Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home

Essential oils are the best to keep your homes clean, safe, and fragrant. These are natural extracts from plants that are blessed with a diverse range of aromatic properties. The best smelling essential oils for home come with a wide variety of fragrances and each one has its own benefits. Besides giving your house a nice scent, these oils are also effective sanitizing agents for your home. Here is a list of the most used essential oils with their specific properties.

Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home


It has a soothing fragrance and will wipe out any harmful bacteria from your house. It is also used in massages to relieve stress.

Lavender - Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home


Its essential oil is one of the rare ones that have antiviral properties as well as antibacterial properties. If you find its fragrance refreshing and would prefer to use it for sanitizing your home, it can be a good option.


If you are drawn to the sharp cool and refreshing odor of the peppermint, this could be the best smelling essential oils for home. Peppermint is useful oil for aromatherapy as it is used to boost energy and aid digestion.

Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oils are excellent for cleaning your homes and eliminating viral, bacterial impurities as well as germs. It gives a fresh, camphor-like smell and is suitable as a scent and purifier.

Tea Tree - Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home


Rosemary essential oils are also one of the best smelling essential oils for home purifying purposes. If you like the smell, do get it for cleansing your home and get rid of bacterial impurities. Its antiseptic properties also make it quite popular.

Essential Oil Blends for Cleaning

All-Purpose Cleaning

Two cups of white vinegar, equal water, blended with lemon and Melaleuca essential oils, and a little alcohol is a great combo for cleaning most surfaces in your house. It will be quite effective for mirrors, windows, stainless steel, and other similar surfaces. This is a great recipe to prepare and use as often as you require cleaning.

Citrus Soft Scrub

It has a different aroma and is suitable for removing grime from surfaces like stove tops, sinks, etc. The essential oil blends for cleaning used in this are lemon, lime, and wild orange. Give it a try and see what this citrus-scented blend can clean for you.

Toilet Cleaning Scrub

This one can be prepared specifically for the deep cleaning of your toilet. It can be prepared with baking soda, liquid dishwashing soap, and hydrogen peroxide, water, and eucalyptus essential oil. You can keep it in a squeeze type bottle and squirt it into the toilet and leave it to stand before flushing it.

Linen Spray

An essential oil spray to sprinkle on your linen sheets and pillow, to clean it and add fragrance could be very useful. All you need to create this simple but effective spray is; vodka or hazel, lavender essential oil, and frankincense essential oil. You can use it on your sheets, linen, or the pillows.

Air Freshener

Essential oils are known for their alluring aromatic effects as well as the cleaning and purifying properties. What can be better than a blend of these oils to be used as an air freshener? Combination of lavender and chamomile works best for this purpose. Also add some vodka, or vanilla extract along with some water to create air freshener.

Essential Oil Blends for Cleaning

Essential Oil Blending Wheel

If you still find yourself unsure about which blend to go with, and want to consider the aromatic nature of the blend, an essential oil blending wheel can help you best choose the components.

Oil blending when classifies all the essential oils into specific groups. Some wheels also correlate these groups to their effects on human emotions. Looking at these wheels you will find it easier to figure out which groups you would like to use and blend together. Here is a list of all the major groups in an essential oil blending wheel.

  • Citrus
  • Herbal
  • Resin
  • Spice
  • Woodland
  • Floral
  • Exotic

If you are looking for oils to heal or transform your emotions into more positive ones, you can look for emotional blend wheels that can help you find the right blend to deal with emotions like boredom, anger, grief, anxiety, worry, fear, distress, etc.

Essential oils have long been popular in aromatherapy and massages; however, you can blend the best smelling essential oils for home cleaning needs too!

Some Essential Oils Category-Wise Listing

Exotic – Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

Floral – Lavender, Jasmine

Spice – Clove, Ginger

Woodland – Pine, Cedarwood

Resin – Camphor, Myrrh

Herbal – Basil, Oregano

Citrus – Lime, Orange


Fill your home with your favorite fragrances and enjoy their multitude of benefits. Find the perfect blend for aromatherapy, cleaning, sanitization, etc. These are completely natural derivatives and are a good alternative for regular chemical cleaners.