Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

Envy, anger, meetings with people, after which we feel restless, sometimes our head hurts, we do not sleep peacefully… Negative energy is around us, even if sometimes we do not think it is. It weakens our positive attitude, which disrupts our normal rhythm, affects communication. Is there anything that can help us? Are there any crystals for negative energy removal? Fortunately, yes.

Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

You may be skeptical about crystal healing but if you try it, it will not hurt you, because it is completely safe and incredibly therapeutic. There are many stones to choose from. However, we have selected a shortlist of crystals to cleanse negative energy from your aura.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection and a must-have. It is one of the best crystals for negative energy removal and for promoting a more positive emotional attitude.

The reason black tourmaline is so strong is that it converts negative energy into positive. It acts as a metaphysical force field around you. This crystal helps activate the connection between the root chakra and the earth, protecting against ill-wishers and negative attitudes. It also cleanses the stagnant energy in your environment. Check: Signs of Negative Energy in House

Black Tourmaline - Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal


A very interesting stone that protects against manipulation. It belongs to the throat chakra and the chakra of the third eye. Kyanite will give you the strength to speak honestly while boosting your self-esteem. This way you will balance your emotions and reactions, especially when someone with negative energy is trying to harm you.


Amethyst is one of the most common and beautiful stones, which has several beneficial effects. It is strongly associated with our aura, dreams, so it is nice to wear it in the form of jewelry or decorate it in your home.

In whatever part of the house you decide to put it, it will actively work to cleanse negative energy. If you make it part of the interior of your bedroom, rest area, amethyst will promote a sense of calm and satisfaction. So this crystal will help you sleep peacefully. If you choose to wear it as an accessory, it will clear your aura and thoughts.

Amethyst is best known for helping people fall asleep and not waking up at night, but it can also be used as a crystal for negative energy removal. It carries the strong ability to purify and protect its wearer and to remove all heavy energies in the aura. Read: What Is the Most Powerful Protection Stone


This is the stone of foresight and skill. The essence of Fluorite is protective. So, if you are struggling with unwanted external influences, negative patterns of behavior, or stress, fluorite is your stone. It will protect your aura, especially from people you feel do not have good intentions towards you.

Fluorite - Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

Black Amber

Did you know that there are different colors of Amber – green, golden brown and even black. The power of amber has been used for centuries. It is among the most beautiful and preferred crystals for negative energy removal.

The owner of Black Amber can reduce anxiety and depression. This stone stops the transfer of negative energy. And each of us meets a lot of people every day and not all of them have a positive charge. Black Amber also creates inner strength.

Fire Agate

Stone with very intense color and energy. Fire Agate can help its owner eliminate all kinds of negative energy. Also, worn as jewelry or placed at home, it promotes positive thinking, increases the focus on good things and love of life.

Just as its name suggests, this crystal can make you feel more alive and give you a sense of purpose. This is the reason why we put it on our list of crystals for negative energy removal. It helps ground you to Earth while forming a protective shield around your body. In this way, it keeps harmful energies and spirits under control.

Fire Agate stabilizes energies and regulates the chakras. It is one of the most effective stones for stimulating healing and positivism, again infusing meaning, vitality, and direction into your life.

Fiery Agate - Best Crystals for Negative Energy Removal


Obsidian is not only an incredibly beautiful stone, but it is also one of the strongest stones for protection against psychic attacks and negative people. I wearer will immediately feel protected from the strong negative forces and his or her aura will be quickly purified. It is a very spiritual stone, carrying many metaphysical forces. Many people use it to protect themselves from evil, as well as to connect with their higher selves. Read: Which Crystal Is the Most Powerful

Black, saturated color that protects the aura and creates a feeling of protection. Obsidian is a stone that is strongly associated with spiritual development. Wear it when you have important meetings, exams when you acquire new knowledge. It is among the most powerful crystals for negative energy removal.