Can Opening Your Third Eye Be Dangerous?

The third eye is not a physical organ, but it is not a mythical being with no reason to exist. The expression “third eye” is often used to refer to the sixth chakra. It works in light mode. With it, we can learn to recognize images, symbols and connect them into a whole picture. But can opening your third eye be dangerous?

Dangers When Opening the Third Eye

The third eye is a completely new horizon, a new universe. When you open it and enter too much information it could be more than someone can take. Here are some of the side effects of opening your third eye.


There are many practices for the opening of the third eye They are shared by various sources – the Dalai Lama, Osho, Peter Deunov, etc. But none of them will lead to the expected result if you are not ready for it. The third eye does not open with external intervention. The process is long and requires a lot of awareness. This only happens when one is ready. So can opening your third eye be dangerous? Yes, if your mind is not prepared for it.

To open one of your senses, you have to blunt another. Thus there is much to learn from the blind. Due to the lack of vision, they have developed very well their sense of smell and sensitivity of their limbs. This is also a basic technique in finding and activating the third eye. You must limit the use of the other two eyes so that the third can be awakened. This will make them weaker, which makes opening your chakras dangerous.

Changes in consciousness

When we talk about can opening your third eye be dangerous, we must keep in mind that in it imagination and reality are not two separate things. Imagination is a fact.

Maybe you’ve watched someone who is hypnotized. The hypnotist can say anything and the hypnotized person does it immediately. As absurd as the order is, as meaningless and even impossible as possible, the hypnotized person carries it out.

The opening of the third eye works similarly. If you are also centered in the third eye, whatever you dream of will become a reality. But what if there is a desire in your subconscious to hurt someone? Or yourself? Here is another peril, when it comes to whether can opening your third eye be dangerous.

Can Opening Your Third Eye Be Dangerous

Physical changes

When you focus your eyes on one point for up to three minutes, your inner attention begins to focus on the third eye. And when your inner attention begins to turn to the third eye, your face begins to change. Suddenly your face loses all vitality. It becomes dead, as if deeply asleep. This means that now the attention is drawn from the center of the third eye. Your face is dead. All energy flows to the center of the third eye. Be very careful in such moments.


When you open your third eye, you are much more susceptible to hypnosis. As the hypnotist places even a street stone in your hand, he can say, “You have fire in your hand.” You will feel very hot. Your hand will burn – not only in the mind but in reality. The skin will burn. You will experience a burning sensation. What happened? There is no fire. Only one most common stone – cold.

When you are focused in the center of the third eye, your imagination is inspired by the hypnotist and is realized. If the hypnotist says, “You are dead now,” you will die immediately. Your heart will stop. It WILL stop. This is also an answer to the question can opening your third eye be dangerous and why you should never open your third eye.

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