Chakra Crystals: Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

It has been scientifically accepted that the world has much more to offer than what we perceive with our senses. There are ethereal and spiritual realms that we haven’t yet understood to the fullest. Our chakras and chakra crystals fall in this category. However, we do know enough to benefit our overall being and achieve more happiness in life.

Have you been looking to know more about how chakras work but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on crystals and chakras for beginners that will help you navigate this amazing universe of healing and protection. Let’s check it out!

What Are the Chakras

The term chakra is derived from the Sanskrit language and it means a wheel or a disk, basically the wheel of life. Inside our body, we contain a total of 7 chakras that are essentially the centers for flow of vital energy. Through our chakras, we absorb, incorporate, and give out physical, spiritual, and emotional energy.

Each chakra sits in a particular location in the body and is associated with a certain color of the spectrum. Also, every chakra has a role to play in the optimal health and well-being of an individual. These energy centers ensure that the human body and mind work at optimal levels.

It is upon the individual to keep their chakras balanced to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Dysfunctional chakras can make you feel sick physically as well as mentally.

Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

What are the Chakra Crystals

There are many ways to keep your chakras energized and healthy. These include eating unprocessed food, doing yoga and meditation regularly, thinking positive thoughts about your fellow beings, etc. One of the most common ways to revitalizing your chakras is by using chakra crystals.

Chakra crystals are stones that help in activating, cleansing, and balancing the chakras. Different crystals come in different hues and have different purposes. Chakra crystals’ meanings and colors are unique to each crystal. Therefore, the vibrational energy that they invoke is also different. For the crystals to have the desired effect, you must pair the right crystal with the right chakra.

These healing crystals can make a world of a difference when they are in close contact with the targeted chakra. Below are recommendations for crystals for all the seven chakras along with their specific meanings and roles.

What are the Chakra Crystals

Crown Chakra Crystals

Crown Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

Crown chakra, your 7th chakra is located on the top of your head and is associated with violet color. It governs your spiritual consciousness, knowledge, divine inspiration, and your commitment to higher ideals. This chakra is believed to be one’s spiritual identity.

When your crown chakra is healthy, you feel fully connected to everything, unruffled by setbacks, and ready to go into the world with a positively curious outlook. You have a constant need to grow and improve. A closed crown chakra makes you feel fatigued, unsure of yourself and your purpose, and close-minded.

It is through the vibrations of the crown chakra that we perceive everything around us. There are many crown chakra crystals that you can begin to incorporate into your life to balance this energy center. Here are a few potent recommendations.


Apophyllite is the best crystal for crown chakra if you are someone who’s looking to spiritually energize your entire being. This crystal vibrates at a very high frequency and holds the ability to raise your spirits making you spiritually uplifted. It does this by intensifying your inner vision and clearing blockages in your 7th chakra.

The resonance of apophyllite sets you free of negativity and makes you feel happier and more at peace in general. It also infuses your aura with high vibration light of the spiritual realms so you are connected to your higher consciousness. Keep a piece of apophyllite in your pocket or under your pillow to remove any stagnant energy from your surroundings.

Green Datolite

Do you wish you were better at solving your day-to-day problems? Datolite is one such crystal that can enhance your problem-solving abilities as life throws curveballs at you. It stimulates your crown chakra to encourage the growth of your psychic gifts like memory and intuition.

The vibration of datolite crystal is known to affect the brain in a way that you experience better mental clarity and more courage to tackle the challenges of life. Not only that but it has also been proven beneficial for those dealing with anxiety, stress, fear, and worry.

Green Datolite - Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras


Chabazite is known for its calming vibrations. Whether you are prone to getting angry too often or find it difficult to shut down during meditation, chabazite can help you. Having this crystal around can aid in the attainment of the deep state that you need to be able to connect to spirit.

The peaceful energy of chabazite can be of help when trying to release anger, jealousy, or bitterness towards others. It enhances your spiritual growth, improves your learning abilities, and increases concentration by balancing your crown chakra.

Herkimer Diamond

Here’s a crown chakra crystal that has amazing healing and protection attributes. Herkimer diamond is known to increase telepathic abilities and enhance communication with one’s spirit angels. Not only that but it also allows you to channel your mental energy and become more spontaneous in life. Read more: Best Crystals for Protection

It is popularly used as a tool in the healing environment. That’s because Herkimer diamond can boost your immune system and rid you of any immunogenic ailments. Additionally, this crystal can attune you to the light energy of the divine, making it one of the most popular crystals for the crown chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Third Eye Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

The third eye chakra is found in between the eyes in the middle of the forehead. This is an indigo/violet energy center that represents spiritual enlightenment and intuition. It is referred to as the doorway to higher consciousness because it is connected to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and central nervous system.

A healthy third eye chakra promotes a clear mind, the ability to see the big picture, great intuition, and abundant wisdom. Whereas any blockages in this chakra can make it difficult to get proper sleep or concentrate on the task at hand. It can also manifest as cervical stiffness and lack of muscular flexibility.

Keeping third eye chakra crystals with you can help you transform the pessimistic energies into optimistic vibrations. Whether you are looking for spiritual enlightenment or to regain your sense of purpose, the crystals recommended below can be of great help. Read more: What Are the Signs of Third Eye Opening


Phenacite is believed to have extremely strong vibrations which makes it an excellent crystal for third eye chakra stimulation. It aims at improving your intuitive abilities and sets you on a path to inner journeying. Not only that, but its integrative energy also helps stimulate and connect other chakras, offering an overall spiritual growth.

This crystal can be a great tool if you are willing to dive into spiritual learning. That’s because it can create a connection with the angels and help download information from the spiritual library. Due to its dynamic attributes, the higher you raise your vibrations, the more benefits you’ll be able to reap using phenacite’s energies.

Lapis Lazuli

Also known as the stone of truth, lapis lazuli is a majestic crystal that activates that third eye and encourages honest communication. Having this crystal on you will help you speak from a higher state of consciousness and build better relationships because of that.

It’s one of those crystals for third eye chakra that can improve your mental endurance and expand intellect. Moreover, this crystal will connect you to the dream state and activate your psychic centers. Lapis lazuli has the ability to stir your soul to make you more self-aware and bring out your inner truth.

Lapis Lazuli - Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras


Tanzanite, aka the stone of magic, is a high vibration crystal that not only opens the third eye chakra but also stimulates the throat and heart chakra. By establishing a connection between the three, it provides uplifting energy that comes in handy in times of personal loss.

It also facilitates deep meditative states and gives you access to the spiritual records making it the best crystal for third eye chakra opening. Tanzanite helps you see your surroundings in a new light so you can embrace life and achieve your soul purpose.


This exquisite crystal is full of gentle energy that provides a doorway to your spiritual self without overstimulating your third eye chakra. It awakens inner knowing and raises your consciousness so you can feel more intuitive and creative. It also helps rebalance the male and female attributes to your character.

For centuries, it has been used by Shamans as medicine to tap into higher imagination and stimulate visions. Due to his reason, it has been referred to as the stone of exploration. It has the ability to attract angels that can guide you through astral traveling.

Throat Chakra Crystals

Throat Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

The fifth chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras and is believed to be connected to the thyroid and parathyroid gland in our body. Therefore, it is thought to be the connecting link between the head and the heart. It is located at the base of the neck associated with the color blue and controls your communication and self-expression.

An unbalanced throat chakra can put you at a loss of words, make you feel misunderstood and socially anxious. Physically this can manifest as stiffness in the neck and shoulders, speech and thyroid disorders, etc. Those who are expressive, communicative, and have the best of oral health are presumed to have a wide-open throat chakra.

Since throat chakra allows for the other 6 main chakras to express their energy, it is always imperative that it be healthy. One excellent way to ensure that is to make use of crystals for the throat chakra. Below are a few recommendations to get you started.


Sodalite, famously known as the writer’s stone is a good choice for those who are looking to express their thoughts with more clarity. Apart from that, it also enhances creativity making it a favorite among artists and performers.

Sodalite is believed to have a strong vibration. Due to this reason, it can help you stimulate your untamed creativity and make you more confident when speaking in public. So, if you want a boost of creative energy at your workplace, you can simply put a piece of sodalite on your desk and let the magic happen.


Azurite is one of the most beautiful throat chakra crystals. The vibrant blue hues of this crystal make it a perfect choice if you need something to gaze at during your meditation sessions. Having Azurite around helps you verbalize past experiences and solve long-standing communications problems.

It clears your head and allows you to speak your heart out. It can work brilliantly in stressful situations like interviews, seminars, exams, etc. It’s also considered a potent psychic stone and has been used by the Romans and the Greeks for centuries for its healing properties.


Amazonite is easily the best throat chakra crystal for becoming more expressive and communicative in your life. A little Amazonite bracelet, ring, or necklace can do wonders for you by bringing more focus, joy, and helping you resolve inner conflicts.

The best thing is that Amazonite not only stimulates the throat chakra, but it also energizes the heart chakra. So, it creates a link between the two chakras to allow for positive energy flow. As a result of this, you become more accepting to change and have more honest and loving communication with your fellow humans.


Angelite is for those who not only want to improve their communication abilities but also want to be able to speak their truth. This crystal works by elevating your state of awareness and bringing you closer to your higher self. In the process, it also balances your thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Spiritually, this crystal puts you in touch with telepathic communication, angelic messages, psychic channeling, and astral travel. The strong vibrations of this gorgeous crystal fill you with tranquillity, compassion, and healing in various aspects of your life.

Heart Chakra Crystals

Heart Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

The heart chakra, the energy center of our body is located in the center of the chest, directly between the upper 3 spiritual chakras and the lower 3 physical chakras. It is associated with the color green and represents your ability to love and accept your fellow humans.

A healthy heart chakra makes you good at sustaining balanced relationships and keeps you open to new alliances. If your heart chakra is low on energy, you tend to feel anxious, jealous, stressed, and bitter towards other beings. Physically, this can manifest as unbalanced blood pressure or irregular heartbeat.

Heat chakra is known to keep in check the energy flow of all other chakras which makes it even more essential for you to keep it balanced. Here are a bunch of crystals for heart chakra that can help you achieve an overall vibrational harmony.

Rose Quartz

This stone of unconditional love is hands down the best crystal for the heart chakra. Rose quartz is known to emit tender and loving vibrations that travel through our physical, spiritual, and emotional forms. These vibrations encourage compassion, healing, peace, empathy, and emotional comfort.

This fascinating crystal also helps free your heart of buried and trapped emotions. Consequently, you are set on a journey of healing of old resentments and emotional wounds. Rose quartz is also believed to reawaken the heart chakra and help you develop a better sense of personal fulfillment and complacency.


Rhodonite is popularly known as the rescue stone as it encourages forgiveness and honesty of speech. For this reason, it is used by healers and counselors to help those whose heart chakra energies are not aligned well. This crystal works to balance your emotions by showing you both sides of an argument and offering you harmony in times of stress.

The mesmerizing red and pink hues of rose quartz bring joy, tranquillity, and youthfulness into your daily life. It assists in transmuting emotional hurt and trauma into love and compassion, not only for others but also for your own self.

Rhodonite - Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

Green Aventurine

If you’ve been caught in an endless loop of hopelessness and despair, Green Aventurine can bring you salvation. This crystal works by releasing any unhelpful patterns or habits that could only lead to disappointment and negativity. It helps make space for hope and optimism in your heart so you can easily embrace positivity.

This heart healer crystal clears the air and helps you understand your own emotions and needs. Its comforting vibrations work great for your general wellbeing and achieving a state of emotional repose. Additionally, it equips you with an energetic auric shield that prevents you from getting affected by energy-draining individuals around you.


Jade, also known as the ultimate lucky gemstone, is one of the most popular crystal among all the other heart chakra crystals. That’s because it possesses energies that bring abundance and prosperity by stimulating your heart chakra. It brings luck to friendships and gives you the strength to pursue your passions.

Having Jade on you can keep you free of day-to-day tensions. Other than that, this crystal also promotes patience and tolerance to help you achieve emotional equilibrium, especially in your relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

Solar Plexus Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

The third chakra, the solar plexus is located just below the diaphragm in the upper abdomen area. Anatomically, our gut is lined with several nerve cells and so it has a direct connection with the brain. And solar plexus lies in the center of this gut-brain and represents intellect and personal will.

This chakra is associated with the color yellow and the element fire. A healthy solar plexus chakra makes you open to new ideas and suggestions and eases your need to control your surroundings. Whereas a closed solar plexus can make you experience fear, lack of confidence, and inability to experience emotions. On a physical level, you might witness digestive ailments.

Solar plexus chakra crystals can come in handy when you are looking for a boost in your assertiveness, self-esteem, and digestion. The crystals mentioned below can push you to discover yourself and expand your horizons as well as your worldview.


It is no secret that amber is the best crystal for solar plexus chakra due to its amazing healing properties. This historic crystal is not a crystal but a tree resin that has been fossilized and embedded with a variety of flora and fauna. Due to its strong connection with the earth, amber re-established harmony when your solar plexus is running in overdrive.

Amber is also popular for its warm and happy vibes. So, it works great for absorbing negative energy like anger or jealousy that’s coming your way. It also boosts your patience and makes you more grounded.


This charming yellow-colored crystal is a great option for those who are striving for a depression-free life. Simply put, having citrine on you makes you happy and gives you a wider perspective over life. This also protects you from the negative energy and influence of others by enhancing the light around your aura.

Moreover, citrine is also recommended for those struggling with feelings of physical as well as emotional inadequacy. This crystal can fix the underlying issues behind your insecurities. Ultimately, it supports a more positive outlook and better spiritual growth.


Have you been looking for crystals for solar plexus chakra that work as a tonic for your body and mind? Peridot is one such crystal that is known for its spiritual and physical healing attributes. It has special ego-balancing energies that make you more open to spirituality and pull you out of emotional isolation.

On the physical front, Peridot works by assisting with the elimination of bodily toxins and cleansing organs. It can also rid you of your sleep disorders with its relaxing vibrations that offer mental calmness. Not only that but it is also believed to aid in healing from disorders of the heart, spleen, liver, digestive tract, and breast.

Peridot - Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

Gold Tiger Eye

The gold tiger eye crystal has its spiritual healing abilities in its golden ray vibration. If you’ve been feeling conflicted by your emotions, this crystal can show you your true path. It also imparts grace, love, and compassion to facilitate a more fulfilling life.

Having gold tiger eye on you helps you feel more aligned with your present situation and what your future endeavors are. Physically, this crystal is known to be beneficial for those who have sustained fractures as it has bone-healing properties.

Sacral Chakra Crystals

Sacral Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

The sacral chakra is located two inches below your navel and is associated with the color orange. It represents creativity, passion, and ability to accept others as they are. If you are feeling confused, frustrated, demotivated, or overly dependent on others, there is a good chance that your sacral chakra is not in the best of health. Physically, you might see signs of swelling or deficiency of hormones in this case. A wide-open sacral chakra makes you feel creative and playful both physically and mentally.

Sacral chakra crystals are known for healing the organs that lie around the navel region. Additionally, these crystals also help straighten emotional problems especially those related to relationships. Here are a few crystal recommendations to help you balance your sacral chakra.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a popular crystal used to achieve the opening and balancing of the sacral chakra. This crystal possesses a certain warmth and nurturing nature that helps you feel inspired in all walks of your life. The effects of this crystal are felt in your creative endeavors as you feel like you are being pushed to reach your full potential.

This gorgeous crystal helps you see the truth in things. If you have been feeling a lack of self-worth, fear, lethargy, or apathy, orange calcite might just be the push you need. It makes sure there is a steady flow of positive energy around you so you can do what you are meant to do.

Orange Calcite - Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras


Carnelian, with its shades of the setting sun, is the best crystal for the sacral chakra. It has been called the stone of creativity, leadership, courage, and motivation for its ability to get things moving in the real world. With a carnelian by your side, you are sure to feel more confident and assured about your deeds.

To get things done, you also need a constant flow of passion and an excellent ability to make decisions. Carnelian takes care of all that as it cleanses your sacral chakra and makes you more intuitive. In addition to that, the carnelian has also been used as a stone for improving fertility.

Tangerine Topaz

Tangerine topaz is one of the most amazing crystals for sacral chakra due to its mesmerizing metaphysical properties. Are you tired of carrying around your self-limiting beliefs? If yes, then you can surely benefit from this crystal as it boosts self-understanding and self-worth. It also triggers your fiery passion and keeps you moving forward in the right direction.

The brilliant orange and red hues of this crystal deepen your curiosity and give you a fresh outlook on life. It also offers you mental endurance and stamina to tackle challenges. Apart from that, tangerine topaz also works to balance the polarity between giving and receiving. This ensures long-lasting and fruitful relationships.

Orange Moonstone

Here’s another orange crystal that works great in balancing the sacral chakra by encouraging self-love. This crystal has been called the stone of new beginnings for its ability to strengthen your freedom of expression and creative zeal. It also enhances intuition and helps you take better decisions about your physical health.

Orange moonstone is also believed to have a dynamic connection with femininity and the lunar cycle. It’s like a fertility talisman that offers gentleness and better emotional stability. Due to this, it is a favorite amongst women.

Root Chakra Crystals

Root Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

The Root Chakra is the first chakra on the list of 7 chakras and represents our most basic needs and desires. This base chakra is all about our physical and emotional safety and energy. Red is the color associated with this chakra. Red represents strength and vitality and stimulates one’s primal tendencies.

When this chakra is open, you feel empowered, full of life, and at ease with your body and mind. A closed root chakra will make you feel tired, unmotivated, and emotionally crippled. Physically, you might experience lower back pain or immune system maladies.

You can heal your basic instinctual system by using any of the root chakra crystals below. To do this, you can simply place these crystals in your pocket while going out in nature or on your lower back when relaxing at home.


If you’ve been drowning in anxiety or other similar issues, hematite can act as a savior for you. This fantastic crystal works by drawing energy from your aura and filtering it via your root chakra. This process neutralizes harmful vibes and converts negative energy into positive energy. Consequently, you experience reduced anxiety and a higher sense of connection with yourself.

Additionally, hematite makes you feel secure by keeping you away from the unnecessary drama of day-to-day life. Any negative energy coming your way is deflected by this crystal and sent back to the sender. It also helps you overcome bad habits and strengthens your willpower making it one of the most sought-after crystals for root chakra.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is an excellent crystal if you’re looking to balance or cleanse your base chakra. It is an earthy crystal that aims to bolster your connection with mother earth. It reconnects you with the grounding energies of the earth, which, in turn, alleviates any type of physical or mental stress.

This base chakra crystal stabilizes your aura and ensures a long-lasting emotional equilibrium. It is also helpful for those looking for some substantial spiritual grounding. In the practical world, it brings more stability to your daily life by giving you a clear insight into your current personal issues.


Garnet crystal aka the stone of health can be an excellent choice for those seeking regeneration at physical or metaphysical levels. This crystal possesses healing energy that helps in recovery from a wide variety of ailments. It can vitalize your root chakra without causing overstimulation.

It not only takes care of your physical health but also your emotional wellbeing. This crystal works by giving you the courage to tackle hopelessness and imbibes the strength to move forward in life. These chakra crystals for healing are available in various colors ranging from deep red and pink to orange and clear green.

Garnet - Chakra Crystals - Best Crystal for Each of the Chakras

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the best crystal for root chakra balancing. It is especially effective for those who have an overactive root chakra. It works by reinforcing balance and making the individual feel grounded. Due to its purifying and transformative properties, it is often used by healers as an aura cleanser.

This fabulous crystal can transform any space into a positivity hub. These can be great to keep at your workplace if you often have trouble making decisions. It tends to direct you towards the right answers and makes you more aware of yourself and the things around you.

How to Activate Chakra Crystals

Charging a chakra crystal is to program it with your personal intentions so you can reap the amazing benefits of it. Before setting your intentions, you should take some time to unite with its energy by holding it and looking at it. You also want to make sure that your crystal has been properly cleaned before starting the charging process. Here are a few simple ways to charge your crystal in no time.

Crystal Meditation

You can begin by holding the crystal in your hand and intentionally slipping into a meditative state. When you feel tapped in, focus on your intentions and desires. Now, visualize the crystal absorbing the energy of your stream of thoughts. This is a great way to channel your personal intentions and align with the energy of the crystal.

Crystal Meditation

Crystal Rituals

There are many rituals to charge your crystal one of which includes saying your intentions out loud into the universe. Do this when you feel connected to the energy of the crystal and you have identified what you want to say. Repeat your intent loudly at least 3 times and then thank the crystal.

Chakra Charging

We know that different colored crystals work in correspondence with different chakras. So, you can use the energy of your own chakras to program your crystal. Figure out which part of your life needs crystal support. For example, if you have a Citrine crystal and you want it to help you become more confident, you can place it on your solar plexus chakra. Focus on your intent while doing this and the crystal will naturally align with that energy.

Chakra Charging

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 chakra crystals?

  • Clear Quartz – It is a clear crystal used to achieve wisdom and openness to unconditional love.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst is used by those seeking mental clarity and relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Rose quartz – This pink crystal symbolizes love and harmony and rids one of the sufferings from relationship issues.
  • Citrine – This crystal is used to attract immense prosperity and financial freedom into your life.
  • Black Tourmaline – Black tourmaline is the crystal to go for if you’re looking for protection from electromagnetic fields and negative energies of other people.
  • Carnelian – This crystal offers a boost in confidence and motivation so you can follow your life’s purpose.
  • Aventurine – The Aventurine is a luck crystal used to achieve long-lasting friendships and true love.

How to cleanse chakra crystals?

One popular way to cleanse your chakra crystals is by rinsing them under a stream of running water. Water neutralizes any stagnant negative energies stored in the crystals.

Another method to draw out negativity from your crystals involves a contained setting. For this, you need to bury your crystals in a bowl full of dry brown rice. The rice absorbs the negative energy from the crystals, and you can later throw the rice away.

Which crystal is the best for good luck?

People have been using various crystals to achieve luck but tourmalinated quartz is the most popular of all. You can wear this chakra crystals bracelet or ring to experience amplified vibratory energies that attract good fortune. Tourmaline is also known for its ability to transmute negativity into positivity, so it brings even more luck and wealth. Related: How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

How to use chakra crystals?

One great way to start experiencing the benefits of your chakra crystal is to meditate with it. If your aim is to balance a chakra then you can place your crystal on the desired chakra while meditating. Alternatively, you can get some crystal jewelery like a ring, necklace, or bracelet and wear it around for maximum benefit.

If you don’t like wearing any jewelery, you can simply keep your crystal under your pillow and sleep with it. Another great way is to place your crystal near your drinking water container to enhance its healing properties.

Which crystal to use for success at the workplace?

Pyrite is one of the most preferred chakra crystals for beginners seeking more success at their workplace. This amazing crystal has mirror-like attributes, so it repels any negative or unwanted energies that are headed your way. It not only brings good luck and wealth but also gears you up for increased productivity and enhanced creative energy.

Program a crystal

What is the easiest way to program a crystal?

Programming or activating a crystal simply means infusing the crystal with your intentions and desires. What you seek to receive from the crystal is your intent which is absorbed by the crystal during the process of programming it. Your intentions are then amplified and radiated by the crystal.

You can program your crystal by holding it in your dominant hand and asking the crystal to assist you in your intent for your overall wellbeing. You can do this by speaking out loud what you desire to achieve by using your crystal. Later, you can thank the crystal and let it do its magic.


Everyone deserves a fulfilling life in which they can feel safe and driven to achieve their life’s purpose. But with all the negativity surrounding us, it’s easy to feel lost and discouraged. Chakra crystals can work as the unsung saviors in times of such struggle. Looking to try crystals to balance your chakras and gain more zest for life? Read up on our extensive guide on chakras and chakra crystals and get ready to be your best self.

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