Best Crystals for Protection

The world can be quite frightening at times. Between workplace politics, a series of toxic relationships, and the never-ending stream of hate flowing out of the internet, it’s easy to feel unsafe. Hiding in your apartment or going into isolation aren’t always the most practical ways to navigate your life. A very popular and effective alternative is to use crystals for protection. Whether you are seeking emotional protection from other people’s judgments or want to protect yourself from evil eyes, crystals can help you harness the much-needed positive energy. Here’s some great information about protection crystals and a few crystal recommendations to get you going. Enjoy!

Best Crystals for Protection

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a strong black crystal used for protection around the world. It helps repel lower energies and frequencies and helps encourage a more positive emotional state. It works by transmuting any negative energy into positive. Hence, acting like a metaphysical field of force around you keeping bad feelings at bay. It is known to activate root chakra hence helping you feel grounded and more connected to the mother earth.

This is one of the most popular crystals for protection at work. You can place a small piece of this magical crystal on your desk at work and it will create a layer of protective energy around you. Not only that but it will also get rid of any stagnant energy in that area, leaving you with freshness and the zeal to reconnect with yourself.

Black tourmaline - Best Crystals for Protection

Smoky Quartz

This gorgeous smoky grey quartz crystal is popular for its ability to protect you from radiation and electromagnetic smog. It empties the environment from negative energies by grounding them in the earth. In the spiritual realm, smoky quartz provides solid psychic protection by dissolving negative energies.

Have you been looking for crystals for protection from spirits? Smoky quartz can be a great option for you as it provides protection from harmful forces in the ethereal space. Apart from that, in the real world, this crystal works by keeping your feet on the ground and helping you make better decisions.

Smoky Quartz - Best Crystals for Protection


The powerful protection abilities of amethyst are no secret. This purplish crystal supports the crown and the third eye chakras, providing you protection from any negative psychic attacks. This crystal is a powerhouse stone that vibrates at a high frequency. It is being used for centuries to break free from negativity and build true inner strength.

These days, it is commonly used to awaken higher consciousness. You can practice mediation or prayer with amethyst to reach high-frequency states in your consciousness. It can also help you tackle your emotional confusion and make wiser decisions in your day-to-day life.

Amethyst - Best Crystals for Protection

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is an elegant crystal that supports the throat and the third eye chakras. Due to this affiliation, this crystal works beneficial when dealing with cruelty or unkind behaviors. It imbibes in you the strength to stand up and speak for yourself. That’s why this is one of the best protection crystals for empaths who tend to feel other’s emotions strongly.

Blue kyanite works by keeping your head clear of anxiety, self-doubt, second-guessing, etc. It helps you recognize when you are being manipulated, bullied, lied to, or the like. It also works as a protective shield in cases of cult influences, brainwashing, or coercion. The good thing about this crystal is that it doesn’t need cleansing since it doesn’t accumulate any negative vibrations at all.

Blue Kyanite - Best Crystals for Protection


Here’s another one of the many powerful crystals for protection that can make your life more fulfilling. The coalescence of iridescent hues that this crystal possesses gives you the confidence and ability to be what you want to be. Not only that but it also protects you from other people’s negative emotions like jealousy or delusions.

Labradorite also works as an energy armor when worn over the heart chakra. It protects you from people who are hating on you, fantasizing about your ruin, or gossiping about you negatively. Its phenomenal powers also work as a shield against psychic attacks and ill-wishing.

Labradorite - Best Crystals for Protection

Black Obsidian

Here’s a powerful crystal that is known for its unparalleled protection attributes. Black obsidian is a potent protection crystal for the home as it can cut through surrounding negativity, unresolved relationships, and destructive habits. It sets you free from the draining energy around you and your house and helps you steer clear of negative people.

Black obsidian is known to match the frequency of banishment, which makes it a strong crystal for magical workings that involve breaking of curses, etc. Hence, if you feel like you’ve got a black cloud levitating over you, wearing this crystal can resolve the underlying issues that are causing you distress. These attributes of black obsidian make it a strong candidate on our list of crystals for protection.

Black Obsidian - Best Crystals for Protection


Amber is a golden-brown tree resin that’s formed by fossilizing sap or pitch from the trees. So, technically, amber is not a crystal, but it’s protective properties match those of many crystals for protection and healing. It is known to carry the energy of the sun, light, and warmth. Hence, it has a nurturing effect and helps in recovering from illness by absorbing pain and negativity.

The cheerful color of this crystal tends to brighten up the mood. That combined with its positive energy helps you keep away depressive or suicidal ideations. It’s like a bubble of sunshine that you can wear or carry around with you for encouraging a positive outlook on life.

Amber - Best Crystals for Protection


Fluorite is popular for its purely protective nature. So, if you’ve been looking for information on how to ward off the evil eye using crystals, fluorite can get the job done for you. It guards you against any unwanted influences or negative patterns of other people. It gives you clarity about your needs and the strength to openly express your boundaries. This, in turn, leads to personal growth in the long run.

In addition, fluorite cloaks your aura, hence hiding your spiritual signature in the ethereal world. By doing this, it protects you from becoming victim to sorcery or black magic. It is advised to place this crystal on your heart chakra while meditating to be able to banish negativity from your life.

Fluorite - Best Crystals for Protection


Here’s another black crystal that supports the root chakra and isn’t really a crystal. Jet is actually a fossilized wood that’s harder than coal and has protection and purification attributes. It is known to act as a guard against dark entities and spirits. Moreover, it also provides protection when you are looking to start a new business.

Jet is believed to be grounding in nature, so it connects you with the potent energy of the earth. This helps you be present in the moment and stay in alignment with your authentic self. For those doing astral or spiritual travel, it can purify your energy and protect you from any malicious energy.

Jet - Best Crystals for Protection


Whether you are at your workplace, chilling in your living room, or spending time in the park, it is essential that you feel protected, not only physically, but also emotionally. While we have evolved as a society and invented various tools for physical protection, we don’t often think about protecting our energy as much.

If you’ve been looking to use crystals for protection but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We are here to help you. Read up on our guide full of information about protection crystals and get started on this fabulous journey of healing and wellbeing.