Astral Projection: What is Astral Travel & How to Master Astral Projection

When we talk about astral projection, this usually causes a certain curiosity in many people. “What is it?”, “is astral projection real?” Or “Is there more than one type?” These are the questions for those who have not yet delved into the subject. And you can learn more about astral projection in this article.

There are several names to refer to astral travel, such as projection of consciousness, out-of-body or astral projection experiences or even known spiritual unfolding. And for those contemplated with this type of experience. There are reports that when they are on the trip it’s possible to feel, that they reach a single vibratory step, which goes far beyond the physical corporeal world. Therefore, it’s possible to perform exercises or experiments, so that the journey to the astral world is light, calm and that brings benefits to those who practice it.

Astral Projection: What is Astral Travel & How to Master Astral Projection

What Is Astral Projection

It basically consists of the outflow of consciousness and the human body, that is, a manifestation takes place. It’s possible to transpose, travel and manifest in the metaphysical dimension. Whereby, the spirit recognizes this dimension as a spiritual or astral plane. If you are still new, then you may be interested to learn how to astral project for beginners.

In other terms, and in the face of many testimonials it’s regarded as travel, from outside the physical body. It’s possible to observe oneself, out of a world from another perspective. There is no matter but everything depends on energy, this universe is not known by all people. But only by those who practice the journey by inducing it through:

  • sleep, that is, dreams and deep relaxation
  • various meditation techniques
  • during sleep paralysis
  • trauma
  • varying emotional state or high levels of stress
  • reports of near-death experience
  • electrical or electromagnetic stimulation
  • controlled optical illusion experiments
  • drug induction

It’s also reported that in these experiences, the individual has a full notion that is outside the physical body itself. Everything around it’s made by immaterial entities. It depends on whatever the person is feeling at the moment when it comes to astral travel.

Where Did The Astral Projection Of Consciousness Come From

It’s strongly associated with esotericism because many religions work with this mystical world. Find ways to capture the phenomenon as one of the main means of understanding life. Especially seek the art of living, to find happiness and to understand one little more on the issues of life and death.

Levels of Lucidity


When the trip occurs totally unconscious, this usually happens in the period of sleep, where the person is in a total state of relaxation and security.


It’s as if one is dreaming but outside the body. He is utterly deceived as thinking that thoughts are real because of ideas and desires. It’s like an out of body dream.


Everything happens with full awareness, the whole course and all experiences are lived and remembered.

Types of Astral Projection - Astral Projection What is Astral Travel How to Master Astral Projection

Types of Astral Projection

In real time

When you are out of the body, watching everything that happens in real time, including the body itself. That is why people who have gone through this experience, probably report everything that happened in daily life through metaphysical experiences.


They wake up in a kind of dream, only without their own will.

Near-death experience

It’s when the heart loses all vital signs, and even are no longer detected brain waves. And in this case, it’s believed that the spirit does not detach itself from the body, then resuscitates. Meanwhile, he has gained experiences of witnessing everything in the extra-physical world.


here we are talking about meditation techniques or waves that encourage projections to happen.

To carry out an astral projection one must first enter into a great process of detachment which is an abandonment of the luxuries, egocentric, and false carnal desires. And when that happens, with the help of a specialist and after much preparation, it’s possible to travel through this unknown world.

Astral Projection and Spirituality

According to spiritualism, we have the biological, emotional, energetic and mental bodies, in an astral projection. The emotional or spiritual aspect separates from the biological. How to astral project? We have discussed the astral projection guide. Astral projection is the term used to describe an experience, which the individual feels outside their physical body. Being able to perceive the environment around them and even interact with projected people.

This type of experience, also known as a conscious projection or astral travel, is studied by spiritualists. A specialty of conscientiology that seeks to understand the projections of consciousness and its manifestations, outside the biological body and its actions in non-physical dimensions.

Anthropologists record that astral projection is reported by almost all peoples and by individuals of all sexes, ages, ethnicities, and religions. However, science still does not admit concrete evidence of the existence of the spiritual body or that type of experience.

According to spiritualism, full consciousness is formed by a set of elements. Sum, the biological body, the energetic body, psychic energies, the emotional body, and mental energies, the mental body. In a session of astral projection, the mind separates from the body and forms an energetic connection between the two, called the “silver cord”. It connects your physical body to the spiritual body.

Astral Projection and Spirituality - Astral Projection What is Astral Travel How to Master Astral Projection

Methods for Astral Projection

In addition to the projection sessions, the psyche detaches itself from the physical body naturally during sleep, a trance, a coma, or even by the influence of anesthetics. There are techniques that make it easier, but preparation is necessary. Will to the project, a good physiological and psychological state, patience and determination are essential. In addition, the environment should be comfortable and the experience recorded.

Project self-image technique

The individual should sit comfortably in an armchair in front of a mirror and observe their reflection carefully, repairing small details and features until they are sleepy. The proposal is that the psyche becomes accustomed to the sight of the body and tries to meet its image in the mirror during sleep, initiating a conscious projection.

Mental concentration technique

Most projection techniques involve great concentration and will on the part of the individual. In this technique, the person must focus his attention, with eyes always open, on a simple object, like a candle or flower pot. The exercise is to try to approach it without leaving the place or moving, forcing the projection of consciousness until the psyche disengages from the body naturally.

Fragmented conscious technique

The psyche can also detach itself progressively, as in this technique. It requires calmness and cannot be “rushed” by the individual. He should close his eyes and focus on individual limbs of his body, such as arms and legs, trying to gradually manifest the emotional body parts. The result is the sensation of having a second hand or second arm, for example.

Door opening technique

The person sits comfortably in a chair or armchair in an enclosed room. On the wall, imagine a closed door with an inscription or symbol. Meditating on the inscription, the individual should visualize an opening in the door. Imagine himself passing through it, repeating more intensely with each attempt. Over time, the person begins to feel lightness and freedom to project his psyche.

Exercises For Astral Projection

Also known as a projection of consciousness and out-of-body dream, astral projection is a paranormal phenomenon where your soul, or your vital body, leaves your physical body for a few moments, it’s possible to observe yourself and the world from a different perspective.

Anyone can go through this experience and most people don’t even realize that it happens to them. You can have an astral projection by sleeping, meditating, with relaxation techniques, near-death experiences and other possibilities.

Whenever we sleep, our physical body recharges the batteries, while our vital body leaves and vague or explores the spiritual plane. When it’s time to wake up, the soul returns to our body and, from time to time, we can remember some fragments of what happened.

When you have control over the astral projection, it’s possible to act consciously also in the other plane. Which allows us to unveil mysteries about who we are, our destiny, life, and death. There are some exercises that help us to get to that control.

Astral Projection Techniques

Lie down comfortably and let your body relax. If you need to, take some deep breaths to focus better. Focus now on visualizing your heart. Notice its beats, its shape, its texture. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what a heart looks like, visualize how to imagine that it will become clearer for you in time.

When you feel more comfortable, approach the image of your mind and keep your focus on the cells that make up this organ. Stay more and more detail until you can analyze a single cell. Do this exercise to control the astral projection calmly and try to fall asleep while practicing it. You may experience some symptoms, such as a generalized tingling of your body. Ignore it and return to your heart.

After a few days of practice, you will begin to realize your soul leaving your body, you can see your physical body in bed and even cross the wall. To be able to control the astral projection one must have patience, discipline, and concentration. But whoever gets it affirms that the effort is worth it! Why not try it out?

Astral Projection Benefits

Have you ever had a dream in which you could fly? Wasn’t it an incredible experience? Astral travel is very similar to that dream. How to astral travel? Astral travel refers to the way in which your astral body travels the astral plane, flying.

All you need to do when you are traveling through the astral is to think about where you would like to go. What do you want to do? Your astral body will take care of taking you flying to your destination.

Astral Travel and Dreaming

Although astral travel and dreams can be confusing for some people, they are not the same. As soon as you fall asleep you begin to dream, at that moment it’s when your mind begins to close those problems, that don’t resolve while you are awake. This nightly process of dreaming saves your sanity.

Often many of these dreams are not remembered unless you remember small fragments or pieces of your dreams once you are awake. As long as you can vividly remember a dream, rest assured that you have probably experienced some form of astral projection. Regardless of what you are going to do with that information, it’s a good idea to remember these dreams as best you can and put them on paper in a diary.

Although in principle one or two of these dreams don’t make sense to you, over time, when you review them, you will see that they do have a complete meaning. Just as dreams allow you to solve the problems and frustrations of the day, in the same way, learn to astral travel has its own benefits. The benefits will be unique to you, as they are for every person who experiences astral projection. That is why it’s so important that you write them down.

Astral Dreaming Journal

The main benefits of writing your experiences of astral projection derive from an expansion of your spiritual and psychic abilities. Through astral projection, you will become more aware of your environment and the inner workings of your soul. Once you really know yourself, you will have a general sense of well-being and peace.

And because astral projection makes us use parts of our brain that are rarely used. You will become a more intelligent and awake person, enhancing your memory and mental awareness. An added benefit to astral projection is the awakening of your psychic abilities.

Those who practice astral projection confirm an improvement in their telepathic and precognitive abilities. Also, improve their ability to perceive spirits. This happens because, when you are projected into the astral and traveling through the astral.

You take advantage of the higher energies of your spiritual being and the universe, for many individuals these gifts have been forgotten as they mature into adults. Apart from these astral projection benefits, one has to admit that it’s fun to travel outside of your body. Visit places you had not been before and find that inner peace that we all crave.

With the variety of benefits that come from practicing astral travel, it’s surprising that we don’t all take advantage of this ability. The problem is that many people think that there are only a few who have this ability. But they are wrong, all of us have the ability for astral projection, it’s just a matter of practice.

Have You Ever Astral Traveled?

It’s likely that you have experienced some astral projection in your life. As we have indicated above, either through remembered dreams or dreams. You have left your body before, whether you like it or not.

The way to obtain all the benefits of astral projection is to do it consciously. You have to know that you are traveling through the astral, because knowing it will give you full control of the experience. Don’t be afraid to try to go out into the astral projection.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasures of something you have been born with, but have only forgotten. Anyone can do it. You only have to check the number of books and other information, that you can find in the network that teaches techniques of astral projection.

How to Master Astral Projection

There are many people who do astral projection without being aware of it. This is ideal for astral projection for beginners because astral projection is a natural ability that all people have. What we need to learn is how to do it while we are conscious so that we have control.

Although the objective of this article is to propose different methods and techniques for those who want to learn and perform astral projection. It has been assumed that you are already familiar with what is astral projection. Also, because each person is different and astral projection is a personal experience. You may need to experiment with different astral projection techniques to determine which one works best for you.

How to Astral Project Tonight

First, we will look at a simple five-step process that is a simple technique, that people can perform when the bed is gone. Starting with the toes, tense each muscle and then relax them again. Once you have repeated this with all your toes, do the same exercise with your feet, tensing them first and then relaxing them. You have to keep tensing and relaxing the muscles of your body, while you go up to reach the muscles of the face.

Obviously, this is best done while we lie in bed with the purpose of inducing a deep state of relaxation. Perhaps the hardest part of step two is not actually falling asleep as you become more and more relaxed. In order to deepen and slow down our breathing, we follow a technique that is also used for meditation.

It’s about taking a deep, slow breath and at the same time, feeling how the air enters and fills our lungs. As you exhale, you pay attention again to the sensation of movement of the air that comes out of your body. Trying also to exhale all the air that you have. To avoid falling asleep, try concentrating mentally on an imaginary point in the center of your forehead.

This third step focuses on the weightlessness of your astral body along with the weight of the physical body. Now that your physical body feels heavy, try to imagine it as a big piece of lead, heavy and difficult to move. In the same way, observe how light is your astral body, comparable to a large bubble that you want to keep floating with the slightest breeze, or some feathers that are dragged by the wind.

Astral Projection Experiences

With closed eyes, watch your astral being begin to move away, feeling the complete weightlessness of space. Yes, while your physical body can be heavy and difficult to move, your astral body has no weight, so it’s free to be carried away by the wind. For many, this is the exciting stage, as they claim to see the entire room.

In which they are from a different perspective, despite the fact that their eyes are closed. In most cases, there is usually a kind of purple light filling the room and it’s at this time, that you should concentrate on the light in the center of the ceiling. Concentrating on the ceiling light, you must mentally pull the light towards you pull it towards you and before you know it.

You will surely begin to have a feeling of floating. Be that as it may, try not to fall asleep at this moment as this is the point. At which you should be fully aware that you are floating. In many cases, you will even be able to see your physical body lying on the bed.

If this first technique has not worked for you, don’t give up. Instead, try the following technique that we will explain next. However, if it has worked for you, congratulations. You have reached a state of astral projection and you are free to begin the journey.

How to Astral Travel

The following is a simple and intense technique called the Look Method. All you need is an object of your choice to focus on. It must be a physical object that you can look with your eyes, any object that you choose.

A favorite image, a crystal or precious stone, a perfumed oil burner, anything that is of interest to you. Simply start to focus all your attention on the object you have chosen for the occasion while lying in your bed. Inevitably you will begin to feel more and more heaviness in your eyes and, for many that try the opposite, finally they will close.

This is a perfectly normal phase of the process, so don’t be discouraged, you just have to make sure that you continue to stare at the object, through your closed eyes. If you do it this way, you will soon begin to feel an irresistible urge to sit or stand up. Don’t fight against this impulse, since this sensation comes from your astral body and not from your physical body.

Soon you will realize it because when you turn around, you can see your physical body lying on the bed. If neither of these methods works the first time you try, try again a second time and even a third time. If you still fail in the astral project, you will have to try one of the other techniques.

You can get it so, whatever you do, don’t give up. If you continually repeat that you are failing. You will give rise to the anxiety that will only hinder your efforts. The truth is that the greatest obstacle to success in your astral projection is your own subconscious.

How to Astral Travel - Astral Projection What is Astral Travel How to Master Astral Projection

How to Astral Project Instantly

In the beginning, you will probably try to protect you against the ‘danger’ of your astral body separating from your physical body. You can overcome this block with daily affirmations. Simply repeat affirmations in positive and in the present, and recognize that you possess the natural ability for astral projection.

The truth is that astral projection is not difficult, at least not as difficult as many want you to believe. Don’t forget, it’s a natural ability for which we are all trained. The methods for astral projection, that have been mentioned in this article are just guides like any other method you can find. Its sole purpose is to offer beginners some help.

What Triggers Astral Projection Dangers

The astral world is full of all kinds of danger, its nature is astral(emotional) and mental, and therefore they feed on emotions and thoughts. Negative entities such as incubi and succubi feed on negative emotions, and positive entities feed on positive emotions.

Everything is energy, and everything that exists from thought has an energy charge and a presence somewhere. Energy is not destroyed but transformed. Regarding thoughts, their condensation forms the so-called mental forms. Many say that the astral world is the world of illusion, we see what we believe, but it does not mean that it’s not real, since we feed them ourselves, we attract them, and this point is very difficult to explain.

There are things that are created by thoughts en masse, and there are things that are not. We have several bodies, there is the physical, the emotional and the thinking. The physical body moves in the solid world, the emotional moves within the astral world, and the thoughts move and interact within that subtle mental plane.

Well, that’s what the ancients called it, but better let’s talk in modern terms. Physical plane, the plane of the molecules, atomic plane and subatomic plane. All these concepts can be clarified a lot in my article of quantum physics.

Everything that exists in this world feeds on something. We feed on more solid things, food that comes from the earth, animals, and more subtle entities feed on us, and our thoughts. It’s the way each one has to survive. And just as in nature, the lion takes as prey the weakest and slowest, in the same way, these creatures take advantage of the weakest emotionally, of lonely people, of people with many conflicts. Someone emotionally healthy does not usually get involved with these things.

Types Of Entities Of The Astral World

It will seem incredible, but I’m not convinced of astrology, and that’s how it works, and what really marks the personality. And this is because the signs have been nourished by beliefs, and in this way affect the personality of people born on those dates. The same thing happens with so much mythological creature, it has been created by the thoughts en masse about something, although not all. On the other hand, the fact that they are nourished by thoughts does not mean that they are not real.

All kinds of creatures live in the astral world. Ghosts or dead that are emotionally connected with terrestrial affairs. Positive elemental creatures like gnomes, sylphs. Negative energies like goblins, incubi, succubi. Astral larvae formed by the unconscious thoughts of hatred, envy, and fear of hundreds of people from day to day.

Higher entities of a spiritual nature move in the astral world, although it’s not very common, since these forces are very subtle, and move more easily in the world of thoughts upwards.

Sleep Paralysis

The scientists already named it. It’s usually associated with the first signs of astral projection, in which the body becomes paralyzed, and can also be associated with the most elemental attacks of astral creatures, in which a weight is felt above the chest.

The mind needs to classify everything it sees, to be able to have a relationship with it, and those who have not had this type of experience as it classifies it from their own limited knowledge. It’s as if a man speaks properly of the pains of childbirth, that only a woman knows, no matter how hard a man tries to make a serious analysis about that pain. Of course, who does not believe in this can easily prove it by challenging these creatures at night before going to bed, to be presented, to do so for a week, it does not require effort, just shout a challenge allowed to the spirits and how much invisible thing, and then lie down. This establishes a connection that will be effective in a few months.

Astral creatures take advantage many times to make attacks while people sleep, although there are forces that attack while one is awake and are too terrifying things because it’s much stronger. Apart from the physical attacks, there are mental attacks, which are much more subtle, and which can be said to be the victim of the whole world.

Energy Attacks

Much has been said in esoteric and occult groups, that the main food of these creatures is the energy that springs from the seminal fluids, and from the blood. Most attacks are made from the mental world, but as these energies take hold, they move to denser planes such as the emotional and vital.

People with very extreme vices, such as uncontrollable masturbation, people with a need to kill and rape, the slaves of vices like drugs and alcohol, are very influenced by these forces.

There is another case that has to do with possessions, and in a certain way, that person has to be very aligned with those forces so that he can control his mind, emotion, and body in that way.

Emotional Attacks

This is already more common. These negative creatures that live in the astral world(world of emotions), feed on our negative emotions, like anger, fear, sadness, depression, and letting ourselves be consumed by these emotions, is letting ourselves be consumed by these creatures, and that is why you feel that strong uncontrollable emotion.

Of course, in the same way, that we make animal farms and then consume their food, these creatures prepare us emotionally to be their food, and it’s through provoking negative feelings that we allow ourselves to be carried away by them. Human beings are the only ones that are capable of producing certain types of thoughts and emotions. In this way, someone consumed by fear feeds these creatures, and these creatures somehow provoke people to feel certain types of fear.

There are levels and levels in this part, and people with little willpower slowly sink into these negative feelings. Someone starts out as a person who gives him anger, and then he becomes more savage, more instinctive, until he goes to another level, and he becomes a murderer.

Types Of Entities Of The Astral World - Astral Projection What is Astral Travel How to Master Astral Projection

Mental Attacks

Mental attacks are much more subtle and common, and to detect them you have to be too aware of your thoughts. Be able to know which ones are yours, and which are thoughts that don’t have to do with your way of thinking. You must have some very fixed, very clear thoughts, be free of ramblings and fantasies so that you are not a victim of this type of attack.

Through mental attacks, they make you say things you did not want to say, they throw things at you, they make you think about things you should not think, and you also obsess over certain types of ideas. These thoughts guide your actions and your way of life in the long run. The story is well known that grandparents when something was lost, said they were witches, and that when they began to curse witches, these lost things appeared.

There are ideas that enslave people, and this type of attack is aimed at keeping people in ignorance, either to believe in things they should not believe or to believe in nothing. There is nothing worse than being a slave to wrong ideas. The best slavery comes from not knowing that these forces exist, how they operate, and how to defend themselves.

Spiritual Attacks

Mental attacks are much more subtle and common, and to detect them you have to be too aware of your thoughts. Be able to know which ones are yours, and which are thoughts that don’t have to do with your way of thinking. You must have some very fixed, very clear thoughts, be free of ramblings and fantasies so that you are not a victim of this type of attack.

Through mental attacks, they make you say things you did not want to say, they throw things at you, they make you think about things you should not think, and you also obsess over certain types of ideas. These thoughts guide your actions and your way of life in the long run. The story is well known that grandparents when something was lost, said they were witches, and that when they began to curse witches, these lost things appeared.

There are ideas that enslave people, and this type of attack is aimed at keeping people in ignorance, either to believe in things they should not believe or to believe in nothing. There is nothing worse than being a slave to wrong ideas. The best slavery comes from not knowing that these forces exist, how they operate, and how to defend themselves. Learn how to stop astral attacks.

How to Stop Astral Attacks


Invocations have the virtue that they attract in a very specific way certain types of energies. You must invoke the presence that you have of God or be superior, and through it, allow you to receive help to overcome this situation, which gives you strength, the power to overcome, submit and unleash that type of forces.

The prayer must be constant, you can choose the morning hours or at bedtime to do it. It must be very specific in the type of prayer. You must manifest what happens and the solution you want to implement in your life. For example, My God, I ask that with your superior strength, you equip me with the superior energy, to destroy the forces that attack me, I ask for forgiveness if this is for something I have done and I ask for the opportunity to remedy it in a constructive way. Help me to be strong, help me to overcome this situation, destroy my enemies, destroy, destroy.

Protection Rituals

From the old Egyptian book made in symbols called Tarot, in his first letter called the magician are instructions on how to do a magic ritual. For something he is called “the magician”. Priests, sorcerers and those who practice some kind of natural, celestial or talisman magic have followed the instructions that appear here for many years.

In the same way that sorcerers do natural magic with rituals to harm, or a priest does celestial magic with rituals to invoke energies, you can also become a “magician” and do your rituals to protect yourself on the astral plane. Look for example the priests, invoke energies, have symbols and do their work daily.

Do something similar, get some symbols that help you focus your thinking. You can do as it says in the tarot card, or you can do something simpler. The most typical are: Bible opens in Psalm 91, a figure of the archangel Saint Michael crushing the devil, a candle. Then, you can pray to the divine force in which you believe or as you represent God in your imagination.