Best Time to Meditate for Greatest Benefits

What should be the duration of a meditation session to achieve good results? Should it be practiced every day? Will a few weeks or months be enough or is it a lifelong activity? And what is the best time to meditate for the greatest benefits? These are some of the first questions that anyone interested in practicing meditation is looking for answers to.

But what do experts say and what advice do they give? Whether the duration depends on individual characteristics and goals or there are certain rules – you can read all this in the following lines.

How Long to Meditate?

Short or long sessions

There is no correct and concrete answer. Different studies on the subject give different opinions. According to some, practicing yoga for 40-45 minutes every day or 20 minutes twice a day is most beneficial. According to others, even a short series of 10-12 minutes is enough.

Although these figures may provide some guidance, the time required rather depends on the practitioner and his or her abilities. So, the short answer to the question of how long should I meditate to see results would be – if you can clear your mind and sit in one place for only 5 minutes, then this is your time.

And if you prefer long one-hour sessions, then this is also your time, because efficiency is most important. However, many meditation teachers with deep knowledge in this teaching advise reaching a minimum time of 20 minutes per session.

Regular practice

Like anything new, it takes time to learn and apply the techniques. And the easiest way to do this is to start with shorter sessions, even 5 minutes, and increase the time every day. In this way, you guarantee that meditation will become part of your daily life because you will learn perseverance. This is also one of the greatest benefits of meditation.

How Often Is It Good to Meditate?

Whoever you ask this question will get the same answer – every day. And if you prefer shorter sessions, maybe even twice a day, as long as you have that time. Meditation every time you are stressed is also highly recommended, even at work. In this sense, the best time to meditate for the greatest benefits is the time that your spirit is calmest.

Benefits of Meditation

Energy recovery

The truth is that assigned tasks in the workplace, which take too much time, can be performed much faster. As long as one knows how to meditate. One of the forces of meditation is to restore energy and “refresh” the brain.

Best Time to Meditate for Greatest Benefits


In addition to duration, an important part of good practice is to make meditation a habit, similar to the habit of brushing your teeth or bathing. The mind can always find an excuse to run away from a disciplined practice. However, with regular meditation, the benefits and positive effects will be felt faster.

According to many studies, the real question is not about the best time to meditate for the greatest benefits, but to do it regularly. The manifestation of the greatest benefits of meditation does not depend on the duration of the sessions but constant practice.

The researchers found that meditation practitioners’ brain activity is higher and better. This is highly valid in areas related to feelings of calm and well-being, learning, memory, emotion regulation, and forward-thinking.

Reducing negative emotions

A study led by the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) concludes that even a short period of meditation helps people make more rational decisions.

Meditation shifts too much focus on the past or the future. This in turn automatically reduces the negative emotions that accompany such thoughts. Read this: Signs of Negative Energy in House

Best Time to Meditate for Greatest Benefits

Spiritual teachings encourage meditation early in the morning – before the sun rises. At that time, the earthly consciousness had not yet moved. The world has not yet entered the turmoil of everyday life. Nature is calm and quiet and helps us meditate.

Before sunrise, we are still in the world of energizing and satisfying dreams from which reality can grow. That is why the awakened aspiring consciousness can get the most out of the early morning meditation. The morning is the best time to meditate for the greatest benefits.

Why Is 3 AM Important in the Spiritual World

3 A.M. is the hour of spiritual awakening. It is said to be an indication that you need to make plans and take action to achieve your higher goal in this life. An awake call to the higher vibrations around you, which are trying to push you and raise your vibrations.

It is assumed that this time of day is extremely sensitive to the spiritual world. This is the time when the curtain between this world and the next is the thinnest. Therefore, 3 am is an easier time for spirits to communicate with the physical realm. It is exactly for this reason why this hour is also the best time to meditate for the greatest benefits.