforce one that already exists. Crystals have the potential to be your strong allies when it comes to the search for the perfect relationship.

However, there is an abundance in the variety of crystals serving different purposes. So, if you’re looking for a guide to finding the most popular crystals for love, then this article will suffice your needs.

Crystal Formation and Its Significance

Crystals form when liquids in nature harden and solidify. This process is called crystallization. Since they come from the earth itself, they use energy from the natural elements to bring changes to their environment and in turn affect their energy.

Crystals are becoming increasingly common as a means of practicing self-care and are known to have multiple health and healing benefits.

Most Popular Crystals for Love

Best Crystals for Love

The crystals for love help with emotional healing and resilience and act as love magnets. They assist you in resolving behaviors that prevent you from falling in love and creating new patterns that promote healthy interaction and long-term relationships.

Love is not just limited to a search for a soulmate or someone who completes you but could also be about developing a rich bond with yourself. So, listed below are some of the best crystals for attracting and manifesting love in one’s life:

Rose Quartz

One of the most common and among the best crystals for love, rose quartz is the stone to hold if you want to attract love. It is the crystal of unconditional love, and it aids in the formation of new relationships and the strengthening of existing ones. It exudes gentle feminine energy of love, kindness, and sensuality.

Rose Quartz increases your levels of honesty, tolerance, and a genuine and loyal love. It can help heal a broken heart by reducing tension and feelings of envy and anger. It often aids in healing old wounds and opens up the heart to believe in love.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine - Most Popular Crystals for Love

This crystal is the best choice to clear uncertainties, doubts, and anxieties related to past or new relations and boost one’s confidence. It increases the willingness to be open to new ideas and experiences.

Associated with the heart chakra, it helps you weather the highs and lows of a new relationship while also assisting in its maturation.

It draws in positive energies while grounding the negative ones. Not only that, but this crystal is also associated with prosperity, wealth, and good fortune in other areas of life.


Garnet - Most Popular Crystals for Love

It is a powerful crystal for physical love, and it will help you communicate with your sensual energies. It’s thought to be a lucky stone for love because it helps let go of old habits and boosts your self-esteem.

Garnet is a stone of manifestation, performance, and passion. Instead of falling into the traps of confusion and envy, it gives you the courage to ask for what you want, to be clear in your desires, and to form beautiful bonds.


Malachite is a lovely green stone that protects you from heartbreak and helps you open up. It helps in improving the way you present yourself in relationships. It reminds you to maintain a positive attitude and be accepting to all kinds of love.

Malachite is a heart chakra connector that helps you shift from a position of doubt to one of confidence and intent by granting a deep understanding of spirit.


Amethyst - Most Popular Crystals for Love

Amethyst, also known as the stone of harmony, will help you gain much-needed clarity in your life. This purple crystal encourages healing and fosters peace. It acts as an aid after a bad relationship and helps in strengthening it. It also serves as a vow of loyalty. It is considered a powerful stone for boosting self-esteem and bringing peace and healing. It also aids in the management of anger and temperamental problems.


Rhodochrosite - Most Popular Crystals for Love

Rhodochrosite – the “rock of the compassionate heart”- reminds you to do the work of peeling back your layers and working through the feelings and problems that might be preventing you from receiving the love you deserve.

Allowing yourself to accept and release this energy will help you recover and regain your trust. It improves romantic love by fostering feelings of self-love and compassion, keeping the heart clear and open while also emphasizing the importance of prioritizing one’s own needs.


Moonstone - Most Popular Crystals for Love

A stone of fertility and often referred to as the “crystal of new beginnings,” Moonstone is an excellent option whether you want to feel at ease and balanced when searching for love or sustaining an existing relationship.

It has protective feminine energy that balances emotions and encourages you to remain calm in stressful, heated, or overwhelming situations.

It is a natural defensive shield that assists in balancing energies surrounding people. It’s also thought to help reconcile divorced lovers. It is said to have a warm and caring vibration that allows the heart to open up to acceptance.


Carnelian - Most Popular Crystals for Love

Carnelian is a fiery red stone that symbolizes resilience, joy, and bravery. The seduction stone opens and energizes the sacral chakra, awakening sexual forces and assisting you in manifesting your sensuality.

It is the ultimate stone for innovation, boosting morale, and generating creative energy. It encourages us to take chances and try new things, which relieves us of our fears.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is all about teamwork and collaboration. It also encourages one to be open and truthful. It puts you in control of drawing people closer by channeling positive energies. It’s linked to clear thinking because it allows you to see your situation or relationship for what it is, unadulterated and unfiltered. As a result, it will assist you in realizing stuff and making choices.

How To Put Them To Use

Mentioned above were some of the best crystals for manifesting love. However, knowing names doesn’t suffice. One must also know how to make use of these crystals. Listed here are some of the ways to employ these crystals to their best use:

Meditate with your crystals

Tune in to the energy of your stone by sitting in a safe, comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes. Set your purpose by gathering your stones and holding them in your left hand with your right hand over them. Focus on the energy of the crystal and your own breathing.

Wear them

It’s a good thing that all these crystals are gorgeous in the way they look. Having necklaces, rings, or bracelets made out of these crystals allows for an easy and stylish means of accessory which comes with a bonus of various other mental and physical benefits.

Carry them with you

If you’re not big on jewelry or accessories then carry the crystals around with you. Due to their small size, it is convenient to take them in your purse, pocket, bag, etc.

Create an altar for them

Creating a separate space for your crystals is great means to realize their potential. The altar acts as a focal point for their power and keeps the crystals energized. Whatever location you select for your altar, keep in mind that it should provide you with peace and a sense of calm.

Crystal grids

Crystal grids are a sacred geometric shape made up of energetically aligned crystals charged with an intention for manifestation. To feel secure in your method, do some research into placement as well as enabling the grid.

Cleansing and Charging your Crystals

Charging crystals is an equally important step towards realizing their full potential. We now look upon the need and methods to charge a crystal.

Why clean or charge a crystal?

While crystals can absorb and store positive energy, they can also store negative energy over time. That is why it is so important to cleanse and charge them regularly. The process of cleansing rids the crystal of any negative or unwanted energy that it might have stored inside. Charging replenishes the power of the crystal. This process allows the crystal to function with more vibrancy and leads to a better realization of your goals.


Moonlight and sunlight bath

Both of these are easy and cheap methods. It’s good to leave the crystals out in the sun for a few hours and then under the moon for a day. Transitions are aided by the moon’s power. Full moons, which represent new beginnings, are ideal energy sources for your crystals. The masculine equivalent of celestial light energy is sunlight. It contrasts with the gentle, delicate, and feminine energy of moonlight and even balances it.


One can also bury a crystal in the ground for a few days or weeks, depending on the amount of cleansing needed. The harmful energies are believed to flow out of the crystal and into the soil. The crystal can be buried in the ground directly or in a box for later retrieval.

Singing bowl/tuning fork

Chanting, humming, singing pots, and bells have all been used to purify artifacts, people, and locations. To do this strike the surface of a singing bowl or tuning fork next to a crystal. Keep in mind that the sound you produce must have a higher frequency than the crystal you’re attempting to cleanse.

Passing through smoke or smudging

When some plants and herbs are burned, the smoke is believed to have purifying properties. Waft the smoke from plants like Sage, Cedarwood, Palo Santo, or sandalwood over and around the crystal. One can also pass the crystal through the smoke several times.


Salt is known for absorbing any harmful or unwanted energy from its surroundings. You can purify your crystals with salt by washing them in salty water, placing them in a circle of salt, or burying them in salt. Later on, throw away the salt used in the process. Once all clean and charged, you are all set to use these crystals for manifesting love and, to attract your soulmate. Read more: Which Crystals Cannot Be Cleansed in Salt Water

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the crystals for love and marriage?

Emerald stone, Malachite, and Amethyst are among the crystals that are beneficial for love and marriage. Emerald signifies hope and good fortune and is great for stable relationships. Malachite and Amethyst, respectively, foster trust and harmony in a relationship.

Do crystals bring back lovers?

A crystal’s work, although subtle, is to bring about a change in the environment and energy surrounding it. It might not just make your lover drop down to their knees but, it will surely help you gather the guts to face them.

The majestic blue crystal of Lapis Lazuli helps in bringing about harmony in a relationship and improves communication between the partners. Other crystals like Rose Quartz and Jade can also prove useful in such a case.

Which crystal brings in money?

With the right crystals, one can remove the impediments to greater prosperity. Crystals like Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, and Citrine help in bringing about prosperity, good fortune, and wealth.

Pyrite enhances vitality and the quality of persistence, which are irreplaceable assets in a workplace. Citrine is known for its ability to manifest success and growth in business.

Which crystal is responsible for love and protection?

Black tourmaline and Amethyst are among the frequently used crystals for protection from negative energies. Black tourmaline helps ground negative and compulsive thoughts. Amethyst not only helps in breaking obsessive patterns of behavior but has long been used for its physical benefits as well.


Crystals are like an extension of nature and the earth itself. They can be incredibly powerful and help us achieve and manifest our goals if used correctly. A variety of stones out there are used for different purposes and Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Malachite, Rhodochrosite are among the best crystals for love.

A person can also use several crystals together to achieve their personal goals. Proper use of these crystals along with their regular cleansing and charging can help you attract potential soulmates and find the perfect match for you.