Clairaudience: What You Need to Know & How to Develop

Clairaudience allows you to clearly hear something beyond the normal range. It comes in a wide variety and will make you go crazy if you don’t know what is happening around. This is also how intuition and guidance come in and are realized by you.

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What is Clairaudience

Do you know what is clairaudience? Well, it’s a type of clairvoyance or extrasensory perception where one hears outside signals through their auditory perception or what a recipient thinks about it. It’s the ability to perceive clear sounds, while clairvoyance is more about clear sight.

Beyond the psychic or channeling definitions, this clairaudient experience is best understood when you try to observe a dog’s capacity to tune into frequencies that no human ear can achieve on the normal range. However, this ability isn’t similar to a dog whistle test done on humans. Those with this kind of gift are enabled to hear clear messages from departed spirits, spirit guides, and other recognized and unrecognized entities.

Just like extrasensory perception, it’s a capacity possessed by some humans in varying degrees. The most typical example of a clairaudient experience is the appearance of a familiar human event known as a crisis of conscience. The tiny voice which you hear deep down inside will warn humans for possible ramifications of some future acts. It may then be considered a simple ethical question, but there are also those who struggle with their consciences and hear clear messages, which are examples of a clairaudient experience.

How spirit guides are present in people’s lives are strongly supported here. It also implies that silly, unrefined and unexplainable thoughts popping up to one’s head may have resorted to the mischievous side of one’s spirit guide. This then is communicated through clairaudience.

Signs of Developing Clairaudience

A clairaudient ability can happen at any point in your life, probably starting from birth until you die. If you’re gifted with clairaudience, you hear a Spirit speaking in your environment or within your mind. Many clairaudients are utilizing these capabilities without realizing it.

A clairaudient ability may be construed as a mental illness, but the similarities stop there, as you can use clairaudient mediums. Here you can control the spirit voices and have them written down for functionality. So, below are some signs that you’re gifted with these abilities:

You hear messages that sound like they were delivered specifically for you

Some signs of developing clairaudience are hearing your name when you see no one is around. You may be hearing some words from your spirit guides, tones, bells or music. An individual may be hearing sounds from a dog, even if there is none around.

Sometimes, you hear noises like loud cracks coming from the stellar, although they may not sound pleasant. The stellar consists of several heavenly bodies, activities and energy that only a clairaudient person can see. This can be bothering phenomena but it happens in the early development, which is quite common.

You have a tendency to talk to yourself

You try to think and ponder on the replies you give for a certain situation. Try to calm down and talk to yourself when you’re in a stressful event. If you find solutions to all your replies and are calming you down, this can be a way on how to develop clairaudience, and you have conversed with a Spirit.

This is clairaudience, and you may need to go to a secluded area to stay focused on what message the Spirit is trying to relay. If you hear human voices, then it’s telepathy. So, clear your mind and verify if the Spirit’s message is real.

Do you have imaginary friends when you were still a child?

This often happens among children while they are talking to imaginary friends which can be a guardian spirit. Having a dog companion which you as a child are talking to makes you aware of a spirit guide.

If you were conversing with unseen friends, then this is simply a clairaudient experience. Sometimes, it can be mistaken as a mental illness, but if you tell your children that this is a childish or bad experience, it will eventually fade as the child gets older.

Do you long for some peace and silence?

Though being in solitude is a distinction for an introvert quality, the clairaudient meaning here is having the quietness a reason to listen to his own wisdom.

There are so many people hearing voices of their guides very clearly, and this could mean having a meditative space. But for situations demanding your wisdom, the voices you hear from the other world can die out in your noisy, daily life.

Do you hear high-pitched, ringing or other unusual noises?

If you have no medical reason to hear these unusual voices, it can then be the Spirit guides wanting them to be recognized by you.

Spiritual traditions can exist in varying noises, such as tinkling, bells or buzzing. Many times, other people hear these types of noises from time to time.

Can you communicate through the transference of thoughts?

Clairaudience is conversing telepathically with humans, animals and plants. Are you aware of what your animals may need?

Do you think your pet will sit somewhere or have him seated just like you thought? Do you have a family member or loved one where you can connect and know what he is thinking? This is some form of clairaudient experience.

Clairaudience Test and Development

If you want to experience clairaudience test and development, it doesn’t mean you’re going crazy. This is simply a clairaudient experience if you hear voices in or out of your head. It may have long developed in childhood where your inner voice tries to mention something so random that you would try to disregard it. This is similar to thinking of food you like to eat in your meal, while your wife is also thinking about that.

You may mistake it as clairvoyance or to see it clearly, but you’re hearing it clearly, which means clairaudience. You never even realize that it’s a random event happening.

Sometimes, you hear random words that will slip through the usual clutter of thoughts that run within your mind. It usually happens during quiet moments or when you’re simply meditating. In your daily life, the clear messages you often hear just get lost through your usual conversations. Therefore, you need to be more focused and attuned so you can catch the message recognized by your clairaudient experience.

So, you can practice and master some clairaudience exercises, you’ll need a notepad or recorder whenever you’re meditating. You will need to concentrate on this ability, note and speak those words, phrases or images that pop up to your mind while meditating. This will help you recognize the sounds, listen to it and see the images you want to realize especially in the future.

However, one may not find the best psychic test appropriate to this nature of ability. It can really be difficult for someone or something from the other side to communicate with you. The best advice given is to concentrate on the form of meditation you’re following to make you recognize the message as they come.

Use a voice recorder and listen to the voices you hear. Over time, you’ll learn if the voices you hear are yours or coming from another side. It’s a way to hone your abilities and skills.

Psychic Clairaudience and Mental Illness

People gifted with a clairaudient experience are often frightened and worried. They may hear ringing or popping noises in and out of their ears without seeing or being with someone in their home. The noise they hear is unexplainable.

So, is clairaudience dangerous? If you’re experiencing, violent, harmful or critical voices or having a constant ringing in your ears, this you need to consult a health professional. However, if you can manage the spiritual gift, then you’ll just have to hear those voices inside your head and never have to worry if it’s a mental illness happening to you. You hear the Spirits of the deceased, angels and spirit guides.

To have some peace of mind, here is how clairaudience is different from mental illness:

  • Through constant training and practice, the clairaudient experience can be easily controlled depending on the situation.
  • Spirit voices come suddenly and briefly without prolonged running noise.
  • You can have a genuine dialogue with the spirit voices, answering their questions, and providing some feedback.
  • Spirit voices tend to be functional and never resort to harmful behavior.
  • Spirit voices are mild, safe, logical and very compassionate.

If you want to improve or perfect your clairaudient skills, then you need to approach a spiritual adviser to tell you all about what you’re experiencing. The spiritual practitioner can also give you references on books and other resources you can read for development.

Clairaudience is that tiny inner voice inside you that gives you warnings, you give guidance or information. It is meant to talk when you are in a critical situation or when you make a critical choice, to make and that this decision will have a big change in your life.

If you are a medium you will be able to listen to the information given to you of the spirits to pass it on to the clients. Or, if you do not have the gift of clairaudience, do not worry! If you have the potential this can be developed, although I have to tell you that not everyone has this gift. In this article, we will give a couple of exercises for the development of clairaudience. So if you like to know how to develop clairaudience, then read on.

If clairaudience is one of the natural gifts intuitive, that refers to Being or Higher Self and Spiritual Guides will use mostly the means to communicate with you. They do it by means of sounds, words, voices, and songs with which you are familiar with. These can be internal (what we call your internal ears) or you can hear them with your physical ears. It is possible to hear voices in your dreams like you’re almost asleep or awakening.

Clairaudients tend to listen to more than most people. People who are disturbed by loud noises have a natural predisposition towards clairaudience due to their sensitivity. So if you are wondering what the whisper in my ear meaning is, then you should be aware that it is clairaudience.

Clairaudients often hear sounds that sound like bells – and some clairaudients interpret these timbres as a signal that they must pay attention and consciously attune themselves to their intuition.

Musicians are often clairaudient. There are many stories of composers who have heard or dreamed a melody to and internally in your mind or your internal or external ears before having written on paper.

The first step in the development of clairaudience is really tuned to the sense of hearing, knowing how to listen carefully.

Clairaudience Exercises

Clairaudience Exercises

It is clear that we all need to have that open sixth sense, especially when things happen to us that maybe we could even avoid wisely if we had our attention and open intuition. For these we need to trust ourselves, and also some accumulated hours of meditation, this is for those who seek the path of personal meditation, or there are also people who combine meditation and magical plants.

Like the Yage, which is a master plant that takes us in the middle of a very complex dimensional process, towards the awakening and healing of our pineal gland or third eye. However, not everyone wants the same, if you like to do it yourself, then we recommend 4 points that are basic:

Pay Attention to Your Dreams

We always dream, what happens is that our mind enters the morning and erases all memories because we wake up with worries or completely inattentive. It is necessary to forge a discipline with dreams, we need to make a diary, and so we can begin to understand them. Repeat as many times as necessary until you get the answer to your question or situation.

Meditation with Candles and Mirrors

The following is a very good one because it introduces us to the magical meditations where we can find in the mirrors very good astral portals for the worlds, the important thing is always to have a sacred mirror, a new one for that purpose, and not to use it and see all the days. In addition to this, you need a white, simple gate.

  • Yoga position, or anyone who leaves you in front of the mirror,
  • Put the candle to the right or left, where your face can be seen.
  • Begin meditation with a mantra “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”
  • While using this mantra we visualize how our chakra on the forehead opens up.
  • Imagination is the door of clairvoyance, do not underestimate yourself,
  • After a minimum of 20 min. in this exercise, we move on to the next one.
  • We look closely at the mirror and begin to pay attention to the periphery of the image in front. The most interesting thing about this is to start seeing changing patterns, and how we begin to see our own aura. Of course, the process lasts its time and requires effort.
  • Close with meditation and relaxation music.

Clairvoyance Can Also Be Clairaudience

Develop your clairaudience by concentrating on the sounds of your imagination. To develop your clairaudience you need to learn to fine-tune your sensitivity to the sounds around you and within you.

When you lie down in your bed at night, listen consciously to the sounds that you usually do not pay attention to. Separate and identify each one. Choose as many as possible before going to sleep and repeat this for a week.

Listen to your clairaudient guide. Imagine yourself tuning in to radio and tuning into your clairaudience channel. Start asking questions and listen to any word you get in response. These words can be soft or strong, sensitive or confusing, but once you hear an answer, you should analyze its meaning.

Work on Your Clear Sensibility

One of the best ways to develop clear sensibility is to try to capture the energy and feelings of another person. You can practice this in several ways. Ask a friend to show you a picture of someone he or she knows well, but you do not know.

Look at the eyes of the person in the photo and try to determine how that person felt at the time it was taken. Ask yourself if that person is someone reliable and if there is anything else that stands out. Check with your friend to see how much you guessed right.

Ask a friend to give you an object that belongs to someone you do not know, but that he knows well. The object must be something that the person habitually uses since these objects are more likely to absorb more energy.

Learn to Ask Question

To do this, you think of a question that is highly relevant to your life may it be for your adoration, excellence in school or even new position at work.

Once you are done figure outing the question, you take a sit, breath in and out for some time, and relax. This time, you think of the question again, focus your mind on your question; start to visualize things that are very relevant to you. This is best done in a quiet and solemn area.

Listen to New Sounds

By doing this, it is highly recommended to do this in a very quiet place; so, choose a time where you can spend some time alone at home. Turn everything off; the television, music and radio. Technically, all you need to have is a very quiet place for you to hear and focus on the sounds that you can hear and recognize them. Through this, it can help you open your senses and later transcends to open new channels.

Connect with Your Own Intuition

As we all know, we all have our own and respective intuition and it is up to us whether we listen to them or just ignore. This point of your life, whether you are in the midst of a crisis you should take some time to listen and connect to your intuitions; with this, it can help you make a wiser and good decision. Technically, the above exercises are very easy to do for you to hone and develop your clairaudience.

Some Tips for Developing This Ability

The first attitude is to start with self-knowledge. It is the main path that will lead you to a quieter path in this work. Only through self-awareness will you be aware of the weaknesses of your personality that can open the door to the influence of negative consciousnesses, entities, and forces of nature.

Another very important point is to have patience with yourself. You are at the beginning of this journey, so you are still learning to deal with the energies you have captured, so it is normal to have your energy field unbalanced. Do not be afraid if you are wondering if is clairaudience dangerous, it is not.

So have patience and a good tip to minimize the energy imbalance is paying close attention to your eating and lifestyle habits. You will soon find yourself hearing voices spiritual awakening, very soon.

Have healthy eating habits in your routine, eat light foods, avoid alcohol and hydrate yourself very well, drink plenty of water. Practice regular physical exercise. Being in touch with nature will also recharge your battery and activate your intuitive process.

Be careful not to use your mediumship for personal purposes and to take advantage of other people. This energy of selfishness that is emanated from attitudes of this kind magnetically attracts entities that have an affinity with this kind of behavior.

In this journey it is essential to distinguish what is of the world, that is, to be aware of the functioning of the system that governs the physical plane. Be aware of the human being’s ills and what is the predominant pattern of conduct here.

You are incarnate and subject to all energies, it is not because you are a medium, that you will be immune to it. Be present in the world, but not necessarily the world. Breathing exercises very much, they recharge my energy field and so my aura is expanded and protects me for longer against dense energies. You can adopt some practice such as raja-yoga for example, which unites meditation and self-observation.

Take good care of your space, so that there is a favorable environment energetically. It is very good that the environments of your home have soft colors, plants, and crystals to aid in cleansing and energy balance. It is also good to do the daily exercise of being able to recognize your thoughts and feelings and to be able to differentiate them from the thoughts and feelings of others. By doing this you avoid mental and emotional confusion.

It will also enable you to work your thoughts and feelings and leave what is not yours to your true owner. Each time you realize that a particular thought or feeling does not belong to you, return it to where it came from. Do this with conscious intent. In time you begin to identify your inner voices. You will be able to differentiate what is, in fact, a communication, which is only a mental noise of its own and what is self-talk for the purpose of self-knowledge.

How To Know If You Are A Clairaudient

Have you ever discovered within yourself that you can hear voices even if there is no Clairaudience Exercisesone around you? Have you tried to listen and speak with that voice? Are you afraid of what is in store for you with such experience?

Do you wonder how these voices can affect your psychological being? If you are more terrified for having encountered such one of a kind experience then you should not simply because you are chosen to be unique and different from others; you are blessed with a gift that no one can take; you are a one true intuitive. Technically, you are called clairaudient for having acquired such a beautiful gift.

Technically, this is an ability to bodily hear pious guides, guidance from a hidden creature and psychic wisdom; or this is a capability to receive an intuitive vocal message from spirits or some other higher being.

These are the people who have the ability and capability to extend their sense of hearing to go beyond their everyday physical encounter with the world and to other levels of consciousness. In addition, these are the people who are highly intuitive with an ability to connect with the voice or spirits they hear and transmit it to a message.

Clairaudience’s message can actually include words, phrases, sound or music wherein the sounds that you might hear might be totally different from the normal voice that you hear every day such as; it is echoed from the other dimension of where you stand, inside your head or right next to you. Most often than not, you can hear these voices at times of emergency, crisis and some relevant time. See below scenario as your guide:

“One sunny afternoon, a boy Jhon who is eighteen years old was roaming around their village with his favorite bike. He kept on paddling it until such he saw an old house that looks terrifying because of its appearance (filled with tall grasses and leafy ground). With his curiosity, he then decided to get off from his bike and tried to move a step forward towards the house, and suddenly he heard a voice saying “Stay away”.

He startled as there was actually no other person around him but then he neglected what he heard and continued his steps. After a second, he once again heard the voice; this time he turned his way back, took the bike and went home. Later, he heard the news that there is a dead body found in the old house that he went to. At that moment, Jhon realized that the voice that he has heard is real and existing, and not just a thing that he thinks of. From that moment on, Jhon took the care to follow every voice he heard and feel secure as he thinks that is a gift that is given to him”

Indeed, there are some people that are being born with clairaudience whereby the voice that they hear will just appear on its own and they may just accept and acknowledge the existence of such ability. However, not all people are blessed with such a gift; in fact, some would invest some things just for them to acquire the skill and hone it.

Is Clairaudience Rare?

Generally, this is a rare condition that can happen to every person; in fact, not all are being given with this blessing. True enough, clairaudience is a gift although there are still some people who think that this kind of gift is just a curse that has been lifted through evil spirit wherein you can hear voices in the middle of the night when you are alone or just with somewhere else.

Commonly, a person who has this kind of gift is often associated to have psychotic problems but that is not true; in fact, there is a huge difference with a psychotic episode with a psychic episode. The former is being involved with leaving your existing reality and join with unrealistic or hallucinating situations while the latter presupposes that there is an additional element that augmented to your reality with normal functions of your existing situations. Most importantly, the latter actually happens from time to time and can give a favorable direction in your life.

The Significant Signs Of Developing Clairaudience

Generally, there are people where they are fully aware that they have clairaudient abilities but some does not even know that they have this intuitive power or gift that can help get a favorable result. Below are the significant signs for clairaudience.

You Can Hear Voices Even If No One Is Around

Commonly, you can hear voices whenever there are people talking even if it is one or two meters away but have you ever encounter hearing some voices or your name where no is around? This is an indicator that you have what it takes to have clairaudience. Perhaps, the voices that you will hear are soft ones.

You Can Enjoy Quiet Times

Technically, intuitive people are very sensitive, especially in the physical and emotional aspect. In fact, they feel annoyed, irritated, tired and ungrounded if they will be surrounded with too much noise. That is why; these kinds of people prefer to have a very quiet and solemn atmosphere.

You Mostly Talk to Yourself

If you can make conversation within yourself then it could mean that you have the gift of being clairaudient. In this way, you can easily recognize the voice or spirit that comes in your way.

Excellent Ideas and Creativity

If you are clairaudience then there is a higher probability that your mind and ideas are creative most especially you when you feel joyful and happy.

You Have an Imaginary Companion

These imaginary companions will associate as your Angels or acquainted spirits.

Connect with Your Soul Through Music

This is the moment where your soul is moved as you play your music and it can easily transcend your energy.

You Can Hear High Pitch Noise Inside Your Ears

Whenever you hear it, this is an indicator that your imaginary companion is around you. In this way, it can help you to easily recognize their presence.

You Can Learn with the Help of Your Auditory Channel

This is your best instrument to exercise your clairaudient skills.

You Can Hear Animals

This does not necessarily mean that they start to have a conversation with you but rather a way of making blocks of thought that can make you connect with them.

You Can Get Signs in Speeches or Songs

Generally, signs can make you connect with spirits and some other imaginary companion. In this way, a simple speech or song that you randomly hear is one way of making you connected and embraces them.

Clairaudience is a gift that not all is a privilege; this is a personal gift that only you can enjoy. If you have any of the signs mentioned above then it is an indicator that you have such one of a kind gift to prosper. Thus, be vigilant in your surroundings; know yourself a little bit more; get pleasure from your clairvoyant skills.

What Happens When You Have Clairaudience

Few are selected as the chosen one, few are labeled to be the most unique creature and few are given a gift for a lifetime. If you have been blessed with a gift but you do not know how to do with it then it is time for you to get to know them, accept and acknowledge the same. Most often than not, when people are given with one of a kind gift they tend to either abuse or it fears for it. When the time comes where you will discover some new things in your life then you should learn to embrace it as such clairaudience is one good example.

Commonly, clairaudience might cause anxiety and fear to some people who do not have the knowledge on how to deal with it but to tell you clairaudient’s actually hears of voices rather than a voice and these voices are often the voices of the spirit or your imaginary companion that can guide you and help you know the truth.

Generally, it will come from the different places in your surroundings and your inner critic will repeat the same old fantasies that you once had. Also, clairaudient people have the capacity to hear harmonies, tones and frequencies when they work with healers; and you can easily detect if the one you are talking is lying because you can either hear a very loud noise inside your head as they speak or the voice inside your head will help you understand the truth.

When Does Clairaudience Feel Tremendous

Technically, there is a lot of gradation that every clairaudient people can distinguish via the tonal nature of one’s reality; with this, they can easily read variety or readings to someone based on the tone of their voices and the perceptive healers are through the harmonic balance of one’s body. Actually, the sounds of nature are very soothing and magical for these kinds of people and can bring them to heightened ease.

Struggles You Might Experience As Clairaudience

Since clairaudient people have a gift and ability to hear voices or sounds; the most common struggle for them to manage and conquer are the noise pollution and chaotic sound or environment that they endure in everyday living. The challenges that you can encounter will you make you more sensitive to sound some infections in your ears and some other issues in your inner ear.

How Can You Easily Work with Your Clairaudience Gift 

A good set of meditation can help you work well with this kind of gift. Technically, you need to have a very good sense of silence and peace to enable you to get layers of information from within. Most often than not, through the breath to breath technique, you can acquire the silence or peace that you look for. Once you already get the silence that you desire, you can now start to meditate, receive the sound based on what you hear and the nature for its communication. Also, if you experience a voice that speaks to you do not be afraid but instead always put in your mind the calmness and help that they can offer to you. Along the way, it will lead you to open new doors and magical living where you can have access to your inner self, wisdom and guidance.

How Does Clairaudience Sound

As we all know, clairaudience is commonly heard internally(inside your head) but it can be heard sometimes in your regular hearing. However, the voices that you will hear are coming from a spirit so it is not necessarily mean that the voices or sound that you will encounter and or hear are from physical voices. Below are the ways where you can receive clairaudient messages, see discussion for your readings:

You Can Hear Your Own Voice Inside Your Head

Technically, clairaudience is a subtle and soft voice that you can hear where you may think that you hear your own voice inside your head. In addition, this could be your way of telepathic communication. Once you have honed this intuitive gift then there is no doubt where you can be able to distinguish your personal voice and the voice that the spirit produces.


Generally, with clairaudience, you can hear music, words or sound inside your head and these things it either has a symbolic or literal meaning. Thus, be very sensitive to every sound that you hear.

Physical Sound from Ether

Occasionally, you can hear sound, music, words externally through your regular hearing capacity however you can observe that there is no other way source of that sound because no one is around you and not even a thing are turning on the tune. Hence, you can hear ethereal sound or music through your normal hearing.

Voice of the Spirit

Technically, as you hear the voices of the spirit you can hear them through their own personal voices as they were alive but there is still sometimes where you can hear spirit telepathy voices, too. In addition, you do not have any reason to be scared with this clairaudience experience but instead, it can create a positive result.

The Clairaudience Warnings

Actually, if the person itself is suffering from physical or emotional stress and the team he is into a need to get the appropriated attention, chances are you will hear clairaudient warnings out loud. Commonly, this kind of scenario is not that scary but instead startles your being. Hence, you are lucky enough if your spiritual team utters the word “STOP”; in this way, it can help you get through your way.

Where Clairaudience Voices Came From

  • Your loved ones who have already passed
  • Your Spirit guide
  • From your inner and higher self

How Can I Develop Clairaudience

For you to hone and or develop clairaudience you basically need two things; one practice and second eagerness to learn. This formula sounds simple and easy to buy you need perseverance and focus for you to get your goal.

Now, one of the easiest ways for you to start the development personally practices your hearing skills. Actually, this can work best when you also train yourself to hear and encounter more in the physical world and being wherein this can help you to easily understand the words spirit’s voices. To acquire such, you close your eyes and allow taking a deep and soothing breath:

  • Set your personal intention that you want to boost your hearing abilities (psychic)
  • Relax your physical body and let your hearing dominant in your senses
  • Slowly and gently tune in the sounds that you do not usually hear on, such as the sound of air conditioning, refrigerator, breathing, drops of water and etc.

As you do this, do not forget to breathe in and out, and listen to your inner self. Do this for at least ten minutes in a day then you will be able to train your mind, body and clairaudience to receive the sound or voice that you need to hear. True enough, the above-mentioned ways are very efficient and effective to develop your clairaudience. Hence, do things that you need to do and help yourself acquire the goal.

Where Do Clairaudient Messages Come From

Many think that if they hear what is known in spiritual circles as a direct voice, they are getting a clear and pure message from their loved ones in the spiritual world because no human instrument is used. But this is not so, for the voice perceived by the assistant, though apparently unconnected with the physical, is actually produced by the etheric throat and vocal organ of the medium. Thus the direct voice, although perceived by a physical sense and apparently unrelated to the organs of speech, needs the etheric body of the medium in order to produce sound, and can thus be qualified by the mentality of the medium or animist.

In these cases, the laryngeal center(chakra) of the medium or animist is used. This center is immediately related to clairaudience. You can test when you are meditating. Focus on your laryngeal center(chakra) and you will be surprised to hear, and when you have learned the power of silence, the stillness of the spirit, you will be amazed to discover that your spiritual hearing has intensified.

Apart from the clairaudience of the etheric type already mentioned, let us consider spiritual clairaudience, the power to be receptive to the sacred sounds or vibrations of the purely spiritual world. Everyone can become receptive to the voice of the pure spirit. She speaks like a small, quiet voice within, the voice of consciousness.

Do not you think it strange that although you all yearn to hear the voice of the spirit, probably the last thing you want to hear is the voice of conscience? You, with many excuses, silence her, but, beloved children, listening to this voice is the foundation of the true path to clairaudience, or “of course to hear.”

The more aware you are with yourself, with the outer self, the outer mind, subjugating the personality so that the inner voice or the voice of consciousness can be heard, the faster you will progress to clairaudience.

You could consider yourself as a resonant box capable of responding to the vibrations of the higher worlds. The mind can interpret the sound from within the silence, which comes to you from the pure spirit world, and from the high astral world. The first step is to learn to listen. Do not fear, ignore or silence that inner voice. Admit it, receive it with joy. Admit it even when she tells you that you are wrong. Be grateful to the fact that you can recognize the voice of consciousness, for through it you will develop a resonance box so genuine that you will hear the angels sing! These are the signs of developing clairaudience.

Can spiritual things be heard with physical ears? You ask. We say: you will hear inside your throats and your heads. It is difficult to communicate what we want to say, but the voice, the sounds, the harmonies will eventually become more definite until the sounds of the physical plane. It is possible for you, when still in the flesh, to be so high in consciousness that you may hear clearly the melodies of the higher planes, and while you are in that state, you are deaf to the sounds on the physical plane.

Hearing voices spiritual awakening is a sign of developing this ability. It may interest you to know that thoughts can indeed be heard because they generate a vibration in the mental plane of life. In the occult world, in every degree of the astral plane, a thought produced will be instantaneously grasped by the determined disciple’s helper. A thought of yours for your guide will be truly heard.

Messages From The Clairaudience

In the clairaudience, the thoughts transmitted by the entities are often few but their contents have a greater impact. They are usually loaded with love, peace and a feeling of joy.

In many cases, the voices come from a spiritual guide, a guardian angel, a deceased, or a superior entity. The messages are picked up by the throat chakra and then sent to the brain for filtering and interpretation. This is what clairaudient meaning is, hearing these voices from a higher spiritual entity.

In the case where you perceive a voice with characteristics very different from yours, you are undoubted, in the presence of an invisible being eager to communicate.

When you want to have a clairaudient test, sometimes you can perceive intuition as a clairaudience. However, it is nothing because it is emitted directly by your soul, your higher self or your physical body. It’s a message from the upper part of your body, specifically your 7th chakra or your crown chakra.

How To Detect Messages From The Mind

Like the activation and development exercises of the clairaudience, the detection of the origin of the messages is also a difficult operation.

If the messages that emanate from malicious entities are easily detectable, those that come from the mind can be confused with voices of invisible beings.

To ensure the effectiveness of training sessions, it is important to distinguish between these two messages. Those emitted by the mind are usually heavy and refer very rarely to the present. They cling desperately to the past and cause a sense of anxiety when they evoke the future. In addition, they are extremely large and can quickly generate an impression of overload.

How To Spot Messages From Clairaudience

The messages received by clairaudience can come from our spiritual guide, our guardian angel, a deceased, a superior or even negative entity.

This information is perceived through our throat chakra, but we have the impression to hear it with our physical ears. Most of these voices will reach our brain, filtered as if it were our voice that we usually hear in our head. It is as if they come from our mind, with a difference in the depth of the messages and the peace they bring to us.

From time to time it will happen that we hear clearly another voice that has nothing to do with ours as if someone would talk to us physically. It will be in this case for sure clairaudience.

How To Ask Question In Clairaudience

For this, it will be enough to be relaxed and available for this exercise. No music no phone is not on or someone around you nothing that can disturb you.

First of all relax you, put yourself in a state of inner listening, exceeding the mental level, that is to say, putting us in a state where the heart dominates. You will intensely call in your head the person you want but be careful to put the heart’s intense way in those of the heart, you want it, you desire it, and you undoubtedly have that ability. You have called it aloud by your thought you ask her if she can send you a message.

It is at this moment that one must be in a state of inner listening and observe the signs that one can send you. When you hear a whisper in my ear meaning, then ask a question about an important topic that concerns you, asking the interlocutor to answer, listen patiently. In case the answer does not come immediately do not get upset, do not believe that this faculty will fall from the sky. All this work. Repeat this exercise with calm, serenity and envy.

Clairaudience Exercises to Activate Your Spiritual Energy

Sitting position relaxation preferably elongated for those who prefer but be careful you may doze. Prayerfully pray for the protection of the light beings or those in whom you believe. And thank those who answer you.

Ask yourself a question on a topic that is important to you, while choosing those whose answer can be checked later.

You can also ask your spiritual guide for your mission or any other messages that are important to you as long as it is done with love.

If you receive messages, be wary of their origins at first it may be that malicious entities pretend to be someone else. You can sort the messages easily are often positive even if you are reproached for an act it is always done with so much love that you will never feel hurt.

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