Best Stones for Empaths

Nature has given us different kinds of stones and crystals that can introduce positive energy into our life while still protecting the body from absorbing negative energy. For thousands of years, crystals have been used in cultures all over the world. Healing, meditation, security, and artistic inspiration are just a few of the things they’ve been used for. Empaths and extremely sensitive individuals, in particular, will benefit from protection crystals to help them manage the feelings that they unwittingly absorb from others.

There are several mystical properties that you can appreciate and benefit from when choosing between protection stones. Since we are both physical and energetic beings, we are all responsive creatures that act as absorbent sponges by nature. However, some of us are highly sensitive to other forces, and as a result of our conditioning, we are easily overwhelmed by our noisy, fast-paced universe, regardless of where we live on the planet. Listed below are some of the best stones for empaths that will greatly benefit you by integrating them into your daily routine for overall mental well-being.

Best Stones for Empaths

Best Stones for Empaths

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Fluorite
  • Rose Quartz 
  • Hematite 
  • Amethyst

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline - Best Stones for EmpathsThis wonderful crystal, which is considered to be one of the most powerful protection stones available, helps to keep unwanted energy at bay so you don’t have to consume it. Don’t let the lack of vibrant colors fool you into thinking black tourmaline isn’t strong! It has a wide range of physical healing properties. It’s also great for meditation and relaxation, as well as stress and anxiety relief.

Many people have regarded it as the most powerful protective stone since its discovery because it is one of the few stones that protects and heals on many levels, including emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


  • Black tourmaline is said to ground your spirit, increase your physical vitality, and relieve tension when it is associated with your base chakra.
  • It aids in the immune system’s boosting.
  • Is used as a powerful mental healer, assisting in the transformation of negative emotions into more positive ones.
  • Tourmaline contains traces of iron, which will help you fight off nightmares and get a good night’s sleep.


Fluorite - Best Stones for EmpathsFluorite gets its name from the Latin word flux, which means “flowing” or “mixing” materials to create better ones. The fluorite stone is capable of lifting you to new heights. Known for tapping into the lower energies that aid in standing tall.

If you are seeking clarity in life it can also help you gain it if you put it between your brows on your third eye chakra. When keeping or simply getting a fluorite crystal in their house, some people feel a buzz or a calming feeling.

Since having fluorite, some have found that it encourages deep relaxation, better sleep habits, and increased overall energy levels. Many people want to use fluorite in their homes or workplaces to expel negative energy. Fluorite is a perfect crystal to use for affirmations because it increases the positive energy around you.


  • Many people believe that fluorite has healing properties. It appears to energize the body and raise the spirit, with some claiming it will speed up cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • It is also thought to have a beneficial impact on your body, with some claiming that it aids in the improvement of your teeth, lungs, and skeletal system.
  • Purple fluorite is often used as a meditation method by some people. It seems to improve mental clarity and is also beneficial to mental wellbeing.
  • It may aid in the development of relationships as well as spiritual growth.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - Best Stones for EmpathsRose quartz is believed to have the most powerful therapeutic properties in terms of love and relationships, which is why it is often placed in strategic locations by experts. Deborah Hanekamp, a Brooklyn-based seeress who specializes in medicine readings and healing ceremonies, says, “I have rose quartz all over my bedroom because its calming caring energy connects me to the love that the earth gives us.”

Rose quartz is thought to have strong healing properties that can help with both physical and emotional wellbeing. It can heal relationship issues, foster mutual understanding, and instill compassion and kindness in people. Rose quartz protects against negativity and, when worn, helps to substitute negative feelings with positive ones, bringing the wearer back to a state of true love and balance.


  • Rose quartz is thought by crystal healers to foster feelings of self-love. When you perceive and experience pure love inside yourself, those around you will feel, see, and most importantly respond to this pure love force.
  • Rose quartz has a strong vibration that is beneficial not only to yourself but also to the world when used in meditation.
  • Rose quartz can be used as an elixir for the skin by steeping the crystal in water overnight, preferably in moonlight, to charge the energies for optimum gain.


Hematite - Best Stones for EmpathsHematite absorbs negative energy and calms you down when you’re stressed or worried. It  have exceptional grounding and balancing properties which are  great for stimulating the mind. They improve memory and stimulate introspection. If you find yourself at the mercy of other people’s poor moods and vibes, hematite is always able to step in and make sure you don’t become a sponge for toxic energy.

Hematite crystals are also helpful in overcoming addictions, so if you need assistance with this, carrying this stone to improve your body health may be a good idea. It is also said to be helpful in pain relief because it keeps nerve cells charged. This stone is ideal for problems of blood circulation.


  • Because of its iron content, hematite crystals have been used in the medical field. It also benefits the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.
  • This is one of the best stones to use for its financial benefits because of its relation to the earth aspect.
  • This is the best stone to avoid any drama in interpersonal relationships, whether they be familial, professional, friendly, or romantic.


Best Stones for EmpathsAmethyst will undoubtedly be the stone of meditation. Amethyst is here to help you take a deep breath. It promotes sweet sleep, eases anxieties, and immediately removes any harmful energy.

It is a highly mystical stone with a strong vibration that shields the energy field. When you’re feeling jittery or tense, amethyst is a great crystal to use. It will relax your muscles and make you feel more comfortable and calm right away. It can also be used to clear the aura and chakras. It not only protects us from negative energy, but it also draws positive energy to us. It provides us with security, balance, and harmony in the face of external factors in the world.


  • The soothing energy of amethyst helps to regulate the mind and emotions, reducing fear, rage, depression, and anxiety.
  • It either relaxes or activates the mind, depending on the situation. It also helps us concentrate and reduces distracting thoughts, which strengthens our memory.
  • We can see our feelings for what they are with the aid of the amethyst stone, allowing us to think clearly and behave from a more knowledgeable and effective position.

An empath is someone who is extremely sensitive to the energies of other individuals, environments, and even nature. Your sensitivity will send you on a mental and emotional rollercoaster.

Protection Guide for Empaths

Let’s take a look on some basic points on how you can protect yourself as an empath.

Separate Yourself

Prevention is the strongest form of defense. Put up your shield the moment you feel threatened by a person, a location, or a situation. You are free to move to a more tranquil location. It’s perfectly acceptable to say “No” to those energies. It is an act of self-care to permit yourself to travel. Related: How to Remove Negative Energy From Home With Salt


Act quickly and meditate for a few minutes if you’re experiencing mental or physical pain at a case. Keep your cool. Concentrate on caring and positivity. This has come in handy many times when I’ve felt drained by others at social gatherings. The more you do it, the more attached you feel to yourself. As a result, this is a way to be proactive and protect your energies.

Set Energetic Boundaries

Empaths also struggle in their environments as a result of absorbing the tension of those around them. Control how much time you spend listening to people who are causing you discomfort, and learn to say NO. With people, set strict limits and boundaries. Surround the outer edge of your room with plants or family or pet images to build a small psychological shield to buffer your energy level in an emotionally taxing or crowded environment.

Water Purification

Immersing yourself in water is an easy way to relieve tension and empathic pains. The water reflects the Earth’s flowing force, which washes away any negativity from you. It does not include the use of holy water. You can cleanse yourself energetically by taking a quick shower and infusing the water with your purpose. Epsom salt baths are luxurious and contain magnesium, which is a soothing mineral.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature is the most effective healer. You feel calmer and more balanced if you have the opportunity to visit a forest or park. Negativity is cleared when one is in a new, clean, green area or near water. The Earth is a source of healing. Try lying down by a tree with your eyes closed, imagining the harmful energy escaping your body and connecting with the earth under your feet. Walking barefoot on the grass is extremely relaxing and is highly recommended.

Alone Time

Every empath requires alone time. This does not alter as a result of family or other obligations. Quiet all for a few minutes or more. To rejuvenate ourselves, we must sometimes withdraw from the world’s surface. It’s often enough to simply feel your energy without the presence of others. As a result, you achieve self-balance and have a greater capacity to love others. The time you have on your own should be used intentionally and wisely.

Prevent Overloading Empathy

Inhale lavender essential oil or place a few drops halfway between your eyebrows (on your third eye) to relax when you’re absorbing the tension or symptoms of others and need to expel the negative energy. When you’re feeling down, concentrate on your breath for a few minutes. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply to release the painful energy. Negative energy is circulated out of the body by breathing. Negativity is trapped inside you whether you hold your breath or breathe shallowly.

Empath Crystal Set

Empath Crystal Set 

The Empath crystal collection includes a variety of gemstones. Sets can be created based on which crystal best fits you as an empath.

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Agate
  • Moonstone
  • Black Obsidian
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Malachite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Lepidolite
  • Angelite

These are some other crystals that a highly sensitive person can use to feel protected in a crowd along with the best stones for empaths.


Empaths are extremely sensitive people. Highly sensitive people and empaths may be the same person, but empaths are not always highly sensitive people. Empaths have high intuitive abilities and appear to consume energy and feelings, in addition to sharing the characteristics of feeling empathy towards others and processing more knowledge about the environment. 

This is where the gemstones or best crystals for empaths come in. Empaths need protective stones that can help them prevent from absorbing negative energies around them. 90% of your thoughts and emotions are not even yours, it’s the energies that you absorbed throughout the day. 

Carrying protective stones with you as an empath helps you prevent those energies anywhere around the world. You can always wear these crystals as bracelets, rings, necklaces, or can even carry them in your pocket with you. Black Tourmaline, Fluorite, Rose Quartz , Hematite, Amethyst are the best crystals for empaths that they can use to be protected around negative energies.

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